Renderer.InkSpaceToPixel Method

Renderer.InkSpaceToPixel Method

Converts an array of locations in ink space coordinates to be in pixel space by using a handle for the conversion.


Visual Basic .NET Public Sub InkSpaceToPixel( _
ByVal hdc As IntPtr, _
ByRef pts As Point _
C# public void InkSpaceToPixel(
IntPtr hdc,
ref Point pts
Managed C++ public: void InkSpaceToPixel(
IntPtr *hdc,
Point **pts


hdc System.IntPtr. The handle of the containing control or form.
pts System.Drawing.Point[]. The array of points to convert into pixel locations.


The InkSpaceToPixel method applies the object transform of the Renderer object, applies the view transform, and then converts from HIMETRIC to pixel units.

To minimize memory leaks, use the InkSpaceToPixel(Graphics,Point) overload of this method. The InkSpaceToPixel(IntPtr,Point[]) overload requires that handles be kept in memory, which tends to result in leaks.

Important Security InformationSecurity Alert: If using under partial trust, this method requires SecurityPermissionFlag.UnmanagedCode Leave Site permission in addition to the permissions required by Renderer. See Security And Trust for more information.


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