适用于医疗保健组织的 Teams 入门Get started with Teams for healthcare organizations

Microsoft Teams 提供对医疗保健和其他医疗保健组织有用的许多电话服务功能。Microsoft Teams offers a number of telemedicine features useful for hospitals and other Healthcare organizations. Teams 功能正在开发中,有助于有助于:Teams features are under development to aid hospitals with:

  • 虚拟访问和电子医疗保健记录 (EHR) 集成Virtual visits and Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) integration
  • Teams 策略包Teams policy packages
  • 安全消息传递Secure messaging
  • Teams 模板Teams templates
  • 护理协调与协作Care coordination and collaboration

此功能是 Microsoft 云用于医疗保健的一部分。This functionality is part of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. 深入了解如何使用此解决方案,它汇集了 Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare中 Azure、Dynamics 365 和 Microsoft 365 的功能。Learn more about using this solution, which brings together capabilities from Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365 at Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

观看以下视频,了解有关使用医疗保健集合在 Microsoft Teams 中增强运行状况团队协作有关详细信息。Watch the following video to learn more about using the healthcare collection to enhance health team collaboration in Microsoft Teams.


本节中的内容假定你已在组织中部署 Teams。The content in this section assumes that you've already deployed Teams in your organization. 如果尚未推出 Teams,首先请阅读 Microsoft TeamsIf you haven't yet rolled out Teams, start by reading How to roll out Microsoft Teams.

以下方案适用于医疗保健组织:The following scenarios are available for healthcare organizations:

方案Scenario 说明Description 要求Requirements
通过电子医疗保健记录 (EHR) 集成实现虚拟访问Virtual visits with Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) integration 安排、管理和与患者进行虚拟访问。Schedule, manage, and conduct virtual visits with patients. 此方案将 Microsoft Teams 和此时的此时所平台连接到支持虚拟访问。This scenario connects Microsoft Teams and the Epic platform to support virtual visits. Microsoft Cloud 用于医疗保健活动订阅或订阅 Microsoft Teams EHR Connector 独立优惠。Active subscription to Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare or subscription to Microsoft Teams EHR Connector standalone offer.
用户必须具有包含 Microsoft Teams 会议的适当 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 许可证。Users must have an appropriate Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license that includes Microsoft Teams meetings*.
组织必须具有 2018 年 11 月或更高版本的 Epic 版本。Organizations must have with Epic version November 2018 or later.
EHR 要求的详细信息Details for EHR requirements
使用 Microsoft Bookings 和 Bookings 应用进行虚拟访问Virtual visits with Microsoft Bookings and the Bookings app 安排、管理和与患者进行虚拟访问。Schedule, manage, and conduct virtual visits with patients. 此方案依靠 Microsoft Bookings 支持虚拟访问。This scenario relies on Microsoft Bookings to support virtual visits. 必须为组织启用 Microsoft Bookings。Microsoft Bookings must be turned on for the organization.
Bookings 应用的所有用户以及参与会议的教职员工必须具有支持 Teams 会议安排*的许可证。All users of the Bookings app and all staff participating in meetings must have a license that supports Teams Meeting scheduling*.
Bookings 要求的详细信息Details for Bookings requirements
Teams 策略包Teams policy packages 确保患者、信息工作者和患者会议室设备可以适当访问 Teams 功能。Ensure that clinical workers, information workers, and patient room devices have the appropriate access to Teams functionality. 用户必须具有适当的许可证*。Users must have an appropriate license*.
安全消息传递Secure messaging 更快地关注紧急邮件,并放心收到并阅读了该邮件。Get quicker attention to urgent messages and have confidence that the message was received and read. 用户必须具有适当的许可证*。Users must have an appropriate license*.
Teams 模板Teams templates 创建包含设置、通道和预安装的应用的预定义模板,用于在医院、<3> <2> <3>或部门,或在医院内的多个帐户、频道和部门之间沟通和协作。Create teams that include a predefined template of settings, channels, and pre-installed apps for communication and collaboration within a ward, pod, or department, or between multiple wards, pods, and departments within a hospital. 用户必须具有适当的许可证*。Users must have an appropriate license*.
护理协调与协作Care coordination and collaboration 医师和教职员工可以在排程、文档、任务等进行内部协作。Clinicians and staff can collaborate internally on schedules, documents, tasks, and so on. 用户必须具有适当的许可证*。Users must have an appropriate license*.

