App Center Distribution is a tool for developers to release application binaries to their end user devices. The speed and integration capabilities make this tool perform admirably for release of pre-production or beta software to testing devices. App Center Distribution supports the distribution of application packages for iOS, Android, UWP, and macOS.

Getting Started

Distributing with App Center is easy, and only requires a few steps. No need for an SDK. Just the application binary.

  1. Add users to your app to grant access to all releases.

  2. Create Distribution Groups to manage access.

  3. Upload a new application release.

    • At the completion of the upload an email will be sent to all users of the app to notify them of the new release.
  4. Install the release onto your device by clicking on the link in the email.

  5. Enable In-App Updates to help your users stay always on the latest release.