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什么是 Azure Maps?What is Azure Maps?

Azure Maps 是一系列地理空间服务,它使用全新地图绘制数据为 Web 和移动应用程序提供地理环境。Azure Maps is a collection of geospatial services that use fresh mapping data to provide geographic context to web and mobile applications. Azure Maps 具有以下功能:Azure Maps provides:

  • REST API,用于以多种样式和卫星图像呈现地图。REST APIs to render maps in multiple styles and in satellite imagery.''
  • 搜索服务,用于查找全世界的地址、地点和兴趣点。Search services to locate addresses, places, and points of interest around the world.
  • 各种路线选项,例如地点到地点、多地点、多地点优化、等时线、商务车、受影响的交通,以及路网路线。Various routing options; such as point-to-point, multipoint, multipoint optimization, isochrone, commercial vehicle, traffic influenced, and matrix routing.
  • 交通情况视图和事故视图,适用于需要交通信息的应用程序。Traffic flow view and incidents view, for applications that require traffic information.
  • 出行服务,用于请求公共交通物流、实时规划路线,并请求替代运输模式的信息。Mobility service to request public transit logistics, plan routes in real time, and request information for alternative modes of transportation.
  • 时区和地理位置服务,以及将位置转换为时区。Time zone and geolocation services and converting a location to time zones.
  • 地理围栏和地图数据存储,其中的位置信息托管在 Azure 中。Geofencing service and mapping data storage, with location information hosted in Azure.
  • 通过地理空间分析进行智能定位。Location intelligence through geospatial analytics.

此外,还可以通过 Web SDK 或 Android SDK 提供 Azure Maps 服务。Additionally, Azure Maps services are available through the Web SDK or the Android SDK. 这些工具可以帮助开发人员快速开发和缩放将位置信息集成到 Azure 解决方案中的解决方案。These tools help developers quickly develop and scale solutions that integrate location information into Azure solutions.

可以注册获取免费的 Azure Maps 帐户并开始开发。You can sign up for a free Azure Maps account and start developing.

以下视频深入介绍了 Azure Maps:The following video explains Azure Maps in depth:

地图控件Map controls


Azure Maps Web SDK 允许你使用自己的内容和图像自定义交互式地图。The Azure Maps Web SDK lets you customize interactive maps with your own content and imagery. 可以将此交互式地图用于 Web 或移动应用程序。You can use this interactive map for both your web or mobile applications. 地图控件使用 WebGL,因此可以呈现大型数据集,同时保持高性能。The map control makes use of WebGL, so you can render large data sets with high performance. 使用 JavaScript 或 TypeScript 通过此 SDK 进行开发。Develop with the SDK by using JavaScript or TypeScript.


Android SDKAndroid SDK

使用 Azure Maps Android SDK 创建移动地图绘制应用程序。Use the Azure Maps Android SDK to create mobile mapping applications.


Azure Maps 中的服务Services in Azure Maps

Azure Maps 包含以下九个可在 Azure 应用程序中提供地理上下文的服务。Azure Maps consists of the following nine services that can provide geographic context to your Azure applications.

数据服务Data Service

数据对于地图至关重要。Data is imperative for maps. 使用数据服务上传和存储地理空间数据(供空间操作使用)或图像组成部分。Use Data Service to upload and store geospatial data for use with spatial operations or image composition. 使客户数据靠近 Azure Maps 服务可以降低延迟、提高工作效率,并在应用程序中创建新方案。Bringing customer data closer to the Azure Maps service will reduce latency, increase productivity, and create new scenarios in your applications. 有关此服务的详细信息,请访问数据服务 API 文档For details on this service, see the Data Service API documentation.

移动服务Mobility service

Azure Maps 移动服务可以实现实时行程规划。The Azure Maps Mobility service allows real-time trip planning. 它返回最佳的可能路线选项,并提供各种出行模式。It returns the best possible route options and provides different kinds of travel modes. 对于地铁(城市)区域,这些模式可能包括步行、单车和公共交通。For metro (city) areas, these modes can include walking, biking, and public transit. 你可以请求交通路线、线路几何图形、站点列表、预计到达时间、实时到达时间,以及服务警报。You can request transit itinerary, line geometry, lists of stops, scheduled arrivals, real-time arrivals, and service alerts.

