在合作伙伴中心管理 Microsoft 合作伙伴网络成员资格权益和优惠Manage your Microsoft Partner Network membership benefits and offers in Partner Center

相应的角色Appropriate roles

  • 全局管理员Global admin
  • “用户管理”管理员User management admin
  • 管理员代理Admin agent
  • MPN 合作伙伴管理员MPN partner admin


本文介绍如何在合作伙伴中心(本站点)上开始使用 Microsoft 合作伙伴网络 (MPN) 会员权益。This article explains how to start using your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) membership benefits in the Partner Center - this site. 如果你还未收到将公司信息从 Partner Membership Center (PMC) 迁移到合作伙伴中心的邀请,请继续在 PMC 中管理 MPN 会员权益。If you haven't received an invitation to move your company information from Partner Membership Center (PMC) to the Partner Center, you should continue to manage your MPN membership benefits in PMC. 立即登录到 PMC。Sign in to PMC now.

加入 Microsoft 合作伙伴网络 (MPN) 后,可以访问有助于发掘和扩大业务的会员权益。When you join the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), you gain access to membership benefits that can help you build and grow your business. 如果你还不是 MPN 的会员,可以在 MPN 站点上加入会员。If you're not already a member of MPN, you can join on the MPN site.

在合作伙伴中心管理会员权益Manage your membership benefits in the Partner Center

购买会员权益套餐后,需要获取软件密钥并为员工分配许可证、订阅和其他权益,然后即可开始使用这些权益。After you purchase a membership benefit package, you'll need to get software keys and assign licenses, subscriptions, and other benefits to employees to start using them.


尽管无需是组织中的全局管理员即可购买权益,但只有全局管理员才能为员工分配权益。While you don't have to be a global admin in your organization to purchase benefits, you do need to be the global admin to assign benefits to employees. 如果需要,可以根据 权益上的说明成为全局管理员(需要登录)。If necessary, you can become a global admin by following the instructions on your Benefits page (sign in required). 公司可能已经分配了全局管理员,因此请务必咨询你的团队。Your company may already have a global admin so be sure to check with your team.

权益套餐涵盖已授权软件、云服务、Visual Studio 订阅和技术支持的分配。Benefit packages include allocations of licensed software, cloud services, Visual Studio subscriptions, and technical support. 权益套餐还可能涵盖某些市场推广资源、产品/服务和市场相关计划。Benefits packages can also include certain Go-To-Market resources, offers, and market-related programs. 可以在 Microsoft 合作伙伴网络站点上获取 Action Pack 订阅详细信息。You can get Action Pack subscription details on the Microsoft Partner Network site.

要查看和管理所有会员权益,请转到“权益”页面(需要登录)。To view and manage all of your membership benefits, go to your Benefits page (sign-in required). 或者,可以登录到合作伙伴中心仪表板,从左侧菜单中选择“[权益选项]”,然后选择显示的任何权益选项。Alternately, you can sign into the Partner Center dashboard, select the [Benefits option] from the left-hand menu, then select any benefits options displayed.

要激活最多权益或下载相关的软件密钥,合作伙伴中心通常需要向某人分配全局管理员或 MPN 合作伙伴管理员角色。如果看不到任何权益或无法激活权益,请咨询合作伙伴中心全局管理员,来确保你拥有正确的权限。To activate most benefits or download related software keys, Partner Center typically requires someone assigned the role of Global admin or MPN partner admin. If you can't see any benefits or are unable to activate benefits, check with your Partner Center Global admin to ensure you have the right permissions. 详细了解合作伙伴中心角色Learn more about Partner Center roles.

管理软件权益Manage software benefits

  1. 选择“软件”可查看软件权益列表。Select Software to see your list of software benefits.

  2. 找到要开始使用的产品,然后选择所在行最右侧的向下箭头,展开该产品的详细信息。Find the product you want to start using, and then select the down arrow at the far right of the row to expand the product's details.

  3. 对于要开始使用的每个软件产品:For each software product you want to start using:

    a.a. 选择“获取密钥”显示产品许可密钥。Select Get keys to reveal the product license keys. 请确保根据列出的任何特殊说明操作。Be sure to follow any special instructions listed.

    b.b. 选择想要用于显示产品的语言。Select the language you want the product to be displayed in.

    c.c. 选择计划在其中安装软件的计算机的操作系统 (OS) 类型。Select the operating system (OS) type of the computers you plan to install the software on.

    d.d. 单击链接下载并安装软件安装包。Follow the links to download and install the software installation packages.

