Outlook 开发人员文档Outlook Developer documentation

如何与 Outlook 集成?How can I integrate with Outlook?

Outlook 提供了允许你同时从应用程序访问 Outlook 数据(通过 Microsoft Graph 的 REST API)或将应用程序引入到 Outlook(外接程序或可操作邮件)的集成。Outlook provides integrations that allow you to both access Outlook data from your app (REST APIs via Microsoft Graph) or bring your app into Outlook (add-ins or actionable messages).


可以通过 OData 和 REST 并使用 OAuth2 和 Microsoft Graph,访问 Office 365 或 Outlook.com 中的 Outlook 数据。You can access Outlook data in Office 365 or Outlook.com via OData and REST by using OAuth2 and Microsoft Graph. 借助这些 API,应用可以执行搜索电子邮件、将活动发布到用户日历、同步联系人等操作。These APIs empower your app to perform actions like search email, post events to user's calendars, synchronize contacts, and much more. 请查看入门部分,了解多个热门平台上的引导式演练。Check our Get Started section for guided walkthroughs on a number of popular platforms.

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Outlook 外接程序Outlook add-ins

Outlook 外接程序提供了一种方法可以将你的应用或体验引入 Outlook。Outlook add-ins provide a way for you to bring your app or experience right into Outlook. Outlook 外接程序在桌面、Web 和移动版本的 Outlook 中工作,并允许用户对其当前阅读或撰写的邮件或约会执行操作。Outlook add-ins work across desktop, web, and mobile versions of Outlook and allow users to take actions on the message or appointment they are currently reading or composing. 请查看快速入门,以开始使用首个加载项。Check out our tutorial to get started with your first add-in.

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可操作邮件Actionable Messages

无论你是填写调查、审核零用金报销单还是更新 CRM 销售机会,可操作邮件都能允许你直接在 Outlook 和团队内部快速执行操作。开发人员现在可以在其电子邮件或通知中嵌入操作、提升用户在其所使用的服务中的参与度并提高组织工作效率。查看我们的入门部分进行试用。Whether you are filling out a survey, approving an expense report, or updating a CRM sales opportunity, Actionable Messages enable you to take quick actions right from within Outlook and Teams. Developers can now embed actions in their emails or notifications, elevating user engagement with their services and increasing organizational productivity. Check out our Get Started section to try it out.

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是否需要帮助?Need help?

通过 StackOverflow 与我们联系并加入 Outlook 开发人员社区。Connect with us on StackOverflow and join the Outlook developer community. 我们为每种集成类型使用下列标记:We use the following tags for each of the integration types:


我们希望收到你的反馈意见!We want to hear from you! 如果你希望我们考虑某些功能,或者如果你想要提供关于现有功能的反馈意见,请访问我们的 UserVoice 页If there are features that you'd like us to consider, or if you have feedback about existing features, please visit our UserVoice page.