Excel Graph Visual Basic 参考Excel Graph Visual Basic reference

此参考包含有关 Excel Graph 对象模型中的集合、对象、方法、属性和枚举的信息。This reference contains information about the collections, objects, methods, properties, and enumerations of the Excel Graph object model.


如果你要查找有关 Microsoft Graph 和统一 API 终结点的信息, 请参阅Microsoft Graph 概述If you are looking for information about Microsoft Graph, the unified API endpoint, see Microsoft Graph Overview.

如果要查找 Excel 对象模型, 请参阅EXCEL VBA 参考If you are looking for the Excel object model, see the Excel VBA reference.

请参阅左侧导航中的以下文件夹, 以查找 Excel Graph 参考的成员:See the following folders in the left navigation to find members of the Excel Graph reference:

  • 集合 提供有关此对象模型中集合的参考信息。Collections Provides reference information about the collections in the object model.

  • 对象 提供有关此对象模型中对象的参考信息。Objects Provides reference information about the objects in the object model.

  • 方法 提供有关此对象模型中方法的参考信息。Methods Provides reference information about the methods in the object model.

  • 属性 提供有关此对象模型中属性的参考信息。Properties Provides reference information about the properties in the object model.

  • 枚举 提供有关此对象模型中枚举的参考信息。Enumerations Provides reference information about the enumerations in the object model.

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