了解合作伙伴中心的 Azure 和云产品权益领域Explore the Azure and cloud products benefits area in Partner Center

相应的角色Appropriate roles

  • 全局管理员Global admin
  • MPN 合作伙伴管理员MPN partner admin

本文介绍合作伙伴中心内可供合作伙伴使用的特定 Azure 和云权益。This article describes the specific Azure and cloud benefits available to partners from within Partner Center. 你还将了解如何激活特定类型的 Azure 和云订阅。You will also learn how to activate certain types of Azure and cloud subscriptions.


作为 Microsoft 合作伙伴网络中的合作伙伴,你可能有权访问各种领域的许多技术和市场宣传权益。As a partner in the Microsoft Partner Network, you may have access to many technical and go-to-market benefits for different areas. 如果你已在合作伙伴中心分配了上述角色之一,则可以直接从合作伙伴中心仪表板探索其中许多权益。If you have been assigned one of the above roles in Partner Center, you can explore many of these benefits directly from the Partner Center dashboard.


若要访问 "合作伙伴中心权益" 区域,只需登录到合作伙伴中心 仪表板 ,并从左侧导航菜单中选择 " MPN "。To access the Partner Center Benefits area, you just need to sign into the Partner Center dashboard and select MPN from the left-navigation menu. 然后,从菜单中选择 " 权益 ",然后选择要浏览的特定福利选项或区域。Then, select Benefits from the menu, followed by the specific benefits option or area you want to explore.

可供你使用的一个优点选项是 Azure & 云产品One of the benefits options that may be available to you is Azure & cloud products. 从 "合作伙伴中心 权益" 菜单中选择 " azure & 云" 时,将显示 " azure & 云产品" 页。When you select Azure & cloud from the Partner Center Benefits menu, the Azure & cloud products page appears.

此页显示以下详细信息:This page shows the following details:

  • 可供你使用的各种 Azure & 云产品订阅权益,无论是基于许可证的订阅还是基于使用情况的订阅Various Azure & cloud product subscription benefits available to you, whether license-based subscriptions or usage-based subscriptions
  • 为每个产品分配的许可证数量License quantity assigned for each product
  • 为你预配特定权益产品的产品/服务类型The offer type that provisioned a specific benefit product to you
  • 权益类型 (是来自核心还是增量) The benefit type (whether it comes from core or incremental)
  • 特定权益过期日期The date a specific benefit expires

Azure 和云产品页列出了可供你使用的订阅权益。

基于使用情况的订阅与基于许可证的订阅Usage-based vs. license-based subscriptions

Azure & 云产品 页列出了为你预配的两种类型的订阅权益:The Azure & cloud products page lists two types of subscription benefits that are provisioned to you:

  • 基于使用情况的订阅 (Microsoft Azure 信用) Usage-based subscriptions (Microsoft Azure Credit)
  • 基于许可证的订阅 (如 Office 365) License-based subscriptions (such as Office 365)

使用两种类型的 Microsoft Azure 信用额度的基于使用情况的订阅Usage-based subscriptions with two types of Microsoft Azure credit

可以接收两种类型的基于使用情况的订阅,具体取决于 Microsoft 合作伙伴网络成员身份可用的活动服务。There are two types of usage-based subscriptions you could receive, depending on the active offers available to your Microsoft Partner Network membership. 此类活动的产品/服务可能包括 Microsoft Action Pack、银资格或金牌资格。Such active offers might include Microsoft Action Pack, a silver competency, or a gold competency.

可以为这些产品/服务设置的两种基于使用量的订阅包括 azure 每月信用额度 和/或 azure 批量 (每年) 信用额度The two types of usage-based subscriptions that can be provisioned for these offers include Azure monthly credit and/or Azure bulk (yearly) credit:

  • 预配 Azure 每月信用额度: 这可能显示为类似于 $ 100/month (或本地货币的等效项) Provisioning for Azure monthly credit: This might appear as something like $100/month (or equivalent in local currency)
  • 针对 Azure bulk (每年) 信用预配: 这可能显示为 $ 6000/year、$ 12000/year、/或 $ 13000/year (或它们的每个等价) 本地货币Provisioning for Azure bulk (yearly) credit: This might appear as something like $6000/year, $12000/year, and/or $13000/year (or each of them equivalent in local currency)

