Row.Height 属性 (Word)Row.Height property (Word)

返回或设置表中指定的行的高度 (以磅为单位)。Returns or sets the height (in points) of the specified row in a table. 读取/写入单。Read/write Single.


expression.expression. Height

_表达式_代表对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a 'Row' object.


如果指定行的HeightRule属性为wdRowHeightAuto ,则Height返回wdUndefined ;设置Height属性会将HeightRule设置为wdRowHeightAtLeastIf the HeightRule property of the specified row is wdRowHeightAuto , Height returns wdUndefined ; setting the Height property sets HeightRule to wdRowHeightAtLeast.


本示例将活动文档第一张表格的行高度设置为至少 20 磅。This example sets the height of the rows in the first table in the active document to at least 20 points.

ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Rows.Height = 20

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