Office 365 中的可操作邮件入门Get started with actionable messages in Office 365

可操作邮件可以通过组或收件箱连接器发布,也可以直接通过电子邮件发送。根据场景选择适当的传输机制。Actionable messages can be posted via a group or inbox connector, or can be sent directly over email. Choosing the right delivery mechanism depends on your scenario.


Office 365 管理员能够通过 Set-OrganizationConfig cmdlet 禁用可操作邮件。Office 365 administrators can disable actionable messages via the Set-OrganizationConfig cmdlet. 如果未显示可操作邮件,请咨询管理员,以确保你的组织已启用此功能。If actionable messages do not render, check with your administrator to make sure the feature is enabled in your organization.

连接器与电子邮件:选择传输机制Connectors vs Email: Choosing a delivery mechanism

通过 Office 365 连接器,任何用户都可以选择从 Outlook 连接到 Trello、 Bing News、Twitter 等服务,并且该服务会将活动通知发送到用户的 Office 365 收件箱或组。借助 Office 365 连接器的可操作邮件,用户现在可以使用这些通知来完成常规任务,而无需进行上下文切换或登录。例如,Trello 连接器允许用户订阅他们关心的版块和通知,并允许他们在无需离开 Outlook 的情况下执行操作,如设置截止日期或添加注释。With Office 365 Connectors, any user can choose to connect to services like Trello, Bing News, Twitter, etc., from Outlook and get notified of activity from that service into their Office 365 inbox or Group. With actionable messages for Office 365 Connectors, user can now act on these notifications to complete routine tasks without the hassle of context switching or signing in. For example the Trello connector allow users to subscribe to the boards and notifications they care about and lets them take actions such as set a due date or add a comment without ever leaving Outlook.

另一方面,多个业务线解决方案向用户发送对业务至关重要的系统消息,并要求用户完成任务。如今,用户通过访问网站或切换到另一个应用程序来完成这些任务。由于上下文切换和完成该任务所需的额外步骤,此方法降低了用户的工作效率。示例包括费用审批、帐单支付等。这些是用于在电子邮件中启用操作的很好的备选方式。On the other hand, several line-of-business solutions send system messages to users that are business critical and requires the user to complete a task. Today, users complete these tasks by visiting a website or switching to another application. This hinders user productivity due to context switching and the extra steps required to complete that task. Examples include expense approvals, bill pay, etc. These are great candidates for enabling actions within the email itself.

这两种方法不一定互相排斥,因为你可以选择使用这两种解决方案以从服务中启用可操作邮件。例如,CRM 系统可能通过管理器生成审批电子邮件以授权管销售折扣,从而通过电子邮件启用可操作邮件。考虑其他情况,其中用户或团队希望收到有关商机、潜在顾客或他们所管理的帐户的重要更改通知。在这些情况下,用户可能会根据他们收到的通知更新商机或潜在顾客的阶段,或设置结束日期。Office 365 连接器是完成这些方案的最佳途径。The two approaches may not be necessarily mutually exclusive, as you may choose to use both solutions for enabling actionable messages from your service. For example, a CRM system may generate an approval email for authorizing a sales discount by a manager, thus enabling an actionable message via email. Consider other scenarios where users or teams want to be notified of important changes to opportunities, leads or accounts they manage. In these cases, a user may update the stage of an opportunity or lead, or set the close date depending on the notification they get. Office 365 connectors are a great way to accomplish these scenarios.

在决定最适合你的方案的传送方法后,便可以开始尝试一些示例。Once you've decided which delivery method is best for your scenario, you're ready to start trying some examples.


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