SQL 资源提供程序 发行说明SQL resource provider release notes

本发行说明介绍 SQL 资源提供程序 版中的改进和已知问题。These release notes describe the improvements and known issues in SQL resource provider version

内部版本参考Build reference

下载 SQL 资源提供程序二进制文件,然后运行自解压程序,将内容解压缩到一个临时目录。Download the SQL resource provider binary and then run the self-extractor to extract the contents to a temporary directory. 资源提供程序具有相应的最低 Azure Stack Hub 版本。The resource provider has a minimum corresponding Azure Stack Hub build. 下面列出了安装此 SQL 资源提供程序版本所需的最低 Azure Stack Hub 发行版:The minimum Azure Stack Hub release version required to install this version of the SQL resource provider is listed below:

最低 Azure Stack Hub 版本Minimum Azure Stack Hub version SQL 资源提供程序版本SQL resource provider version
版本 1910 (1.1910.0.58)Version 1910 (1.1910.0.58) SQL RP 版本 RP version


在部署最新版本的 SQL 资源提供程序之前,请先将支持的最低 Azure Stack Hub 更新应用到 Azure Stack Hub 集成系统。Apply the minimum supported Azure Stack Hub update to your Azure Stack Hub integrated system before deploying the latest version of the SQL resource provider.

新功能和修复New features and fixes

此版本的 Azure Stack Hub SQL 资源提供程序是一个修补程序版本,可使资源提供程序与 1910 更新中的最新门户更改兼容。This version of the Azure Stack Hub SQL resource provider is a hotfix release to make the resource provider compatible with the latest portal changes in the 1910 update. 没有任何新功能。There are no new features.

它还支持最新的 Azure Stack Hub API 版本配置文件 2019-03-01-hybrid 和 Azure Stack Hub PowerShell 模块 1.8.0。It also supports the latest Azure Stack Hub API version profile 2019-03-01-hybrid and Azure Stack Hub PowerShell module 1.8.0. 因此,部署和更新期间无需安装模块的特定历史版本。So during deployment and update, no specific history versions of modules need to be installed.

Azure Stack Hub 升级到 1910 更新后,请按照资源提供程序更新过程应用 SQL 资源提供程序修补程序。Follow the resource provider update process to apply the SQL resource provider hotfix after Azure Stack Hub is upgraded to the 1910 update. 它将帮助解决管理员门户中的已知问题,在该门户中,SQL 资源提供程序中的容量监视一直保持加载状态。It will help address a known issue in the administrator portal where Capacity Monitoring in SQL resource provider keeps loading.

已知问题Known issues

为 Azure Stack Hub 集成系统轮换证书时,即使不打算更新 Key Vault 证书密码,也必须使用 KeyVaultPfxPassword 参数。When rotating certificate for Azure Stack Hub integrated systems, KeyVaultPfxPassword argument is mendatory, even if there's no intention to update the Key Vault certificate password.

后续步骤Next steps