*支持 Office 365 A3、A5、E3 和 E5,以及 Microsoft 365 商业版标准版、A3、A5、E3 和 E5。*Office 365 A3, A5, E3, and E5, as well as Microsoft 365 Business Standard, A3, A5, E3, and E5 are supported. 有关常规 Teams 许可详细信息,请参阅"管理 TeamsFor more information about general Teams licensing, see Manage user access to Teams.

虚拟访问和电子医疗保健记录 (EHR) 集成Virtual visits and Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) integration

使用 Microsoft Teams 中完整的会议平台来安排、管理和与患者进行虚拟访问。Use the complete meetings platform in Microsoft Teams to schedule, manage, and conduct virtual visits with patients.

  • 如果你的组织已使用电子健康记录(EHR)和 Microsoft Teams,你可以集成 Microsoft Teams 以更加无缝的体验。If your organization already uses Electronic Health Records, or EHR, you can integrate Microsoft Teams for a more seamless experience. 借助 Microsoft Teams 电子健康记录 (EHR) 连接器,临床医生可轻松地直接从 EHR 系统直接向 Teams 中的其他提供商发起虚拟患者访视或咨询。Microsoft Teams Electronic Health Record (EHR) Connector makes it easy for clinicians to launch a virtual patient visit or consultation with another provider in Teams directly from the EHR system. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Teams 的虚拟访问 - 集成到 EHRTo learn more, see Virtual visits with Teams - Integration into EHR.
  • 如果使用的不是受支持的 EHR,可以在 Teams 中使用 Microsoft Bookings 和 Bookings 应用。If you aren't using a supported EHR, you can use Microsoft Bookings and the Bookings app in Teams. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Bookings 应用和 Microsoft TeamsTo learn more, see Bookings app and virtual visits in Microsoft Teams.

使用 Microsoft Teams 进行虚拟访问

Teams 策略包Teams policy packages

应用 Teams 策略包来定义可在 Teams 中执行的不同角色。例如,针对以下角色指定策略:Apply Teams policy packages to define what different roles can do in Teams. For example, specify policies for:

  • 患者(如已注册的医师、主治医师、医师和社交工作者)可完全访问聊天、呼叫、轮班管理和会议。Clinical workers, such as registered nurses, charge nurses, physicians, and social workers, so that they can have full access to chat, calling, shift management, and meetings.
  • 医疗保健组织的信息工作者(例如 IT 人员、信息使、财务人员和合规部人员)可以完全访问聊天、呼叫和会议。Information workers in your healthcare organization, such as IT personnel, informatics staff, finance personnel, and compliance officers, can have full access to chat, calling, and meetings.
  • 患者会议室,用于控制患者会议室设备的设置。Patient rooms, to control settings for patient room devices.

若要了解更多信息,请参阅 医疗保健服务 (Healthcare) 的 TeamsTo learn more, see Teams policy packages for healthcare.

安全消息传递Secure messaging

安全消息传递支持运行状况团队中的协作,包括以下几项新功能:Secure messaging supports collaboration within health teams, including several new features:

  • 邮件发件人可以设置其邮件的特殊优先级,因此在收件人阅读该邮件之前,将重复收到通知。A message sender can set a special priority for their message, so the recipient is repeatedly notified until they read the message.
  • 邮件发件人可以请求已读回执,因此在邮件收件人阅读其发送的邮件时收到通知。A message sender can request a read receipt, so they are notified when a message they sent was read by the message recipient.

通过这些功能,可更快地关注紧急邮件,让邮件能够被接收和阅读。Together, these features allow quicker attention to urgent messages and confidence that the message was received and read. 可以在每患者的基础上创建使用这些功能的新健康团队。New health teams using these features can be created on a per-patient basis. 这些功能基于策略,可分配到个人或整个团队。These features are policy-based, and can be assigned to individuals or entire Teams.

若要了解更多信息,请参阅 医疗保健组织安全邮件策略入门To learn more, see Get started with Secure Messaging policies for Healthcare organizations.

与安全消息相关的是,允许由医疗保健组织联合的其他租户,从而允许更丰富的租户间通信。Also related to secure messaging is the ability to have other tenants federated by Healthcare organizations, allowing richer inter-tenant communication. (请参阅 Microsoft Teams 网站中管理外部访问(联合))。(See Manage external access (federation) in Microsoft Teams).

