C 執行階段錯誤 R6025C Runtime Error R6025

純虛擬函式呼叫pure virtual function call


如果您在執行應用程式時遇到此錯誤訊息,則應用程式已關閉,因為它有內部問題。If you encounter this error message while running an app, the app was shut down because it has an internal problem. 此錯誤最常見的原因是應用程式中的錯誤或安裝損毀。The most common reason for this error is a bug in the app, or a corrupted installation.

您可以嘗試進行下列步驟來修正這個錯誤:You can try these steps to fix this error:

  • 使用 主控台 中的 [應用程式和功能] 或 [程式和功能] 頁面修復或重新安裝程式。Use the Apps and Features or Programs and Features page in the Control Panel to repair or reinstall the program.
  • 檢查軟體更新 主控台 中的 Windows UpdateCheck Windows Update in the Control Panel for software updates.
  • 檢查應用程式的更新版本。Check for an updated version of the app. 如果問題持續發生,請洽詢應用程式廠商。Contact the app vendor if the problem persists.

程式設計人員的資訊Information for Programmers

未具現化物件來處理純虛擬函式呼叫。No object has been instantiated to handle the pure virtual function call.

此錯誤的原因是透過轉換成衍生類別的型別所建立的指標,在抽象基類中呼叫虛擬函式,但實際上是基類的指標。This error is caused by calling a virtual function in an abstract base class through a pointer which is created by a cast to the type of the derived class, but is actually a pointer to the base class. 當在 void * void * 基底類別的結構中建立時,從轉換成類別的指標時,就會發生這種情況。This can occur when casting from a void* to a pointer to a class when the void* was created during the construction of the base class.