Renderer.PixelToInkSpace Method

Renderer.PixelToInkSpace Method

Converts an array of locations in pixel space coordinates to be an array of locations in ink space coordinates by using a handle for the conversion.


Visual Basic .NET Public Sub PixelToInkSpace( _
ByVal hdc As IntPtr, _
ByRef pts As Point _
C# public void PixelToInkSpace(
IntPtr hdc,
ref Point pts
Managed C++ public: void PixelToInkSpace(
IntPtr *hdc,
Point **pts


hdc System.IntPtr. The handle of the containing control or form.
pts System.Drawing.Point[]. The array of points to convert into ink space locations.


The PixelToInkSpace method converts from pixel to ink space—where one HIMETRIC unit = .01mm, applies the inverse of the view transform, and then applies the object transform.

To minimize memory leaks, use the PixelToInkSpace(Graphics,Point[]) overload of this method. The PixelToInkSpace(IntPtr,Point[]) overload requires that handles be kept in memory, which tends to result in leaks.

Important Security InformationSecurity Alert: If using under partial trust, this method requires SecurityPermissionFlag.UnmanagedCode Leave Site permission in addition to the permissions required by Renderer. See Security And Trust for more information.


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