TextColumns.SetCount 方法 (Word)TextColumns.SetCount Method (Word)

将文字编排为指定数量的文本栏。Arranges text into the specified number of text columns.


expressionexpression. SetCount( _NumColumns_ )

expression:必需。expression Required. 代表TextColumns集合的变量。A variable that represents a 'TextColumns' collection.


名称Name 必需/可选Required/Optional 数据类型Data type 说明Description
NumColumnsNumColumns 必需Required LongLong 用来编排文字的文本栏的数目。The number of columns the text is to be arranged into.


您可以使用**Add** 方法将单个列添加到TextColumns集合。You can also use the Add method to add a single column to the TextColumns collection.


本示例将活动文档中的文字排列为两个等宽的文本栏。This example arranges the text in the active document into two columns of equal width.

ActiveDocument.PageSetup.TextColumns.SetCount NumColumns:=2

本示例将 Brochure.doc 第一节中的文字排列为三个等宽的文本栏。This example arranges the text in the first section of Brochure.doc into three columns of equal width.

Documents("Brochure.doc").Sections(1) _ 
 .PageSetup.TextColumns.SetCount NumColumns:=3

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