适用于医疗保健组织的 Teams 模板Teams templates for healthcare organizations

开发新的用于创建 Teams 的模板可应用于医院设置,并即将推出更多模板。New templates for creating Teams were developed to apply to a Hospital setting, and more are expected soon. 通过此操作,可更轻松地创建由医疗保健人员用于协调不同部门或部门中患者护理的团队。This makes it easier to create teams that Healthcare workers use to coordinate care for patients in various departments or wards. 有关详细信息,请参阅 医疗保健组织或组织的 Teams 模板To learn more, see Get started with Teams templates for Healthcare organizations. 可针对内部部门(如流程图)或护理中心启动团队,开发中更多模板。Teams can be started for internal departments such as cardiology, or for care wards, and more templates are in development.

护理协调与协作Care coordination and collaboration

请您的健康团队聚在一起,以与 Microsoft Teams 协调护理并协作。Bring your health team together to coordinate care and collaborate with Microsoft Teams.

医疗保健:在 Teams 中与运行状况团队协作

Microsoft Teams 提供 Microsoft Teams 中包含的协作功能,使医师、医师和其他人员能够高效协作,例如:Microsoft Teams enables physicians, clinicians, nurses, and other staff to collaborate efficiently with included collaboration features in Microsoft Teams, such as:

  • 为运行状况团队和信息工作者设置团队和频道。Set up teams and channels for your health teams and information workers. 将带选项卡的频道用作组织工作结构的方法,从选项卡中可固定信息源的更多帮助。Use channels with tabs as a way to structure their work, with additional help from tabs to which they can pin information sources.
  • 聊天、发布消息和交流。你的团队可就需要关注的不同患者进行长时间的对话。Chat, post messages, and communicate. Your team can have persistent conversations about different patients needing attention.
  • 与医疗保健团队的成员通话和见面。通过 Teams 音频、视频、屏幕共享、录音和听录功能,安排单场会议或使用频道会议来管理日常会议。Call and meet with members of the health team. Set up individual meetings, or use channel meetings to manage daily meetings, both with the power of Teams audio, video, screen sharing, recording, and transcription features.
  • 存储和共享文件与文档。医疗保健团队是单个虚拟团队的一部分,该团队可处理 Office 文档并协作处理文档。Store and share files and documents. Your health team is part of a single virtualized team that works and collaborates on Office documents.

此外,团队可使用 Teams 中的应用:In addition, your team can use apps in Teams to:

  • 使用"列表"应用共享列表和跟踪信息Share lists and track information with the Lists app
  • 使用"任务"应用跟踪和监视任务Track and monitor tasks with the Tasks app
  • 通过审批应用简化审批Streamline approvals with the Approvals app
  • 使用 Shifts 应用创建、管理和共享日程安排Create, manage, and share schedules with the Shifts app

使用"列表"应用共享列表和跟踪信息Share lists and track information with the Lists app


从 2020 年 10 月 30 日起,"患者"应用已停用,并替换为 Teams 列表 应用。Effective October 30, 2020, the Patients app has been retired and replaced by the Lists app in Teams. 借助列表,医疗保健组织中的护理团队可针对各种方案创建患者列表,提供圆形和内联团队会议、常规患者监视等。With Lists, care teams in your healthcare organization can create patient lists for scenarios ranging from rounds and interdisciplinary team meetings to general patient monitoring.

Teams 中的列表应用可帮助团队跟踪信息和组织工作。The Lists app in Teams helps teams track information and organize work. 该应用已可供所有 Teams 用户预安装,并可在每个团队和频道中用作选项卡。The app is pre-installed for all Teams users and is available as a tab in every team and channel. 可以从头开始、从预定义模板或将数据导入 Excel 创建列表。Lists can be created from scratch, from predefined templates, or by importing data to Excel.

医疗保健团队可使用患者模板开始操作。Health teams can use the Patients template to get started. 他们可创建列表以跟踪患者的需求和状态。They can create lists to track the needs and status of patients. 可以参与 Excel 电子表格上的现有患者数据,在 Teams 中创建一个列表。Existing patient data on Excel spreadsheets can be brought in to create a list in Teams. 这些列表可用于圆形和患者监视等方案协调护理。These lists can be used for scenarios such as rounds and patient monitoring to coordinate care.