Azure 和云产品Azure and cloud products

“Azure 和云产品”选项卡显示预配的基于使用情况的订阅(Azure 额度)和基于许可证的订阅(例如 Office 365)、每种产品的许可证数量、预配的权益产品的产品/服务类型、权益类型(核心权益或增量权益)以及权益的到期日期。The Azure & Cloud Products tab shows the usage-based subscriptions (Azure credit) and the license-based subscriptions (such as Office 365) that are provisioned to you, license quantity for each product, the offer type that provisioned that benefit product to you, the benefit type (whether it comes from core, or incremental) and the date of expiry of that benefit.

“Azure 和云产品”选项卡

基于使用情况的订阅 - Microsoft Azure 额度Usage-based subscriptions - Microsoft Azure Credit

可以接收两种基于使用情况的订阅,具体取决于你的 MPN 合作伙伴身份有效的产品/服务类型(MAPS、银和/或金)的每月额度或批量额度。There are two types of usage-based subscriptions that you could receive, depending on the type of offer you have active as an MPN Partner – MAPS, Silver and/or Gold – monthly credit or bulk credit.

可以通过以下方式进行预配:You can be provisioned with:

  • 每月 100 美元(或等值的本国货币)的 Azure 每月额度或/和$100/month (or equivalent in local currency) Azure monthly credit or/and
  • 每年 6,000 美元、12,000 美元和/或 13,000 美元(或其等值的本国货币)的 Azure 批量额度$6,000, $12,000 or/and $13,000/year (or each of them equivalent in local currency) Azure bulk credit

若要在合作伙伴中心激活 Microsoft Azure 订阅,请将访问权限分配给在 Azure Active Directory 中创建了用户条目的公司内的用户(包括来宾用户)。To activate a Microsoft Azure subscription in Partner Center, assign access to a user within the company (including guest users), that has a user entry created in your Azure Active Directory. 对于每月 100 美元(或等值的本国货币)的 Azure 每月额度,可以按需在此订阅中添加或删除用户。For the $100/month (or equivalent in local currency) Azure monthly credit, you can add or remove users from this subscription at any time.

对于 Azure 批量(每年)额度,合作伙伴中心没有“删除”选项,但你可在注册年份将批量额度转让给其他人。For the Azure Bulk (yearly) Credit, the remove option is not available in Partner Center, but you can transfer the bulk credit to someone else during your enrollment year. Azure 批量(每年)额度订阅不能与其他许可、预付费或额度优惠(即 Microsoft 企业协议、云解决方案合作伙伴、Azure in Open、Azure Pass、Action Pack 等)结合使用。Azure Bulk (yearly) Credit subscription can’t be combined with other licensing, prepaid, or credit offers (that is, Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Cloud Solution Partner, Azure in Open, Azure Pass, Action Pack, etc.).

基于许可证的订阅License-based subscriptions

“Azure 和云产品”选项卡的基于许可证的订阅部分列出了需要用产品密钥激活的所有云产品,包括 Microsoft Office 365、Microsoft Dynamics、Microsoft Intune、Azure AD 基本版和 Power BI。The license-based subscriptions section of the Azure & Cloud Products tab lists all the cloud products that require a product key for activation, such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Intune, Azure AD basic, and Power BI. 你作为 MPN 合作伙伴可享受的优惠类型(MAPS、银牌服务或金牌服务)决定了列出的具体产品。The type of offer that you have active as an MPN Partner – MAPS, Silver, or Gold - controls which products are listed.

若要激活基于许可证的订阅,请单击与感兴趣的产品相对应的下拉符号,并阅读有关如何兑换密钥的说明。To activate the license-based subscriptions, click on the dropdown symbol in line with the product of interest and read the instructions on how to redeem the keys. 阅读说明后,选择可将你重定向到门户的链接,以兑换密钥和分配给你的产品的密钥。Once you have read the instructions, select the link that redirects you to the portal to redeem keys and the assigned key for your product.


请注意,兑换密钥后,就无法再次兑换同一密钥,因此请确保你清楚是需要添加更多许可证(席位)还是延长结束日期。Please note that once a key is redeemed, the same key cannot be redeemed a second time, so make sure you are clear on whether you need to add more licenses (seats) or extend the end date. 如果选择添加更多许可证而非延长结束日期,则系统将提供不超过 12 个月的有效订阅。If you choose to add more licenses and not extend end date, the system will provide you with less than 12 months of active subscription. 请确保使用正确的凭据登录,在正确的租户上激活密钥。Make sure you are logged in with the correct credentials to activate the keys on the correct tenant.

管理 Visual Studio 订阅Manage Visual Studio subscriptions

  1. 选择“Visual Studio 订阅”可查看 Visual Studio 订阅列表。Select Visual Studio subscriptions to see your list of Visual Studio subscriptions.

  2. 找到要开始使用的订阅,然后选择所在行最右侧的向下箭头,展开该订阅的详细信息。Find the subscription you want to start using, and then select the down arrow at the far right of the row to expand the subscription's details.

