Microsoft Teams 分析和报告Microsoft Teams analytics and reporting

新的分析和报告体验可在 Microsoft Teams 管理中心Microsoft Teams体验。A new analytics and reporting experience for Microsoft Teams is available in the Microsoft Teams admin center. 可以运行不同的报告来深入了解组织中用户如何使用Teams。You can run different reports to get insights into how users in your organization are using Teams. 例如,你可以看到多少用户通过通道和聊天消息进行通信,以及他们用于连接到Teams。For example, you can see how many users communicate through channel and chat messages and the kinds of devices they use to connect to Teams. 组织可以使用报告中的信息更好地了解使用模式、帮助做出业务决策,以及告知培训和沟通工作。Your organization can use the information from the reports to better understand usage patterns, help make business decisions, and inform training and communication efforts.

如何访问报表How to access the reports

若要访问报表,你必须是管理员或管理员Microsoft 365 Office 365、Teams管理员或Skype for Business管理员。若要详细了解Teams角色以及每个管理员角色可以访问哪些报告,请参阅使用 Teams管理员角色管理Teams。To access the reports, you must be a global admin in Microsoft 365 or Office 365, Teams service admin, or Skype for Business admin. To learn more about Teams admin roles and which reports each admin role can access, see Use Teams administrator roles to manage Teams.

转到Microsoft Teams中心,在左侧导航栏中,选择"分析&报表",然后在"报表"下选择要运行的报表。 Go to the Microsoft Teams admin center, in the left navigation, select Analytics & reports, and then under Report, choose the report you want to run.


Microsoft Teams管理中心中的报表独立于Teams管理中心中Microsoft 365活动Microsoft 365报表。The reports in the Microsoft Teams admin center are separate from the activity reports for Teams that are part of the Microsoft 365 reports in the Microsoft 365 admin center. 有关管理中心中的活动报告Microsoft 365,请参阅 Teams 管理中心Microsoft 365活动报告For more information about the activity reports in the Microsoft 365 admin center, see Teams activity reports in the Microsoft 365 admin center

Teams报告参考Teams reporting reference

下面是管理中心Teams报表的列表Microsoft Teams以及每个报告中可用的一些信息的概述。Here's a list of the Teams reports available in the Microsoft Teams admin center and an overview of some of the information that's available in each report.

我们正在不断改进报告体验Teams添加特性和功能。We're continually improving the Teams reporting experience and adding features and functionality. 随着时间的过去,我们将向报表构建其他功能,并添加新报表,Microsoft Teams管理中心。Over time, we'll be building additional capabilities into the reports and adding new reports in the Microsoft Teams admin center.

报告Report 测量什么?What's measured?
Teams 使用情况报告Teams usage report 活动用户Active users
团队和频道中的活跃用户Active users in teams and channels
活动频道Active channels
团队的隐私设置Privacy setting of teams
团队中的来宾Guests in a team
Teams 用户活动报告Teams user activity report 用户在团队聊天中发布的消息Messages a user posted in a team chat
用户在私人聊天中发布的消息Messages a user posted in a private chat
1:1 呼叫参与的用户1:1 calls a user participated in
组织的会议用户数Number of meeting user organized
参与会议的用户数number of meeting user participated it
会议音频、视频和屏幕共享时间Meetings Audio, Video and Screen sharing time
用户的上次活动日期Last activity date of a user
Teams 设备使用报告Teams device usage report Windows 用户Windows users
Mac 用户Mac users
iOS 用户iOS users
Android 手机用户Android phone users
Teams 实时事件使用情况报表Teams live event usage report 总视图Total views
开始时间Start time
事件状态Event status
录制设置Recording setting
生产类型Production type
TeamsPSTN 阻止的用户报告Teams PSTN blocked users report 显示名称Display name
电话数字Phone number
操作类型Action type
操作日期和时间Action date and time
TeamsPSTN 分钟池报告Teams PSTN minute pools report 国家或地区Country or region
功能 (许可证) Capability (license)
总分钟数Total minutes
使用的分钟数Minutes used
可用分钟数Minutes available
TeamsPSTN 使用情况报告 - 呼叫计划Teams PSTN usage report - Calling Plans 时间戳Time stamp
用户名User name
电话数字Phone number
呼叫类型Call type
调用到Called to
到国家/地区To country or region
从 调用Called from
从国家/地区From country or region
呼叫 IDCall ID
数字类型Number type
国家或地区Country or region
会议 IDConference ID
功能 (许可证) Capability (license)
TeamsPSTN 使用情况报告 - 直接路由Teams PSTN usage report - Direct Routing 时间戳Time stamp
显示名称Display name
SIP 地址SIP address
电话数字Phone number
呼叫类型Call type
调用到Called to
开始时间Start time
邀请时间Invite time
故障时间Failure time
结束时间End time
数字类型Number type
媒体旁路Media bypass
Azure 区域Azure region
事件类型Event type
最终 SIP 代码Final SIP code
最终 Microsoft 子代码Final Microsoft subcode
最终 SIP 短语Final SIP phrase
关联 IDCorrelation ID


"Teams报表显示活动用户和活跃通道的数据。The Teams reports show data for active users and active channels. 例如,如果组织中用户未在 Teams 中为报表指定的日期范围内处于活动状态,则该报告中不包括该用户的数据。For example, if a user in your organization isn't active in Teams during the date range that you specified for a report, data for that user isn't included in that report.

项目Item 定义Definition
活动用户Active user 度量在指定的日期范围内Teams操作的唯一用户数。Measures the number of unique users who perform an action in Teams during the specified date range.
活动频道Active channel 度量用户指定日期范围内执行该操作的团队的频道数。Measures the number of channels of a team in which users perform an action during the specified date range.

使用户特定的数据匿名Make the user specific data anonymous

若要使用户活动Teams设备使用情况报告匿名Teams,您必须是全局管理员。To make the data in Teams user activity and Teams device usage report anonymous, you have to be a global administrator. 这会在报表及其导出中隐藏显示名称、电子邮件和 AAD ID 等可识别信息。This will hide identifiable information such as display name, email and AAD ID in reports and their exports.

  1. 在Microsoft 365管理中心,转到"设置 Org设置",在"服务" > 选项卡 下,选择"报表 "。In Microsoft 365 admin center, go to the Settings > Org Settings, and under Services tab, choose Reports.

  2. 选择 "报告",然后选择"显示匿名标识符"。Select Reports, and then choose to Display anonymous identifiers. 此设置既应用于管理中心中的使用情况Microsoft 365,也适用于Teams中心。This setting gets applied both to the usage reports in Microsoft 365 admin center as well as Teams admin center.

  3. 选择"保存更改"。Select Save changes.


启用此设置将取消标识用户Teams报告和设备Teams报告的信息Enabling this setting will de-identify information in Teams user activity report and Teams device usage report reports. 它不会影响管理中心内提供的其他Teams报告。It will not affect other usage reports available in Teams admin center.