例如,护士长在包含所有医疗保健团队成员的团队中创建一个患者列表。在轮班期间,医疗保健团队会通过各自的移动设备访问 Teams 并更新列表中的患者信息,团队中的每个人都可以查看这些信息保持同步。在轮班会议中,医疗保健团队聚到一起讨论和评估关键的健康表现指标,确保患者病情正朝着出院的方向好转。在开会期间,他们可使用 Teams 在大显示屏上分享此信息。未到现场的医疗保健团队成员可远程参加。For example, a charge nurse creates a patient list in a team that includes all health team members. During rounds, the health team access Teams on their mobile devices and update patient information in the list, which everyone on the team can view to stay in sync. At rounding sessions where the health team gathers to discuss and evaluate key health performance metrics to ensure a patient is on the right glide path to discharge, they can share this information using Teams on a large display screen. health team members who aren't on site can join remotely.

下面是为患者舍入而设置的示例列表。Here's an example list which was set up for patient rounding.


有关详细信息,请参阅 Teams中为组织管理列表。To learn more, see Manage the Lists app for your organization in Teams.

使用"任务"应用跟踪和监视任务Track and monitor tasks with the Tasks app

在 teams 使用 任务"来跟踪为整个健康团队执行项目。Use Tasks in Teams to track to do items for your whole health team. 你的健康团队可以从运行 Teams 的任何设备随时创建、分配和安排任务、对任务进行分类和更新状态。Your health team can create, assign, and schedule tasks, categorize tasks, and update status at any time, from any device running Teams. IT 专业人员和管理员还可针对你的组织向特定团队发布任务。IT pros and admins can also publish tasks to specific teams for your organization. 例如,你可就要在全院采纳的新的安全协议或新的住院措施发布一组任务。For example, you could publish a set of tasks for new safety protocols or a new intake step to be used across a hospital.

有关详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft Teams 中为组织管理"任务"应用To learn more, see Manage the Tasks app for your organization in Microsoft Teams

通过审批应用简化审批Streamline approvals with the Approvals app

使用 审批 ,通过团队简化所有请求和流程。Use Approvals to streamline all of your requests and processes with your team. 直接从中心创建、管理和共享批准,进行团队合作。Create, manage, and share approvals directly from your hub for teamwork. 从发送聊天的同一位置、频道对话中,或者从审批应用本身开始审批流程。Start an approval flow from the same place you send a chat, in a channel conversation, or from the Approvals app itself. 只需选择审批类型、添加详细信息、附加文件,然后选择审批者。Just select an approval type, add details, attach files, and choose approvers. 提交后,审批者将收到通知,审阅者可以审阅并响应请求。Once submitted, approvers are notified and can review and act on the request.

可针对组织允许审批应用,并将其添加到团队。You can allow the Approvals app for your organization and add it to your teams. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Teams 审批应用的可用性To learn more, see Teams Approvals app availability.

使用 Shifts 应用和第一线工作者集成,创建、管理和共享日程安排Create, manage, and share schedules with the Shifts app and Frontline Worker integration

Microsoft Teams 与 Shift 应用和第一线工作者集成,这可用于协调排班功能等。Microsoft Teams integrates with the Shifts app and Frontline Worker, which can be used to coordinate shift staffing features and more. 例如,在排班中,分区经理可以设置并协调员工的日程安排,并且主管可检查日程安排和调班。For example, in Shifts, Nurse managers can set up and coordinate schedules for their staff, and nurses can check schedules and swap shifts. 团队中包含内置的"第一线工作者"应用设置策略,可将其分配给组织中第一线工作者。Teams includes a built-in Frontline Worker app setup policy that you can assign to Frontline Workers in your organization. 默认情况下,该策略包括“活动”、“班次”、“聊天”和“通话”应用。By default, the policy includes the Activity, Shifts, Chat, and Calling apps. 此策略控制这些应用的行为,例如将 Shifts 应用固定到应用栏以便团队可快速访问它。This policy controls behavior for these apps, for example, pinning the Shifts app to the app bar so the team can quickly access it.

有关详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft Teams中为组织管理 Shifts。To learn more, see Manage the Shifts app for your organization in Microsoft Teams.

帮助你的实验室和信息工作者使用 TeamsHelp your clinical and information workers get going with Teams

有许多资源可帮助你组织所有用户熟悉使用 Teams:There are many resources available to help all of the users in your organization get comfortable with using Teams: