将电话号码转移到Microsoft TeamsTransfer phone numbers to Microsoft Teams

使用管理中心中的Microsoft Teams向导将电话号码从当前服务提供商转移到Teams。Use the porting wizard in the Microsoft Teams admin center to transfer your phone numbers from your current service provider to Teams. 将电话号码移植到Teams,Microsoft 将成为服务提供商,并针对这些电话号码计费。After you port your phone numbers to Teams, Microsoft will become your service provider and will bill you for those phone numbers.

在启动之前,建议查看什么是移植 订单?Before you start, we recommend that you review the information in What's a port order? 如果你有电话拨入式会议网桥的服务号码、自动助理或其他服务号码、免费电话号码,或者你需要将超过 999 个用户 (订阅者) 电话号码转移到 Teams,请参阅管理组织的电话号码以下载正确的表单并将其发送给我们。 If you have service numbers for dial-in conferencing bridges, auto attendants or other service numbers, toll-free phone numbers, or have more than 999 user (subscriber) phone numbers that you need to transfer to Teams, see Manage phone numbers for your organization to download the correct forms and send them to us.


我们仅在美国营业日(而不是公共假日或周末)处理转口订单以转移电话号码。We process port orders for transferring phone numbers only on United States business days and not on public holidays or weekends.

创建转口订单,将电话号码转移到TeamsCreate a port order and transfer your phone numbers to Teams


目前,可以使用此向导获取英国、美国和加拿大的电话号码Currently, you can use this wizard to get phone numbers for the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. 若要获取其他国家/地区的电话号码,可以 手动提交移植订单To get phone numbers for other countries and regions, you can manually submit a port order. 若要获取需要手动提交移植订单的表单,请在"管理组织的电话号码"中的下拉列表中选择 你的国家/地区To get the form you need to manually submit a port order, select your country or region in the drop-down list in Manage phone numbers for your organization.

  1. 在管理中心的左侧导航Microsoft Teams,转到 "语音电话 > 号码"。In the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to Voice > Phone numbers. 单击 "数字",然后单击" 端口 "以启动移植向导。Click Numbers, and then click Port to start the porting wizard.

  2. 查看"入门 "页上的信息,然后在准备就绪后,单击"下一步 "。Review the information on the Get started page, and then when you're ready, click Next.

  3. 在"选择位置和编号类型"页上,指定以下内容,然后单击"下一步 ":On the Select location and number type page, specify the following, and then click Next:

    • 国家/地区:获取号码的一个或多个国家/地区。Country or region: Country or region where you're getting numbers.
    • 电话类型:数字类型,例如地理号码或免费电话号码。Phone number type: Type of number, such as geographic or toll-free numbers.
    • 分配给的数字:数字分配给什么。Numbers assigned to: What the numbers are assigned to. 例如,用户、会议或语音功能。For example, users, or conferencing or voice features.
  4. 在"添加帐户信息"页上,完成以下操作,并单击"下一 步"。On the Add account information page, complete the following, and then click Next.


    此页面上显示的信息取决于国家/地区以及数字类型。The information displayed on this page is determined by the country or region and number type. 每个国家/地区对端口号所需信息有不同的法规。Each country and region have different regulations on the information that's required to port numbers. 在此页上看到的内容可能不同于此处所述的内容。What you see on this page may be different from what's described here.

    • 订单详细信息Order details:
      • 订单名称:订单名称Order name: Name of your order
      • 通知电子邮件:用于接收订单通知的电子邮件地址。Notification emails: Email addresses to receive order notifications. 如果输入多个电子邮件地址,请用分号分隔每个地址。If you enter multiple email addresses, separate each with a semicolon.
      • 转移日期:当前服务提供商发布的转移日期。Transferred date: Transfer date issued by your current service provider.
    • 电话数字详细信息Phone number details
      • 端口 类型:无论是执行完整端口来转移所有号码,还是使用部分转网来转移部分号码。Port type: Whether you're doing a full-port to transfer all your numbers or a partial-port to transfer some of your numbers.
    • 请求详细信息的人Person requesting details
      • 你的组织名称和请求转移的联系人详细信息。Your organization name and contact details of the person requesting the transfer.
    • 当前提供商的详细信息Current provider's details
      • 按 BTN (计费) :采用 E.164 格式的 BTN,需要加号以在号码前加号。Billing telephone number (BTN): Your BTN in E.164 format, which requires a + sign to prepend the number. 例如,对于北美号码,请使用 +1XXXYYYZZZZ 格式。For example, for a North America number, use +1XXXYYYZZZZ format.
      • 其他详细信息,包括当前服务提供商的名称、帐户号码和服务地址。Other details including the name of your current service provider, your account number, and your service address.
  5. 在"添加号码"页上,单击"选择文件",浏览到并选择包含要转移的电话号码的 CSV 文件,然后单击"下一步 "。On the Add numbers page, click Select a file, browse to and select the CSV file that contains the phone numbers that you want to transfer, and then click Next.


    CSV 文件必须只有一列,其标头名为 PhoneNumber。The CSV file must have only one column with a header named PhoneNumber. 每个电话号码必须位于单独的行中,只能是数字或 E.164 格式。Each phone number must be on a separate row and can be digits only or in E.164 format.

  6. 在"完成订单" 页上 ,Upload 签名的授权书",上传已签名授权书的扫描副本, (LOA) 。On the Complete your order page, click Upload a signed Letter of Authorization to upload a scanned copy of the signed Letter of Authorization (LOA).

    如果尚未下载 LOA 并签名,请执行下列操作:If you haven't already downloaded and signed the LOA, do the following:

    1. 单击 "下载模板 ",下载适用于你的国家/地区或地区的 LOA。Click Download the template to download the LOA for your country or region.
    2. 打印 LOA。Print the LOA.
    3. 让有权更改帐户的人员签署 LOA。Have the LOA signed by the person who is authorized to make changes to the account.
    4. 扫描签名的 LOA,并单击 Upload签名的授权 书以上传它。Scan the signed LOA, and then click Upload a signed Letter of Authorization to upload it.


    上传 LOA 后,提交订单。After you upload your LOA, submit your order. 仅上传 LOA 是不够的。Just uploading the LOA isn't sufficient. 还必须提交订单才能进行处理。You have to also submit the order for it be processed.

  7. 查看订单详细信息,然后单击"提交 "。Review your order details, and then click Submit.

下一步会发生什么?What happens next?

当我们收到你的移植订单时,你将收到一封验证你的请求的电子邮件。When we receive your port order, you'll get an email that verifies your request. 每日检查和更新请求,并通过电子邮件通知你请求进度和状态。Your request is checked and updated daily and you'll be notified of its progress and status in email. 如果你的端口请求被丢失的运营商拒绝,请联系 PSTN 服务台If your port request is rejected by the losing carrier, contact the PSTN service desk.

若要查看转口订单的状态,请在 Microsoft Teams 管理中心的左侧导航栏中,转到"语音转>订单",然后单击"订单 > 历史记录"。To view the status of your port order, in the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, go to > Voice > Port orders, and then click Order history. 每个移植订单状态都列在"状态 " 列中。Each port order status is listed in the Status column. 有关详细信息,请参阅你的移植 订单的状态是什么?To learn more, see What's the status of your port orders?