Options.ConfirmConversions 属性 (Word)Options.ConfirmConversions property (Word)

如此 如果 Word 显示 转换文件对话框之前在打开或者插入一个非 Word 文档或模板的文件。True if Word displays the Convert File dialog box before it opens or inserts a file that isn't a Word document or template. 转换文件对话框中,用户可以选择要转换的文件格式。In the Convert File dialog box, the user chooses the format to convert the file from. 读/写 boolean 类型的值Read/write Boolean.


expressionexpression. ConfirmConversions

_表达式_代表选项对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a 'Options' object.


本示例设置 Word 以显示转换文件对话框中,只要文件的非 Word 文档或模板打开。This example sets Word to display the Convert File dialog box whenever a file that isn't a Word document or template is opened.

Options.ConfirmConversions = True

本示例返回选项对话框中常规选项卡上打开时确认转换选项的当前状态。This example returns the current status of the Confirm conversion at Open option on the General tab in the Options dialog box.

Dim blnConfirm As Boolean 
blnConfirm= Options.ConfirmConversions

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