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创建 Azure 支持请求Create an Azure support request

通过 Azure,可创建和管理支持请求(也称为支持票证)。Azure enables you to create and manage support requests, also known as support tickets. 可在 Azure 门户中创建和管理请求,本文将讲到这一点。You can create and manage requests in the Azure portal, which is covered in this article. 还可使用 Azure 支持票证 REST API 以编程方式创建和管理请求。You can also create and manage requests programmatically, using the Azure support ticket REST API.


Azure 门户 URL 特定于 Azure 云,你的组织在云端部署。The Azure portal URL is specific to the Azure cloud where your organization is deployed.

支持请求体验侧重于三个主要目标:The support request experience focuses on three main goals:

  • 简化:让用户更轻松就能找到支持和疑难解答,同时简化了提交支持请求的方式。Streamlined: Make support and troubleshooting easy to find and simplify how you submit a support request.
  • 集成:可在排查 Azure 资源问题时,不切换上下文就轻松打开支持请求。Integrated: You can easily open a support request when you're troubleshooting an issue with an Azure resource, without switching context.
  • 高效:收集支持工程师高效解决问题所需的关键信息。Efficient: Gather the key information your support engineer needs to efficiently resolve your issue.

Azure 对订阅管理(包括计费、配额调整和帐户转移)提供无限支持。Azure provides unlimited support for subscription management, which includes billing, quota adjustments, and account transfers. 对于技术支持,需要支持计划。For technical support, you need a support plan. 有关详细信息,请参阅比较支持计划For more information, see Compare support plans.

开始使用Getting started

可转到 Azure 门户中的“帮助 + 支持”。You can get to Help + support in the Azure portal. 可通过 Azure 门户菜单、全局标头或服务的资源菜单访问该功能。It's available from the Azure portal menu, the global header, or the resource menu for a service. 你必须先具有适当的权限,然后才可提出支持请求。Before you can file a support request, you must have appropriate permissions.

Azure 基于角色的访问控制Azure role-based access control

若要创建支持请求,你必须是所有者参与者,或在订阅级别被分配到支持请求参与者角色。To create a support request, you must be an Owner, Contributor or be assigned to the Support Request Contributor role at the subscription level. 若要创建不包含订阅的支持请求,例如 Azure Active Directory 方案,则必须是 管理员To create a support request without a subscription, for example an Azure Active Directory scenario, you must be an Admin.

通过全局标头转到“帮助 + 支持”Go to Help + support from the global header

若要在 Azure 门户的任意位置启动支持请求:To start a support request from anywhere in the Azure portal:

  1. 选择全局标头中的“?”Select the ? in the global header. 然后选择“帮助 + 支持”。Then select Help + support.

    帮助 + 支持

  2. 选择“新建支持请求”。Select New support request. 按照提示来提供有关问题的信息。Follow the prompts to provide information about your problem. 我们将建议一些可能的解决方案,收集问题的相关详细信息,并帮助你提交和跟踪支持请求。We'll suggest some possible solutions, gather details about the issue, and help you submit and track the support request.


通过资源菜单转到“帮助 + 支持”Go to Help + support from a resource menu

若要在你当前正在处理的资源的上下文中启动支持请求:To start a support request in the context of the resource, you're currently working with:

  1. 从资源菜单的“支持 + 疑难解答”部分,选择“新建支持请求” 。From the resource menu, in the Support + Troubleshooting section, select New support request.


  2. 按照提示提供你当前遇到的问题的相关信息。Follow the prompts to provide us with information about the problem you're having. 从资源开始支持请求过程时,一些选项已经过预选择。When you start the support request process from the resource, some options are pre-selected for you.

创建支持请求Create a support request

我们将引导你完成一些步骤,以收集你所遇问题的相关信息并帮助你解决该问题。We'll walk you through some steps to gather information about your problem and help you solve it. 以下部分将介绍各个步骤。Each step is described in the following sections.


支持请求过程的第一步是收集关于问题和支持计划的基本信息。The first step of the support request process gathers basic information about your issue and your support plan.

在“新建支持请求”的“基本信息”选项卡中,使用选择器开始提供问题相关信息 。On the Basics tab of New support request, use the selectors to start to tell us about the problem. 首先,你将确定问题类型的一些常规分类,并选择相关的订阅。First, you'll identify some general categories for the issue type and choose the related subscription. 选择该服务,例如 运行 Windows 的虚拟机Select the service, for example Virtual Machine running Windows. 选择资源,例如虚拟机的名称。Select the resource, such as the name of your virtual machine. 请用自己的字词描述问题,然后选择 " 问题类型 " 和 " 问题子类型 " 以获取更具体的信息。Describe the problem in your own words, then select Problem type and Problem subtype to get more specific.



收集到基本信息后,我们接下来将提供你可自行尝试的解决方案。After gathering basic information, we next show you solutions to try on your own. 在某些情况下,我们甚至可运行一次快速诊断。In some cases, we may even run a quick diagnostic. 这些解决方案由 Azure 工程师编写,可解决最常见的问题。Solutions are written by Azure engineers and will solve most common problems.


接下来,我们会收集有关问题的其他详细信息。Next, we collect additional details about the problem. 在此步骤中提供详尽的详细信息可帮助我们将你的支持请求路由到正确的工程师。Providing thorough and detailed information in this step helps us route your support request to the right engineer.

  1. 可能的话,请提供问题开始时间及任何重现步骤。If possible, tell us when the problem started and any steps to reproduce it. 可上传文件,例如日志文件或诊断输出内容。You can upload a file, such as a log file or output from diagnostics. 有关文件上传的详细信息,请参阅 文件上传准则For more information on file uploads, see File upload guidelines.

  2. 在我们获得关于该问题的全部信息后,请选择如何获取支持。After we have all the information about the problem, choose how to get support. 在“详细信息”的“支持方法”部分,选择影响程度 。In the Support method section of Details, select the severity of impact. 最大严重性级别取决于你的 支持计划The maximum severity level depends on your support plan.

    默认情况下,选择 " 共享诊断信息 " 选项。By default the Share diagnostic information option is selected. 这允许 Azure 支持人员收集 Azure 资源中的 诊断信息This allows Azure support to gather diagnostic information from your Azure resources. 在某些情况下,默认情况下不会选择另一个问题,例如请求访问虚拟机的内存。In some cases, there is a second question that isn't selected by default, such as requesting access to a virtual machine's memory.

  3. 提供首选联系方法、适宜联系时间和支持语言。Provide your preferred contact method, a good time to contact you, and your support language.

  4. 接下来,完成“联系人信息”部分,让我们知道如何与你联系。Next, complete the Contact info section so we know how to contact you.

审阅 + 创建Review + create

完成每个选项卡上的所有必填信息,然后选择“审阅 + 创建”。Complete all required information on each tab, then select Review + create. 检查将发送以支持的详细信息。Check the details that you'll send to support. 必要时,请返回任何选项卡进行更改。Go back to any tab to make a change if needed. 支持请求的完成情况让你满意时,请选择“创建”。When you're satisfied the support request is complete, select Create.

支持工程师将使用您指定的方法与您联系。A support engineer will contact you using the method you indicated. 有关初始响应时间的信息,请参阅 支持范围和响应能力For information about initial response times, see Support scope and responsiveness.

后续步骤Next steps

要详细了解 Azure 中的自助支持选项,请观看此视频:To learn more about self-help support options in Azure, watch this video:

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