该服务还可以搜索位置周围的特定对象类型。The service also allows searches for specific object types around a location. 用户可以围绕某个位置搜索共享自行车、摩托车或汽车。Users can search for shared bikes, scooters, or cars around a location. 用户可以请求最近的停放点中可用自行车的数量,并搜索可用于拼车的汽车。Users can request the number of available bikes in the closest dock and search available vehicles for ride-sharing. 另外,用户可以查找未来可用情况和当前燃油水平等详细信息。And, users can find details like future availability of vehicles and current fuel level.

若要了解有关服务的更多信息,请参阅移动 API 文档To learn more about the service, see the Mobility API documentation.

呈现服务Render service

呈现服务帮助开发人员创建带地图功能的 Web 和移动应用程序。The Render service helps developers create web and mobile applications with mapping features. 该服务使用有 19 个缩放级别的高品质光栅图形图像或完全可自定义的矢量格式的地图图像。The service uses either high-quality raster graphic images, available in 19 zoom levels, or fully customizable vector format map images.


呈现服务现在提供预览版 API,使开发人员能够使用卫星图像。The Render service now offers preview APIs to allow developers to work with satellite imagery. 有关更多详细信息,请阅读呈现 API 文档For more details, read the Render API documentation.

路线服务Route service

“路线”服务包含实际基础结构的可靠几何计算,以及多种运输模式的指示。The Route service contains robust geometry calculations for real-world infrastructure and directions for multiple transportation modes. 通过此服务,开发人员可以计算大量出行模式(例如汽车、卡车、自行车或步行)的指示。The service allows developers to calculate directions across a number of travel modes such as car, truck, bicycle, or walking. 此服务还考虑流量条件、重量限制或危险材料运输等因素。The service also considers inputs such as traffic conditions, weight restrictions, or hazardous material transport.


路线服务可以预览高级功能,例如:The Route service offers a preview of advanced features, such as:

  • 批处理多个路线请求。Batch processing of multiple route requests.
  • 提供一组起点和目的地之间的出行时间和距离表格。Matrices of travel time and distance between a set of origins and destinations.
  • 根据时间或燃料需求,找出用户可以行驶的路线或距离。Finding routes or distances that users can travel based on time or fuel requirements.

有关路线功能的详细信息,请阅读路线 API 文档For details on the routing capabilities, read the Route API documentation.

搜索服务Search service

搜索服务帮助开发人员按名称或类别搜索地址、地点、商家列表和其他地理信息。The Search service helps developers search for addresses, places, business listings by name or category, and other geographic information. 搜索服务能根据纬度和经度将地址和十字路口进行反向地理编码The Search service can reverse geocode addresses and cross streets based on latitudes and longitudes.


搜索服务还提供高级功能,例如:The Search service also provides advanced features such as:

  • 沿路线搜索。Search along a route.
  • 在更大的区域内搜索。Search inside a wider area.
  • 批处理一组搜索请求。Batch a group of search requests.
  • 搜索更大的区域,而不是定位点。Search for larger area instead of a location point.

用于批处理和区域搜索的 API 目前以预览版提供。APIs for batch and area search are currently in preview. 有关搜索功能的详细信息,请阅读搜索 API 文档For more details on the search capabilities, read the Search API documentation.

空间操作服务Spatial Operations service

Azure Maps 空间操作服务获取位置信息。The Azure Maps Spatial Operations service takes location information. 它会快速分析位置信息,帮助客户了解某时某地正在发生的事件。It quickly analyzes location information to help inform customers of ongoing events happening in time and space. 它可以实现近乎实时地分析事件并对事件进行预测性建模。It enables near real-time analysis and predictive modeling of events.

该服务使客户可以借助一系列常用的地理空间数学计算来增强其智能定位能力。The service enables customers to enhance their location intelligence with a library of common geospatial mathematical calculations. 常用计算包括最近点、大圆圈航线距离和缓冲区。Common calculations include closest point, great circle distance, and buffers. 若要详细了解该服务和各种功能,请阅读空间操作 API 文档To learn more about the service and the various features, read the Spatial Operations API documentation.

时区服务Time Zone service

使用时区服务,可以查询当前的、历史的和将来的时区信息。The Time Zone service enables you to query current, historical, and future time zone information. 还可以使用纬度和经度对或 IANA IDYou can use either latitude and longitude pairs or an IANA ID. 通过时区服务还可以实现:The Time Zone service also allows for:

  • 将 Microsoft Windows 时区 ID 转换为 IANA 时区。Converting Microsoft Windows time-zone IDs to IANA time zones.
  • 提取与 UTC 的时区偏移量。Fetching a time-zone offset to UTC.
  • 获取选定时区的当前时间。Getting the current time in a chosen time zone.

查询时区服务的典型 JSON 响应如下例所示:A typical JSON response for a query to the Time Zone service looks like the following sample:

    "Version": "2017c",
    "ReferenceUtcTimestamp": "2017-11-20T23:09:48.686173Z",
    "TimeZones": [{
        "Id": "America/Los_Angeles",
        "ReferenceTime": {
            "Tag": "PST",
            "StandardOffset": "-08:00:00",
            "DaylightSavings": "00:00:00",
            "WallTime": "2017-11-20T15:09:48.686173-08:00",
            "PosixTzValidYear": 2017,
            "PosixTz": "PST+8PDT,M3.2.0,M11.1.0"

有关此服务的详细信息,请阅读时区 API 文档For details on this service, read the Time Zone API documentation.

交通服务Traffic service

交通服务是一套 Web 服务,开发人员可将其用于需要交通信息的 Web 或移动应用程序。The Traffic service is a suite of web services that developers can use for web or mobile applications that require traffic information. 该服务提供两种数据类型:The service provides two data types:

  • 交通流量:在路网中对所有关键道路进行实时观察获得的车速和行驶时间。Traffic flow: Real-time observed speeds and travel times for all key roads in the network.
  • 交通事故:有关路网周围的交通堵塞和事故的最新视图。Traffic incidents: An up-to-date view of traffic jams and incidents around the road network.


有关详细信息,请参阅交通 API 文档For more information, see the Traffic API documentation.

IP to Location 服务IP to Location service

使用 IP to Location 服务预览检索的 IP 地址的双字母国家/地区代码。Use the IP to Location service to preview the retrieved two-letter country code for an IP address. 此服务可基于地理位置通过提供自定义的应用程序内容帮助你增强用户体验。This service can help you enhance user experience by providing customized application content based on geographic location.

有关 REST API 中的 IP to Location 服务的详细信息,请阅读 Azure Maps 地理位置 API 文档For more details on the IP to Location service in the REST API, read the Azure Maps Geolocation API documentation.

编程模型Programming model

Azure Maps 针对移动设备设计,可帮助你开发跨平台应用程序。Azure Maps is built for mobility and can help you develop cross-platform applications. 它使用语言无关的编程模型,并通过 REST API 支持 JSON 输出。It uses a programming model that's language agnostic and supports JSON output through REST APIs.

此外,Azure Maps 还通过简单的编程模型提供了一个便利的 JavaScript 地图控件Also, Azure Maps offers a convenient JavaScript map control with a simple programming model. Web 和移动应用程序的开发都快速而简单。The development is quick and easy for both web and mobile applications.


若要访问 Azure Maps 服务,只需转到 Azure 门户并创建一个 Azure Maps 帐户即可。Accessing the Azure Maps services is a matter of going to the Azure portal and creating an Azure Maps account.

Azure Maps 使用基于密钥的身份验证方案。Azure Maps uses a key-based authentication scheme. 你的帐户将附带为你生成的两个密钥,请使用任一密钥。Your account comes with two keys already generated for you, use either keys. 开始将这些位置功能集成到应用程序中,并向 Azure Maps 服务发出请求。Start integrating these location capabilities in your application and make requests to the Azure Maps services.

注意:Azure Maps 将与第三方 TomTom 共享客户提供的地址/位置查询(简称“查询”),以实现地图功能。Note - Azure Maps shares customer-provided address/location queries ("Queries") with third party TomTom for mapping functionality purposes. 与 TomTom 共享时,查询不会链接到任何客户或最终用户,也不能用于识别个人。Queries are not linked to any customer or end-user when shared with TomTom and cannot be used to identify individuals. Microsoft 目前正在向“联机服务分包商”列表添加 TomTom。Microsoft is currently in the process of adding TomTom to the Online Services Subcontractor List. 请注意,与 Moovit 和 AccuWeather 集成的移动和天气服务目前以预览版提供。Note that the Mobility and Weather Services which include integration with Moovit and AccuWeather are currently in PREVIEW.

支持的区域Supported regions

除了以下区域之外,Azure Maps API 目前在所有国家/地区和区域都可用:The Azure Maps APIs are currently available in all countries and regions except these:

  • 中国China
  • 韩国South Korea

验证当前 IP 地址的位置是否位于受支持的国家/地区。Verify that the location of your current IP address is in a supported country.

后续步骤Next steps

试用展示 Azure Maps 的示例应用:Try a sample app that showcases Azure Maps:

随时掌握 Azure Maps 的最新信息:Stay up to date on Azure Maps: