欢迎使用 Microsoft TeamsWelcome to Microsoft Teams

如果你是贵组织的 Microsoft Teams 管理员,本文正适合你。If you're the admin for Microsoft Teams in your organization, you're in the right place. 如果你已准备好开始使用 Teams,请首先参阅如何部署 TeamsWhen you're ready to get going with Teams, start with How to roll out Teams.

如果是第一次使用 Teams 且想要了解详细信息,请观看短视频“欢迎使用 Teams”(55 秒)。If you're new to Teams and want to learn more, check out our short Welcome to Teams video (55 seconds).

不要错过我们的视频“欢迎使用 Teams(针对 Teams 管理员)”(3 分多钟):Don't miss our Welcome to Teams for the Teams admin video (just over 3 minutes):

若要获取最终用户 Teams 帮助,请单击应用左侧的“帮助”****,或转到 Microsoft Teams 帮助中心If you're looking for end user Teams Help, click Help on the left side of the app, or go to the Microsoft Teams help center. 有关培训,请访问 Microsoft Teams 培训For training, go to Microsoft Teams Training.

Teams 体系结构Teams architecture

Teams 基于 Microsoft 365 组、Microsoft Graph 以及与其余 Microsoft 365 和 Office 365 产品相同的企业级安全性、合规性和可管理性构建而成。Teams is built on Microsoft 365 groups, Microsoft Graph, and the same enterprise-level security, compliance, and manageability as the rest of Microsoft 365 and Office 365. Teams 利用 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 中存储的身份。Teams leverages identities stored in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). 即使在你脱机或遇到网络时好时坏的情况时,Teams 也会继续工作。Teams keeps working even when you're offline or experiencing spotty network conditions.

若要了解 Teams 在 Microsoft 365 上下文中的位置,请查看以下体系结构海报:作为 Microsoft 365 一部分的 TeamsTo see where Teams fits in the context of Microsoft 365, check out this architecture poster: Teams as part of Microsoft 365

创建团队时,将会创建以下各项:When you create a team, here's what gets created:

从现有组创建团队时,该组的成员身份、站点、邮箱和笔记本将在 Teams 中出现。When you create a team from an existing group, that group's membership, site, mailbox, and notebook are surfaced in Teams. 要了解详细信息,请查看此海报:面向 IT 架构师的 Microsoft 365 中的组To learn more, check out this poster: Groups in Microsoft 365 for IT Architects

若要自定义和扩展 Teams,请通过应用、机器人和连接器添加第三方应用。To customize and extend Teams, add third-party apps through apps, bots, and connectors. 在 Teams 中,你可以将组织外部的人员包含进来,方法是将其以来宾身份添加到团队或频道中。With Teams, you can include people from outside your organization by adding them as a guest to a team or channel. 作为 Microsoft 365 和 Office 365 的一部分,Teams 提供了强大的开发平台,以便你可以构建组织所需的团队合作中心。As part of Microsoft 365 and Office 365, Teams offers a robust development platform so you can build the teamwork hub you need for your organization.


如需深入了解 Teams 体系结构,请观看 Teams Platform Academy 中的视频。For a deep dive into Teams architecture, watch the videos on the Teams Platform Academy.

管理团队Managing Teams

作为管理员,你将通过 Microsoft Teams 管理中心来管理团队。As the admin, you'll manage Teams through the Microsoft Teams admin center. 要快速定位,请观看“使用 Teams 管理中心管理 Teams”视频(3:03 分钟):For a quick orientation, watch the Manage Teams using the Teams admin center video (3:03 min):

要了解详细信息:To learn more:

要时刻了解贵组织中的 Teams 及所有其他 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 产品和服务的新动向,请务必检查消息中心Teams 路线图To stay on top of what's coming for Teams and all other Microsoft 365 or Office 365 products and services in your organization, be sure to check Message center and the Teams roadmap. 你将获取有关新功能和更新功能、规划更改以及一些问题的公告,以帮助你及时了解情况并做好准备。You'll get announcements about new and updated features, planned changes, and issues to help keep you informed and prepared.

从 Skype for Business 升级到 TeamsUpgrade from Skype for Business to Teams

Teams 是 Microsoft 365 和 Office 365 中的主要智能通信客户端,它最终将取代 Skype for Business Online。Teams is the primary client for intelligent communications in Microsoft 365 and Office 365, and it'll eventually replace Skype for Business Online. 若要了解要添加到 Teams 的新功能,请参阅 Microsoft 365 路线图To stay on top of new features coming to Teams, see the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. 为了补充持久聊天和消息传递功能,Teams 通过完全集成的内置语音和视频功能提供全面的会议和通话体验。To complement persistent chat and messaging capabilities, Teams offers a comprehensive meeting and calling experience, with built in, fully integrated voice and video. 请查看 Microsoft Teams 博客中的 Teams 现在是完整的会议和通话解决方案Check out Teams is now a complete meeting and calling solution in the Microsoft Teams Blog.

如果你正在运行 Skype for Business 并准备升级到 Teams,或者你正在同时运行 Skype for Business 和 Teams 并准备完全转为运行 Teams,我们提供了工具、提示和指导,以帮助你成功完成过渡。If you're running Skype for Business and are ready to upgrade to Teams, or if you're running Skype for Business and Teams side-by-side and are ready to fully move to Teams, we have the tools, tips, and guidance to help make your transition successful. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅升级到 TeamsTo learn more, see Upgrade to Teams.


每个团队各不相同,因此不存在适用于所有团队的通用协作方法。Every team is different; there's no one-size-fits-all approach to collaboration. Microsoft 365 和 Office 365 旨在满足每个团队的独特需求,从而使大家能够通过专用的集成应用进行交流、协作以及取得更大的成就。Microsoft 365 and Office 365 are designed to meet the unique needs of every team, empowering people to communicate, collaborate, and achieve more with purpose-built, integrated applications.

在决定要使用的 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 应用和服务时,应考虑贵组织的工作内容以及你的团队需要采用的对话类型。When deciding which Microsoft 365 or Office 365 apps and services to use, think about the work your organization does and the types of conversations your teams need to have.

  • 作为团队合作的中心,组织内外的人员可在 Teams 中主动联系和协作来完成工作。Teams, as the hub for teamwork, is where people - including people outside your organization - can actively connect and collaborate in real time to get things done. 无论是共同创作文档、举行会议还是在其他应用和服务中合作,都可以在开展工作的地方进行对话。Have a conversation right where the work is happening, whether coauthoring a document, having a meeting, or working together in other apps and services. 在 Teams 中,可以进行非正式聊天、快速对项目进行重复操作、处理团队文件以及对共享的可交付结果进行协作。Teams is the place to have informal chats, iterate quickly on a project, work with team files, and collaborate on shared deliverables.

  • Outlook 用于以熟悉的电子邮件环境和更加正式的结构化方式或在需要进行有目标的直接通信时进行协作。Outlook for collaborating in the familiar environment of email and in a more formal, structured manner or when targeted and direct communication is required.

  • SharePoint 用于网站和门户、智能内容服务、业务流程自动化和企业搜索。SharePoint for sites, portals, intelligent content services, business process automation, and enterprise search. SharePoint 将内容保留在团队合作的中心位置,从而使所有类型的内容可在团队之间轻松共享和访问。SharePoint keeps content at the center of teamwork, making all types of content easily shareable and accessible across teams. 通过与 Outlook、Yammer 和 Teams 紧密集成,可在对话体验中实现无缝内容协作。Tight integration with Outlook, Yammer, and Teams enables seamless content collaboration across conversation experiences.

  • OneDrive for Business 用于存储文件以及与用户邀请的人员共享这些文件。OneDrive for Business for storing files and sharing them with people that a user invites. 用户保存到 OneDrive for Business 的内容在本人与其他人共享之前一直是私人的,因此 OneDrive for Business 非常适合存储不打算共享或未准备好共享的个人文档和草稿文档。Content that a user saves to OneDrive for Business is private until the user shares it with others, making it the best option for storing personal and draft documents that are not intended to be shared or not ready to be shared.

  • Yammer 用于整个组织中的人员进行联系。Yammer to connect people across the organization. 可推动公司范围的计划、共享最佳做法以及就共同的兴趣、领域或做法主题进行交流。Drive company-wide initiatives, share best practices, and build communities around common topics of interest or areas of practice. 可汇聚众人的想法来提倡整个公司的人员进行开放式讨论。Crowdsource ideas to foster open discussions with people across the company.

  • Office 应用是大家都知道并经常使用的所有熟悉的工具,包括 Word、Excel、PowerPoint 和 OneNote。Office apps are all the familiar tools that people know and use regularly, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Teams 内容更新Teams content updates

查看每周更新的 Teams 主题列表See a weekly list of Teams topics that have been updated.

Teams 已知问题Teams known issues

请参阅 Teams 疑难解答See Teams Troubleshooting.

Teams 客户端发行说明Teams client release notes

请参阅 Teams 中的新增功能See What's new in Teams.