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客户参与结果的示例Examples of customer engagement outcomes

业务成果概述中所述,有几个潜在的业务成果可以作为与业务进行任何转换旅程对话的基础。As discussed in the business outcomes overview, several potential business outcomes can serve as the foundation for any transformation journey conversation with the business. 本文重点介绍常见的业务措施:客户参与。This article focuses on a common business measure: customer engagement. 了解客户的需求,以及客户的生态系统,可帮助你清楚地表述成为企业转换旅程目标的业务成果。Understanding the needs of customers, and the ecosystem around customers, helps you to articulate the business outcomes that are the target of a business's transformation journey.

在支持云的数据创新工作期间,你可以假定客户已参与。During cloud-enabled data innovation efforts, you can assume that customers are engaged. 以下功能可能会造成中断,并且需要大量的客户参与:The following functions are potentially disruptive and require a high degree of customer engagement:

  • 聚合数据Aggregating data
  • 测试理论Testing theories
  • 推进见解Advancing insights
  • 通知文化更改Informing cultural change

客户参与成果涉及到满足和超出客户期望。Customer engagement outcomes are about meeting and exceeding customer expectations. 作为客户服务的基准,客户假定产品和服务执行并可靠。As a baseline for customer engagements, customers assume that products and services perform and are reliable. 如果不是这样,高级管理人员就可以轻松了解性能和可靠性结果的商业价值。When they're not, it's easy for an executive to understand the business value of performance and reliability outcomes. 对于更高级的公司,此过程的集成知识与观察速度的速度是一个基本的业务成果。For more advanced companies, the speed of integrating learnings and observations from this process is a fundamental business outcome.

Descartes 选择 Microsoft Azure 作为其首选平台,并成功地将其 Descartes MacroPoint 解决方案迁移到 Azure SQL 数据库,为客户提供更大的灵活性,并专注于内部资源扩展产品价值。Descartes chose Microsoft Azure as its preferred platform, and successfully migrated its Descartes MacroPoint solution to Azure SQL Database to provide greater flexibility for customers, and focus internal resources on extending product value.

周期时间Cycle time

在客户着迷转换(例如启用云的应用程序创新工作)期间,客户会作出直接参与的响应。During customer-obsessed transformations such as a cloud-enabled application innovation effort, customers respond from direct engagement. 他们还感谢开发团队快速满足其需求。They also appreciate seeing their needs met quickly by the development team. 周期时间是六西格玛术语,表示从函数开始到完成的持续时间。Cycle time is a Six Sigma term that refers to the duration from the start to the finish of a function. 对于投入大量精力来改善客户参与度的企业主管,周期时间可能是一项强大的业务成果。For business leaders who invest heavily in improving customer engagement, cycle time can be a strong business outcome.


一家提供企业到企业 (B2B) 服务的服务公司正在努力将市场份额保存在竞争性市场中。A services company that provides business-to-business (B2B) services is trying to retain market share in a competitive market. 对于具有竞争性服务提供商的客户,发现他们过于复杂的技术解决方案会影响其业务流程,这是离开的主要原因。Customers who have left for a competing service provider found that their overly complex technical solution interferes with their business processes, and is the primary reason for leaving. 在这种情况下,周期时间是必需的。In this case, cycle time is imperative.

此功能当前需要12个月的时间才能从请求发布。It currently takes 12 months for a feature to progress from request to release. 如果由 executive 团队确定优先级,此周期的缩短时间可以从九个月缩短到6个月。If it's prioritized by the executive team, this cycle can shorten from nine to six months. 团队可以通过支持云的应用程序创新工作、云本机应用程序模型和 Azure DevOps 集成,将周期时间缩短到一个月。The team can cut cycle time down to one month through a cloud-enabled application innovation effort, cloud-native application models, and Azure DevOps integration. 这样,业务和应用程序开发团队就可以直接与客户交互。This frees business and application development teams to interact more directly with customers.

智能联系人中心Intelligent contact center

客户满意度和经验是成功组织的核心。Customer satisfaction and experience are at the core of successful organizations. 使您的员工能够专注于卓越的客户服务,这会对客户的忠诚度和留存。Freeing your employees to focus on superior customer service can strongly affect customer loyalty and retention. 现在,使用 AI 技术,客户呼叫过程中的许多步骤都可以自动完成,使联系中心代理更有时间专注于交付优质的客户服务。With the AI technology available today, many steps during a customer call can be automated, enabling the contact center agent more time to focus on delivering superior customer service.


保险公司已经实现了数字代理来快速响应客户请求。An insurance company has implemented digital agents to respond rapidly to customer requests. 这些数字代理通过公司网站和移动应用程序提供,通过构建 Azure Bot 服务解决方案提供。These digital agents are available through the company website and mobile app, by building an Azure Bot Service solution. 通过向其联系中心扩展增强的客户服务体验,保险公司实现了实时呼叫脚本、情绪分析和关键短语检测。Extending an enhanced customer service experience to their contact center, the insurance company implemented live call transcription, sentiment analysis, and key phrase detection. 这些信息有助于联系中心代理,并提供建议的后续步骤和窗体处理。These help the contact center agent with recommended next steps and form processing. 这样可以减少客户拨打联系中心的重复次数,并使 contact center agent 更专注于提供卓越的客户体验。This led to reduced repetition from the customer calling the contact center, and enabled the contact center agent to focus more on providing a great customer experience.

后续步骤Next steps

详细了解性能结果。Learn more about performance outcomes.