  3. 若要激活 Visual Studio 订阅,请从列表中选择用户,然后选择“分配用户”。To activate a Visual Studio subscription, select a user from the list and then select Assign user.


    如果要分配的用户不在该列表中,可以在“帐户设置”中添加新用户If the user you want to assign is not in the list, you can add new users in Account settings.

  4. 对于要分配的每个订阅都重复此过程。Repeat this process for each subscription you want to assign. 用户可以在 Visual Studio 门户中管理其订阅。Users can manage their subscriptions in the Visual Studio portal.


    如果距原始分配时间已经过去 90 天,Visual studio 订阅管理员可以将订阅从一个订阅者重新分配给另一个订阅者。Visual studio subscription administrators can reassign subscriptions from one subscriber to another if 90 days have passed since the time of the original assignment. 有关其他信息,请阅读 Microsoft 合作伙伴计划指南For additional information read the Microsoft Partner Programs Guide.

管理技术权益Manage technical benefits

本部分介绍如何在合作伙伴中心仪表板中激活和管理技术支持权益。This section describes how to activate and manage technical support benefits in the Partner Center dashboard. 但是,如果 Microsoft 合作伙伴网络成员身份仍处于 Partner Membership Center (PMC),则需要联系合作伙伴一线人员等其他资源,帮助激活技术权益。If your Microsoft Partner Network membership is still in Partner Membership Center (PMC), however, you need to contact another resource like Partner Frontline to help you activate your technical benefits. 请参阅在合作伙伴中心外激活技术权益See Activate technical benefits outside of Partner Center.

要查看合作伙伴中心的技术权益,请执行以下操作:To see your technical benefits in Partner Center, do the following:

  1. 登录到合作伙伴中心面板Sign into the Partner Center dashboard.

  2. 选择“权益”,然后在左侧导航菜单中选择“技术权益” 。Select Benefits, then Technical benefits from the left navigation menu. 此时会显示“技术权益”页面,其中列出了可用于任何黄金、白银或 Microsoft Action Pack 资格的技术支持权益。The Technical benefits page appears with a list of technical support benefits available for any of your Gold, Silver, or Microsoft Action Pack competencies.

    如果看不到这些选项或“技术权益”页面,则可能没有在合作伙伴中心分配正确的用户角色If you don't see these options or the Technical benefits page, you may not have the correct user roles assigned in Partner Center. 请联系合作伙伴中心全局管理员以获取访问权限。Contact your Partner Center Global admin to obtain access.

  3. 展开权益列表。Expand the list of benefits. 要开始使用特定的支持权益,需要在第一次使用时执行以下操作:To get started using a specific support benefit, you need to do the following the first time you use it:

    • 激活技术权益。Activate the technical benefit. 展开权益的详细信息后,选择“激活”。After you expand a benefit's details, select Activate. 需要几天时间来处理激活请求。Allow a few days to process your activation request.

    • 查看并共享产品支持访问 ID 和合同 ID。View and share product support Access ID and Contract ID. 处理激活请求后,下一次扩展该技术权益时将显示有关访问 ID 和合同 ID 的详细信息 。After your activation request is processed, you will see details about Access ID and Contract ID the next time you expand that technical benefit. 当你首次提交某些产品或服务类型的支持请求时,你或你公司的用户可能需要共享此信息。You or your company's users may need to share this information the first time you submit a support request for certain types of products or services.

  4. 激活后,可以使用不同技术支持类型的技术权益。Once activated, you can use technical benefits for different kinds of technical support. 若要针对以下服务提交技术支持请求,请阅读“技术权益”页面上的详细说明。To submit technical support requests for the following services, read the detailed instructions on the Technical benefits page. 另请参阅下面的详细信息。See also the details below.

    合作伙伴中心的“技术权益”页面上详细介绍了下列技术支持类型:The Partner Center Technical benefits page describes these types of technical support:

    技术支持(中断复原)。Technical support (Break-fix). 如果功能中断或者某些内容没有按预期工作(例如当你收到错误消息时),请使用此类型的技术支持。Use this type of technical support when functionality is broken or when something is not working as expected (such as, when you receive an error message). 下面是一些指导:Here's some guidance:

    • 仅针对具备 Gold/Silver competency 的合作伙伴(不适用于 Action Pack 订阅者):请对云产品使用签名产品支持 。For Gold/Silver competency partners only (not available to Action Pack subscribers), use Signature Product Support for Cloud products.

    • 对于 Action Pack 和 Gold/Silver competency 合作伙伴:请对最新本地产品(仅限当前版本和历史版本)使用 Microsoft 产品支持 。For both Action Pack and Gold/Silver competency partners, use Microsoft Product support incidents for recent on-premises products (current and previous versions only).


