IMsmMerge2 interface (mergemod.h)

The IMsmMerge interface and the IMsmMerge2 interface provide interfaces to the Merge object.The IMsmMerge2 interface provides a way for the client merge tool to utilize the new configurable-module functionality. Mergemod.dll provides access to the extended functionality at build time through a second version of the existing CLSID. This CLSID supports existing functionality available through the IMsmMerge interface, but the default interface on the object (and the associated dual interface) is the IMsmMerge2 interface instead of the IMsmMerge interface.

Requesting this interface does not commit the tool to using the new functionality. The interface supports both the standard and the "Ex" versions of the appropriate interface calls.

The Merge object provides access to other top-level objects. A Merge object must be created before loading the automation support required by COM to access the functions in Mergemod.dll.


The IMsmMerge2 interface inherits from the IDispatch interface. IMsmMerge2 also has these types of members:


The IMsmMerge2 interface has these methods.


The CreateSourceImage method enables the client to extract the files from a module to a source image on disk after a merge, taking into account changes to the module that might have been made during module configuration.

The ExtractFilesEx method extracts the embedded .cab file from a module and then writes those files to the destination directory. For more information, see the ExtractFilesEx method of the Merge object.

The get_ConfigurableItems method retrieves the ConfigurableItems property of the Merge object.

The MergeEx method executes a merge of the current database and current module.


Minimum supported client Mergemod.dll 2.0 or later
Target Platform Windows
Header mergemod.h