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成本管理策略符合性过程Cost Management policy compliance processes

本文介绍了一种创建支持有效 成本管理训练的过程的方法。This article discusses an approach to creating processes that support an effective Cost Management discipline. 云成本的有效治理方法从重复执行的手动流程开始,旨在支持策略符合性。Effective governance of cloud costs starts with recurring manual processes designed to support policy compliance. 这需要定期参与云调控团队和感兴趣的业务利益干系人,以查看和更新策略并确保策略符合性。This requires regular involvement of the cloud governance team and interested business stakeholders to review and update policy and ensure policy compliance. 此外,还可以使用工具自动处理或补充许多进行中的监视和强制流程,以减少治理开销并允许对策略偏差的实现更快响应。In addition, many ongoing monitoring and enforcement processes can be automated or supplemented with tooling to reduce the overhead of governance and allow for faster response to policy deviation.

计划、评审和报告流程Planning, review, and reporting processes

云中的最佳成本管理工具与它们所支持的流程和策略一样优秀。The best Cost Management tools in the cloud are only as good as the processes and policies that they support. 以下是成本管理规则中通常涉及的一组示例流程。The following is a set of example processes commonly involved in the Cost Management discipline. 在规划过程时,可以使用这些示例作为开始点,这些过程将允许你根据业务团队的业务更改和反馈来继续更新成本策略,但需遵守成本治理指导。Use these examples as a starting point when planning the processes that will allow you to continue to update cost policy based on business change and feedback from the business teams, subject to cost governance guidance.

初始风险评估和规划: 在最初采用成本管理训练科目的过程中,确定与云成本相关的核心业务风险和容差。Initial risk assessment and planning: As part of your initial adoption of the Cost Management discipline, identify your core business risks and tolerances related to cloud costs. 利用此信息与业务团队成员讨论预算和成本相关风险,并制定一组基准策略以降低这些风险,从而建立初始治理策略。Use this information to discuss budget and cost-related risks with members of your business teams and develop a baseline set of policies for mitigating these risks to establish your initial governance strategy.

部署规划: 在部署任何资产之前,应根据预期的云分配建立预测预算。Deployment planning: Before deploying any asset, establish a forecasted budget based on expected cloud allocation. 请确保部署的所有权和记帐信息都记录在案。Ensure that ownership and accounting information for the deployment is documented.

年度规划: 每年,对所有已部署和已部署的资产执行汇总分析。Annual planning: On an annual basis, perform a roll-up analysis on all deployed and to-be-deployed assets. 使业务部门、各部门、团队和其他相应部分的预算保持一致,以实现自助采用。Align budgets by business units, departments, teams, and other appropriate divisions to empower self-service adoption. 请确保每个账单单位负责人都了解预算以及跟踪支出的方法。Ensure that the leader of each billing unit is aware of the budget and how to track spending.

此时,应该做出预先承诺或预先购买,以最大程度地获得折扣。This is the time to make a precommitment or prepurchase to maximize discounting. 最好是将每年的预算与云供应商的会计年度进行调整,以便进一步资本化年末折扣选项。It's wise to align annual budgeting with the cloud vendor's fiscal year to further capitalize on year-end discount options.

季度规划: 按照季度,查看每个计费单位负责人的预算,以便对齐预测和实际支出。Quarterly planning: On a quarterly basis, review budgets with each billing unit leader to align forecast and actual spending. 如果计划出现变更或为意外支出模式,请调整预算并对其重新分配。If there are changes to the plan or unexpected spending patterns, align and reallocate the budget.

此季度规划过程也是评估云治理团队当前成员身份的好时机,以了解与当前或未来业务计划相关的知识缺口。This quarterly planning process is also a good time to evaluate the current membership of your cloud governance team for knowledge gaps related to current or future business plans. 邀请相关人员和工作负荷所有者作为临时顾问或团队的常任成员参与审核和计划。Invite relevant staff and workload owners to participate in reviews and planning as either temporary advisors or permanent members of your team.

教育和培训: 在 bimonthly 的基础上,提供培训课程,以确保业务和 IT 人员保持最新的成本管理策略要求。Education and training: On a bimonthly basis, offer training sessions to make sure business and IT staff are up-to-date on the latest Cost Management policy requirements. 作为此过程的一部分,请查看和更新任何文档、指导或其他培训资产,以确保它们与最新的公司政策声明同步。As part of this process review and update any documentation, guidance, or other training assets to ensure they're in sync with the latest corporate policy statements.

每月报告: 每月将按月报告实际支出。Monthly reporting: On a monthly basis, report actual spending against forecast. 通知账单负责人任何意外偏差。Notify billing leaders of any unexpected deviations.

这些基本流程有助于使支出保持一致,并建立成本管理规则的基础。These basic processes will help align spending and establish a foundation for the Cost Management discipline.

持续监视过程Processes for ongoing monitoring

成功的成本管理策略取决于对过去、当前和规划的与云相关的未来开支的可见性。A successful Cost Management strategy depends on visibility into the past, current, and planned future cloud-related spending. 如果无法分析现有成本的相关指标和数据,则无法识别风险中的变化或检测风险容差违规的情况。Without the ability to analyze the relevant metrics and data of your existing costs, you cannot identify changes in your risks or detect violations of your risk tolerances. 上文所述的持续治理流程要求质量数据,以确保可以修改策略,从而更好地针对不断变化的业务要求和云使用情况保护基础结构。The ongoing governance processes discussed above require quality data to ensure policy can be modified to better protect your infrastructure against changing business requirements and cloud usage.

确保你的 IT 团队已实现自动化系统,用于监视云支出以及预期成本中出现的计划外偏差。Ensure that your IT teams have implemented automated systems for monitoring your cloud spending and usage for unplanned deviations from expected costs. 建立报告和警报系统,以确保潜在策略违规的提示检测和风险缓解。Establish reporting and alerting systems to ensure prompt detection and mitigation of potential policy violations.

符合性违规触发器和强制执行操作Compliance violation triggers and enforcement actions

检测到违规时,应采取强制措施重新调整策略。When violations are detected, you should take enforcement actions to realign with policy. 可以使用适用于 Azure 的成本管理工具链中概述的工具自动执行大多数违规触发器。You can automate most violation triggers using the tools outlined in the Cost Management toolchain for Azure.

下面是触发器的示例:The following are examples of triggers:

  • 月度预算偏差: 讨论超过20% 预测值与计费单位负责人之间的每月支出的任何偏差。Monthly budget deviations: Discuss any deviations in monthly spending that exceed 20% forecast-versus-actual ratio with the billing unit leader. 在预测中记录解决方法和变化。Record resolutions and changes in forecast.
  • 采用速度: 订阅级别超过20% 的任何偏差都将触发与计费单位负责人的评审。Pace of adoption: Any deviation at a subscription level exceeding 20% will trigger a review with billing unit leader. 在预测中记录解决方法和变化。Record resolutions and changes in forecast.

后续步骤Next steps

使用 成本管理训练模板 来记录与当前的云采用计划一致的过程和触发器。Use the Cost Management discipline template to document the processes and triggers that align to the current cloud adoption plan.

有关执行成本管理策略以符合采用计划的指南,请参阅 成本管理训练For guidance on executing Cost Management policies in alignment with adoption plans, see Cost Management discipline improvement.