      对本地、Azure(非 CSP)和 Dynamics 动态发出技术支持请求时,需要提供访问 ID 和合同 ID。Access ID and Contract ID are required for technical support requests for On-premises, Azure (non-CSP), and Dynamics products. 今后若要查找你的访问 ID 和合同 ID,也可阅读查找你的权益In future, to find your Access ID and Contract ID, you can also read Find your benefits.

    技术预售和部署服务。Technical Presales and Deployment services. 对有关技术销售或部署的咨询或建议使用此类型的支持。Use this type of support for consultation or advice regarding technical sales or deployment. 可直接通过合作伙伴中心请求这些服务。These services can be requested directly from Partner Center.

    • 对于 Action Pack 和 Gold/Silver competency 合作伙伴,请对云和混合解决方案使用技术预售和部署服务。For both Action Pack and Gold/Silver competency partners, use Technical Presales and Deployment Services for Cloud and Hybrid solutions.

管理市场推广套餐Manage Go-To-Market offers

执行此任务所需的相应角色:Appropriate roles to perform this task:

  • 全局管理员Global admin
  • MPN 合作伙伴管理员MPN Partner admin
  1. 选择“权益”,然后选择“市场推广”,查看通过 Microsoft 计划获得的与市场推广相关联的套餐列表 。Select Benefits, then Go-To-Market to see your list of offers associated with the Go-To-Market with Microsoft program.

    市场推广功能提供其他可能对你有用的营销资源、套餐、计划和帮助。Go-To-Market features offer additional marketing resources, offers, programs, and assistance that may be available to you. 可用的套餐类型取决于具体的合作伙伴级别,以及你可能取得的任何资质。The types of offers available depend on your specific partner level and any competencies you may have already obtained.

  2. 若要激活任何市场推广套餐或计划,必须先分配一个公司营销联系人。To activate any go-to-market offer or program, you must first assign a company marketing contact. 此联系人将收到有关现行市场推广套餐的跟进信件。This contact will receive follow-up communications about your active Go-To-Market offers.

  3. 若要添加或更新营销联系人信息,请转到“市场推广”页的顶部,然后选择“添加”、“更新”或“更改” 。To add or update your marketing contact information, go to the top of the Go-To-Market page, then select Add, Update, or Change. 现在请执行以下步骤:Now, do the following steps:

    a.a. 从列表中选择一个用户。Select a user from the list. 如果要分配的用户不在该列表中,可以在“帐户设置”中添加新用户If the user you want to assign is not in the list, you can add new users in Account settings.

    b.b. 为用户提供一个电子邮件地址,该电子邮件地址不同于与公司合作伙伴中心帐户关联的电子邮件地址。Provide an email address for the user that's different from the email address associated with your company's Partner Center account.

    我们将向指定的营销联系人电子邮件地址发送有关使用市场推广套餐的说明。We will email instructions for using your Go-To-Market offer to your designated marketing contact's email address.

    c.c. 请提供此营销联系人的联系电话和首选语言。Provide the contact phone and preferred language for this marketing contact. 输入这些信息后,选择“分配用户”。After you finish entering this information, select Assign user.

  4. 更新营销联系人后,找到要开始使用的市场推广套餐,然后选择所在行最右侧的向下箭头展开该套餐的详细信息。After you update your marketing contact, find the Go-To-Market offer you want to start using, then select the down arrow at the far right of the row to expand the offer's details. 列表将在“权益名称”下显示每种可用的产品/服务类型(例如“银级核心”、“金级核心”或“ISV 联合销售就绪”) 。The list will display each type of offer available below the Benefit name (such as, Silver Core, Gold Core, or ISV Co-sell ready).

  5. 选择“激活”以激活该套餐。Select Activate to activate the offer.


    向指定的营销联系人发送电子邮件说明和激活市场推广套餐可能需要几天的时间。It can take several days to email instructions to the assigned marketing contact and activate a Go-To-Market offer. 激活套餐后,“市场推广”页上会反映所做的更改。Once the offer is activated, you will see changes on the Go-To-Market page. 在“状态”列中,你将看到该套餐已更改为“有效” 。In the Status column, you will see the offer change to Active. 在“过期”列中,将看到套餐的过期日期。In the Expires column, you will see the date the offer expires. 在到期日期之前,你一直都可以使用此套餐。You can use this offer until its expiration date. 详细了解可用的不同类型的市场推广资源、套餐和计划Learn more about the different types of Go-To-Market resources, offers, and programs available.

取消会员权益或套餐Cancel a membership benefit or offer

若要取消权益或套餐并获得退款,必须在软件权益尚未激活的情况下,在购买后的 30 天内发出该请求。In order to cancel a benefit or offer and receive a refund, you must make the request within 30 days of purchase and not have activated the software benefits. 通过服务请求来请求取消。Request the cancellation through a service request.

后续步骤Next steps