SharePoint 开发人员社区 (SharePoint PnP) 资源SharePoint Developer Community (SharePoint PnP) resources

SharePoint 开发人员社区(也被称之为 SharePoint PnP 社区)是由 SharePoint 工程团队协调的开放源代码计划。The SharePoint Development Community (also known as the SharePoint PnP community) is an open-source initiative coordinated by SharePoint engineering. 此社区控制 SharePoint 开发文档、示例、可重用控件,以及其他与 SharePoint 开发相关的开放源代码计划。This community controls SharePoint development documentation, samples, reusable controls, and other relevant open-source initiatives related to SharePoint development.

博客文章、视频和社交媒体Blog posts, videos, and social media


在以下 GitHub 组织中提供的样本和开源项目中有许多不同的存储库。There are numerous different repositories related on the provided samples and open-source projects available in the following GitHub organizations.

与 SharePoint 开发相关的问题Issues with SharePoint development

发现 API、文档或其他主题出现与 SharePoint 开发相关的问题?Found an issue related to SharePoint development around the APIs, documentation, or other topics? 发现开发人员文档中遗漏了某些内容?Are we missing something from the developer documentation? 请告知我们!Please let us know!

社区通话Community calls

与 SharePoint 开发相关的社区通话有很多,可以根据自己的兴趣和空闲时间选择要加入的通话。There are numerous community calls for SharePoint development, and you can choose which of them you'd like to join based on your interest and availability. 在每次通话中,SharePoint 工程团队、MVP 或其他社区成员都会进行直播演示。Each call has live demos from SharePoint Engineering, MVPs, or other community members.


若要在任一社区通话中进行直播演示,请在此页面上留下评论,与我们联系。我们将留出 10-15 分钟时间,以供你演示自己的一个或多个 SharePoint 开发主题。If you are interested in doing a live demo in any of our community calls, please reach out by leaving a comment on this page and we'll get you a spot for 10-15 minutes for demonstrating your SharePoint development topic(s).

注意事项:想要在其中一个社区通话中进行演示?Do's & Dont's: Interested in presenting during one of the community calls? 请注意这是社区通话。Keep in mind these are community calls. 因此,演示的重点应放在对社区有益的学习和主题上。The focus of these demos should be on learning and topics beneficial to the community. 请不要进行任何商业活动,例如销售或推销或服务。Please refrain from commercial activities such as selling or promoting products or services. 在社区通话中进行任何商业活动对社区来说都是不受欢迎的,在某些情况下,这可能会导致提早停止演示。Commercial activities in the community calls are not well received by the community and in certain instances may result in stopping the demo early. 如果申请演示,请说明计划演示的内容,以避免出现混淆。In your request to present, please be descriptive about what you intend to show to avoid any confusion. 如果不确定计划演示的内容是否合适,请在提交的申请中进行咨询。If you are not sure if what you want to present is appropriate, just ask in the submission.

社区通话Community call 时间When 说明Description Microsoft Teams 链接Microsoft Teams Link
每月社区通话Monthly community call 每月第 2 个星期二上午 8 点 (PT)/下午 3 点 (GMT)Second Tuesday of each month at 8:00 AM PT / 3:00 PM GMT 每月社区通话涵盖上月内 SharePoint 开发相关主题的最新动态,包括新闻、UserVoice 最新动态和社区参与。Monthly community call covering the latest changes in SharePoint development-related topics within the last month, including news, UserVoice updates, and community contributions 直接 MS Teams 链接到会议Direct MS Teams link to meeting
SharePoint 框架的特别兴趣组业务通话Special interest group call for SharePoint Framework 每两周的星期四上午 7 点 (PT)/下午 2 点 (GMT)Bi-weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM GMT SharePoint 工程部动态、SharePoint 框架、PnPJs、Office 365 CLI、可重用的 SPFx 控件SharePoint Engineering updates, SharePoint Framework, PnPJS, Office 365 CLI, and reusable SPFx controls 直接 MS Teams 链接到会议Direct MS Teams link to meeting
常规 SharePoint 开发的特别兴趣组业务通话Special interest group call for general SharePoint development 每两周的星期四上午 7 点 (PT)/下午 2 点 (GMT)Bi-weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM GMT SharePoint 工程部动态、端到端解决方案设计、预配、PnP CSOM、PnP PowerShellSharePoint Engineering updates, end-to-end solution designs, provisioning, PnP CSOM, and PnP PowerShell 直接 MS Teams 链接到会议Direct MS Teams link to meeting

什么是关于 PnP 开放源代码组件和解决方案的可支持性语句?What’s the supportability statement around PnP open-source components and solutions?

以下语句适用于所有 SharePoint PnP 资产,包括示例、控件、组件和解决方案,例如 SharePoint 初学者工具包或 PnP 设置服务。Following statements apply across all of the SharePoint PnP assets, including samples, controls, component and solutions, like SharePoint Starter Kit or the PnP Provisioning Service.

  • PnP 资产由 Microsoft 和社区创建PnP assets are created by Microsoft & the community
  • PnP 资产由 Microsoft 和社区维护PnP assets are maintained by Microsoft & the community
  • PnP 使用 Microsoft 定义的受支持的推荐技术PnP uses supported and recommended techniques defined by Microsoft
  • PnP 不是产品,因此不受 Premier Support 或其他官方支持频道支持,但如果遇到的问题是由开箱即用的 API 引起的,那么它就属于 Microsoft 的常规支持模式PnP is NOT a product and therefore it’s not supported by Premier Support or other official support channels, but if the experienced issue(s) is caused by out-of-the-box API, it falls on the normal support patterns from Microsoft side
  • 与其他 Microsoft 完成开源项目相似,PnP 的支持源自社区。PnP is supported in similar ways as other open source projects done by Microsoft with support from the community by the community
  • 有许多合作伙伴在其客户解决方案中使用 PnP。There are numerous partners that utilize PnP within their solutions for customers. 此支持由合作伙伴提供。Support for this is provided by the Partner. 在部署中使用 PnP 材料时,我们建议让你的客户或部署所有者清楚其支持模型When PnP material is used in deployments, we recommend being clear with your customer/deployment owner on the support model

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