若要在合作伙伴中心激活 Microsoft Azure 订阅,需要为公司 (或来宾用户) 中的用户分配访问权限。To activate a Microsoft Azure subscription in Partner Center, you need to assign access to a user within the company (or a guest user). 用户必须已在 Azure Active Directory 租户中创建了一个用户条目。The user must already have a user entry created in your Azure Active Directory tenant. 然后,按如下步骤操作:Then, follow these steps:

  1. 确保用户在 Azure AD 租户中拥有用户条目后,登录到合作伙伴中心 仪表板Once you are assured the user has a user entry in your Azure AD tenant, sign into the Partner Center dashboard.

  2. 从左侧导航菜单中选择 " MPN ",然后依次选择 " 权益"、" Azure" 和 "云"。Select MPN from the left-navigation menu, followed by Benefits, then Azure and cloud.

  3. 选择右侧的向下箭头,查看要激活的基于使用情况的订阅的 详细信息 列。Select the down arrow in the right, View details column for the usage-based subscription you want to activate.

  4. ) 下面 (在 "合作伙伴中心 Azure 和云产品" 页上找到 "用户分配" 区域。Locate the User Assignment area on the Partner Center Azure and cloud products page (below). 然后,选择 " 分配用户 " 选项,为该用户分配所需的基于使用情况的订阅权益。Then, select the Assign user option to assign that user the desired usage-based subscription benefit.

    显示用户分配区域的 Azure 和云产品页。

  • 当你为每月 $100 (例如,每月 (或等效于本地货币) )分配 Azure 每月信用额度时,请注意,你可以随时在此订阅中添加或删除用户。When you assign an Azure monthly credit of something like $100 per month (or equivalent in local currency), note that you can add or remove users from this subscription at any time.

  • 将 Azure 批量 (每年) 信用额度时,请注意," 删除 " 选项在 "合作伙伴中心" 中不可用。When you assign the Azure bulk (yearly) credit, note that the Remove option is not available in Partner Center. 相反,您需要在注册年中将批量信用额度转让给其他人。Instead, you need to transfer the bulk credit to someone else during your enrollment year. Azure 大容量 (年度) 信用订阅也不能与其他许可、预付或信用优惠 (,例如 Microsoft 企业协议、云解决方案提供商、Azure 开放许可、Azure Pass、Microsoft Action Pack 等。The Azure bulk (yearly) credit subscription also can’t be combined with other licensing, prepaid, or credit offers (for example Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Cloud Solution Provider, Azure in Open, Azure Pass, Microsoft Action Pack, etc.).

基于许可证的订阅License-based subscriptions

在 "Azure 和云产品" 页的 "基于许可证的订阅" 部分中,你将找到需要产品密钥进行激活的所有云产品,如 Microsoft O365、Microsoft Dynamics、Microsoft Intune、Azure AD basic、Power BI 等。这些产品是根据可作为 Microsoft 合作伙伴网络中的合作伙伴的活动产品/服务的类型提供的。In the license-based subscriptions section of the Azure and Cloud products page, you will find all cloud products that require a product key for activation, such as Microsoft O365, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Intune, Azure AD basic, Power BI, etc. These products are offered based on the type of active offer available to you as a partner in the Microsoft Partner Network. 此类产品/服务可能包括 Microsoft Action Pack、银胜任成员资格或金牌资格成员资格。Such offers might include Microsoft Action Pack, silver competency membership, or gold competency membership.

激活基于许可证的订阅:To activate a license-based subscription:

  1. 找到 Azure 和云产品页上的特定订阅。Locate the specific subscription on the Azure and cloud products page.

  2. 选择右侧的下拉箭头,查看该订阅的 详细信息 列。Select the drop-down arrow in the right, View details column for that subscription.

  3. 阅读后续页面上的说明。Read the instructions on the subsequent page. 这样做会告诉你有关如何兑换密钥的详细信息。Doing so will tell you more about how to redeem the keys.

    包含查看详细信息的 Azure 和云产品页。

  4. 准备好兑换密钥时,请选择此页底部的 " 激活演练 " 选项。When you are ready to redeem the key, select the Activation Walkthrough option found at the bottom of this page.

    • 如果要激活新订阅或现有订阅已禁用/已过期,请打开 专用或 incognito 浏览器,复制并粘贴以下链接,并按照说明进行操作:If you want to activate a new subscription or your existing subscription is disabled/expired, open a private or incognito browser, then copy and paste the following link and follow the instructions:


    • 如果希望延长结束日期或将更多座位/许可证添加到现有订阅副本,并将以下链接粘贴到 专用或 incognito 浏览器窗口 中,并按照说明进行操作:If you wish to extend the end date or add more seats/licenses to an existing subscription copy and paste the below link in a private or incognito browser window and follow the instructions:



兑换密钥后,不能再次兑换同一密钥。Once a key is redeemed, the same key cannot be redeemed a second time. 另外,请注意以下要点:Also note the following important points:

  • 确认是否需要添加更多许可证 (座位) 、数量和是否延长结束日期。Confirm whether or not you need to add more licenses (seats), how many, and whether or not to extend the end date. 如果选择添加更多许可证 (座位) 并且 会延长结束日期,则系统将提供少于12个月的活动订阅。If you choose to add more licenses (seats) and you do not extend the end date, the system will provide you with less than 12 months of active subscription.

  • 请确保已登录到正确的凭据,并且要在正确的 Azure Active Directory (AAD) 租户上激活密钥。Make sure you are signed in with the correct credentials and that you are activating the keys on the correct Azure Active Directory (AAD) tenant. 始终使用私有/incognito 浏览器窗口登录,以确保在正确租户上激活密钥。Always sign in with a private/incognito browser window to ensure you are activating keys on the correct tenant.

  • Microsoft 合作伙伴中心中显示的权益到期日期表示对该权益执行使用权限的最后日期。The benefit expiration date shown in Microsoft Partner Center indicates the last date to exercise usage rights on that benefit. 此日期可能不同于 M365 管理中心门户中列出的订阅结束日期。This date may differ from the subscription end date listed in the M365 Admin Center portal. 这可能是由多个因素引起的,例如,福利激活日期、与密钥关联的许可证的数量,以及在管理门户中添加或扩展的许可证。This may be due to several factors, such as benefit activation date, number of licenses associated with the key, and the licenses added or extended on the Admin portal.

延长结束日期或向现有订阅添加更多许可证Extend the end date or add more licenses to an existing subscription

按照以下步骤为现有订阅添加更多许可证或延长结束日期:Follow these steps to add more licenses or extend the end date for an existing subscription:

  1. 将以下链接复制并粘贴到 专用或 incognito 浏览器窗口 中。Copy and paste the below link into a private or incognito browser window.


  2. 登录到 M365 管理中心门户 时,请确保以正确的 Azure Active Directory 租户登录。When signing into your M365 admin center portal, make sure you are signing in with the correct Azure Active Directory tenant. 然后从列表中选择特定的云订阅,然后执行以下 (之一来续订订阅或添加更多的许可证) :Then, select the specific cloud subscription from the list and do one of the following (to either renew the subscription or add more licenses):

    • 若要续订现有订阅,请在 "许可证" 区域中选择 " 延长结束日期 " 选项。To renew the existing subscription, select the Extend end date option in the License area. 延长结束日期将增加订阅的持续时间,同时保持许可证/座位数量不变。Extending the end date will increase the duration of the subscription while keeping the number of licenses/seats the same.

    • 若要向现有订阅添加更多许可证 (座位) ,请选择 "许可证" 区域中的 " 添加许可证 " 选项。To add more licenses (seats), to an existing subscription, select the Add Licenses option in the License area. 如果还想要续订现有的订阅,请确保未选择 " 添加许可证 "。Make sure you do not select Add Licenses if you also want to renew the existing subscription. 选择 " 添加许可证 " 将减少订阅持续时间并增加订阅中的许可证数量。Selecting Add licenses will reduce the subscription duration and increase the number of licenses in the subscription.

    显示如何添加许可证的 Azure 和云产品页面。

  3. 在侧面板中,选择 " 兑换产品密钥"。In the side panel, select Redeem Product Key.

  4. 输入产品密钥,然后选择 " 验证 " 以验证密钥详细信息。Enter the product key, then select Validate to verify the key details.

  5. 选择 " 兑换 " 完成该过程。Select Redeem to complete the process.


    每个产品密钥向用户提供12个月的服务,即你兑换产品密钥的日期。Each product key provides users with 12 months of service from the date you redeem the product key. 但是,如果你的现有用户的续订日期较早,则会为你提供两个日期,使你可以更轻松地根据你的所有用户的单个结束日期管理你的订阅。However, if your existing users have an early renewal date, two dates will be averaged out to make it easier to manage your subscriptions based on a single end date for all of your users. 计算期间,不会添加或丢失时间。No time is added or lost during the calculation. 用于计算两个日期的计算结果为:The calculation used to average out two dates is:

    计算: [ (初始用户) x B (订阅上剩余的时间) + C (新用户) x (12 个月) ] ÷总用户数 = 新的时间。Calculation: [A (initial users) x B (time remaining on subscription) + C (new users) x (12 months)] ÷ total number of users = new time remaining.

第一次激活订阅Activate a subscription for the first time

如果你是第一次激活订阅,请执行以下步骤。Follow these steps if you are activating a subscription for the first time. 如果你的订阅处于禁用或过期状态,你还可以使用这些步骤:You can also use these steps if your subscription is in a disabled or expired state:

  1. 将以下链接复制并粘贴到 专用或 incognito 浏览器窗口 中。Copy and paste the below link into a private or incognito browser window.


  2. 请确保已登录到正确的 Azure Active Directory 租户帐户。Make sure you have signed in to the correct Azure Active Directory tenant account. 登录后,请验证租户详细信息。Once you are signed in, verify the tenant details.

    显示在何处添加密钥的 Azure 和云产品页面。

  3. 输入从合作伙伴中心获取的25位数的密钥,然后选择 " 下一步"。Enter the 25-digit key obtained from Partner Center, then select Next.

  4. 验证显示的 "产品详细信息"、"许可证数量" 和 "订阅持续时间"。Verify the displayed product details, number of licenses, and subscription duration. 准备就绪后,选择 " 兑换 " 激活订阅。When you are ready, select Redeem to activate the subscription.

    新激活的订阅将在 M365 管理中心的 " 产品 " 选项卡中提供。The newly activated subscription will be available in Your Products tab of the M365 Admin Center.

许可方案Licensing scenarios

本部分介绍与 Azure 和云产品关联的订阅的几个示例授权方案。This section describes a few, sample licensing scenarios for subscriptions associated with Azure and cloud products. 在这些情况下,您将了解如何计算订阅结束日期。In these scenarios, you will learn how subscription end dates are calculated.

方案 1Scenario 1

如果在订阅上有100个活动活动,而你尝试使用包含25个许可证的密钥来延长结束日期,则将通过3个 () 3 个月为包含100个许可证的订阅扩展截止日期。If you have 100 licenses active on a subscription and you are trying to extend the end date by using a key with 25 licenses, the end date will be extended by three (3) months for the subscription with 100 licenses.

方案 2Scenario 2

如果在订阅上有100个活动活动,而你尝试通过使用包含100个许可证的密钥来延长结束日期,则结束日期将延长12个月。If you have 100 licenses active on a subscription and you are trying to extend the end date by using a key with 100 licenses, the end date will be extended by 12 months.

方案 3Scenario 3

如果订阅上有5个 (5) 许可证处于活动状态,而你尝试通过使用包含10个许可证的密钥来扩展结束日期,则订阅的结束日期将为包含5个 (5) 许可证 (或座位) 的订阅24个月扩展。If you have five (5) licenses active on a subscription and you are trying to extend the end date by using a key with 10 licenses, the end date will be extended by 24 months for the subscription with five (5) licenses (or seats).

方案 4Scenario 4

如果尝试使用超过3倍活动许可证/座位的密钥来延长结束日期,将显示以下错误消息。If you are trying to extend the end date by using a key with more than 3x active licenses/seats, the following error message will appear. 此消息是设计的,因为订阅结束日期最多可扩展3年。This message is by design, since the subscription end date can be extended by a maximum of 3 years.

Azure 和云产品错误消息。

后续步骤Next steps