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什么是 Azure Data Box?What is Azure Data Box?

使用 Microsoft Azure Data Box 云解决方案可以通过快速、经济、可靠的方式将 TB 量级的数据发送到 Azure。The Microsoft Azure Data Box cloud solution lets you send terabytes of data into Azure in a quick, inexpensive, and reliable way. 通过向你发送专有的 Data Box 存储设备来加速安全数据传输。The secure data transfer is accelerated by shipping you a proprietary Data Box storage device. 每个存储设备的最大可用存储容量为 80 TB,并通过区域运营商传送到数据中心。Each storage device has a maximum usable storage capacity of 80 TB and is transported to your datacenter through a regional carrier. 该设备具有坚固的外壳,可在运输过程中保护数据。The device has a rugged casing to protect and secure data during the transit.

可通过 Azure 门户订购 Data Box 设备。You can order the Data Box device via the Azure portal. 收到设备后,可使用本地 Web UI 进行快速设置。Once the device is received, you can quickly set it up using the local web UI. 将数据从服务器复制到设备,然后将设备发回 Azure。Copy the data from your servers to the device and ship the device back to Azure. 在 Azure 数据中心内,数据将从设备自动上传到 Azure。In the Azure datacenter, your data is automatically uploaded from the device to Azure. 通过 Azure 门户中的 Data Box 服务对整个过程进行端到端跟踪。The entire process is tracked end-to-end by the Data Box service in the Azure portal.

用例Use cases

Data Box 非常适合在在无网络连接到有限网络连接的情况下传输大于 40 TB 的数据。Data Box is ideally suited to transfer data sizes larger than 40 TBs in scenarios with no to limited network connectivity. 数据移动的方式可以是一次性的、定期的,或者先执行批量数据传输,再定期传输。The data movement can be one-time, periodic, or an initial bulk data transfer followed by periodic transfers. 以下是 Data Box 可用于数据传输的各种方案。Here are the various scenarios where Data Box can be used for data transfer.

  • 一次性迁移 - 需要将大量本地数据移到 Azure 时。One time migration - when large amount of on-premises data is moved to Azure.

    • 将媒体库从脱机磁带移动到 Azure 以创建联机媒体库。Moving a media library from offline tapes into Azure to create an online media library.
    • 将 VM 场、SQL server 和应用程序迁移到 AzureMigrating your VM farm, SQL server, and applications to Azure
    • 将历史数据移至 Azure,以便使用 HDInsight 进行深入分析和报告Moving historical data to Azure for in-depth analysis and reporting using HDInsight
  • 初始批量传输 - 需要先使用 Data Box(种子)执行初始批量传输,然后通过网络执行增量传输时。Initial bulk transfer - when an initial bulk transfer is done using Data Box (seed) followed by incremental transfers over the network.

    • 例如,备份解决方案合作伙伴(如 Commvault 和 Data Box)用于将初始大型历史备份移至 Azure。For example, backup solutions partners such as Commvault and Data Box are used to move initial large historical backup to Azure. 完成后,增量数据将通过网络传输到 Azure 存储。Once complete, the incremental data is transferred via network to Azure storage.
  • 定期上传 - 定期生成大量数据,并需要将这些数据移到 Azure 时。Periodic uploads - when large amount of data is generated periodically and needs to be moved to Azure. 例如,能源勘探领域生成有关钻井平台和风力发电农场的视频内容。For example in energy exploration, where video content is generated on oil rigs and windmill farms.


Data Box 旨在几乎不影响网络的情况下将大量数据移至 Azure。Data Box is designed to move large amounts of data to Azure with little to no impact to network. 该解决方案具有以下优点:The solution has the following benefits:

  • 速度 - Data Box 使用 1 Gbps 或 10 Gbps 网络接口将多达 80 TB 的数据移至 Azure。Speed - Data Box uses 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps network interfaces to move up to 80 TB of data into Azure.

  • 安全 - Data Box 为设备、数据和服务提供内置安全保护。Secure - Data Box has built-in security protections for the device, data, and the service.

    • 该设备具有坚固的外壳,通过防破坏螺钉和防破坏贴纸固定。The device has a rugged casing secured by tamper-resistant screws and tamper-evident stickers.

    • 设备上的数据始终使用 AES 256 位加密进行保护。The data on the device is secured with an AES 256-bit encryption at all times.

    • 只能使用 Azure 门户中提供的密钥解锁设备。The device can only be unlocked with a password provided in the Azure portal.

    • 服务受 Azure 安全功能的保护。The service is protected by the Azure security features.

    • 将数据上传到 Azure 后,会根据 NIST 800-88r1 标准完全擦除设备上的磁盘数据。Once your data is uploaded to Azure, the disks on the device are wiped clean, in accordance with NIST 800-88r1 standards.

      有关详细信息,请参阅 Azure Data Box 安全性和数据保护For more information, go to Azure Data Box security and data protection.

功能和规格Features and specifications

此版本中的 Data Box 设备具有以下功能。The Data Box device has the following features in this release.

规范Specifications 说明Description
重量Weight < 22.68 千克< 50 lbs.
维度Dimensions 设备 - 宽度:309.0 毫米 高度:430.4 毫米 深度:502.0 毫米Device - Width: 309.0 mm Height: 430.4 mm Depth: 502.0 mm
机架空间Rack space 放在机架侧面时为 7 U(不能安装在机架上)7 U when placed in the rack on its side (cannot be rack-mounted)
所需的电缆Cables required 1 根电源线(附送)1 X power cable (included)
2 根 RJ45 电缆2 RJ45 cables
2 根 SFP+ Twinax 铜缆线2 X SFP+ Twinax copper cables
存储容量Storage capacity 100 TB 设备在进行 RAID 5 保护后有 80 TB 的可用容量100 TB device has 80 TB usable capacity after RAID 5 protection
功率分级Power rating 电源设备的概率为 700 瓦。The power supply unit is rated for 700 W.
通常情况下,设备为 375 瓦。Typically, the unit draws 375 W.
网络接口Network interfaces 2 个 1 GbE 接口 - MGMT 和 DATA 3。2 X 1 GbE interface - MGMT, DATA 3.
MGMT - 适用于管理,用户不可配置,用于初始设置MGMT - for management, not user configurable, used for initial setup
DATA3 - 适用于数据,用户可配置,且默认为动态DATA3 - for data, user configurable, and is dynamic by default
MGMT 和 DATA 3 也可作为 10 GbE 接口使用MGMT and DATA 3 can also work as 10 GbE
2 个 10 GbE 接口 - DATA 1 和 DATA 22 X 10 GbE interface - DATA 1, DATA 2
两者都用于数据,可以配置为动态(默认)或静态Both are for data, can be configured as dynamic (default) or static
数据传输介质Data transfer media RJ45、SFP+ 铜缆 10 GbE 以太网RJ45, SFP+ copper 10 GbE Ethernet
安全Security 坚固耐用的设备外壳,带防破坏定制螺钉Rugged device casing with tamper-proof custom screws
防破坏贴纸放置在设备的底部Tamper-evident stickers placed at the bottom of the device
数据传输率Data transfer rate 每天多达 80 TB 的数据,通过 10 GbE 的网络接口传输Up to 80 TB in a day over 10 GbE network interface
管理Management 本地 Web UI - 一次性初始设置和配置Local web UI - one-time initial setup and configuration
Azure 门户 - 日常设备管理Azure portal - day-to-day device management

Data Box 组件Data Box components

Data Box 包括以下组件:The Data Box includes the following components:

  • Data Box 设备 - 提供主存储、管理与云存储通信的物理设备,并有助于确保存储在设备上的所有数据的安全性和机密性。Data Box device - a physical device that provides primary storage, manages communication with cloud storage, and helps to ensure the security and confidentiality of all data that is stored on the device. Data Box 设备的可用存储容量为 80 TB。The Data Box device has a usable storage capacity of 80 TB.

    Data Box 的正面和背面

  • Data Box 设备 - Azure 门户的扩展,使用该扩展可以通过 Web 界面(可从不同的地理位置访问该界面)管理 Data Box 设备。Data Box service – an extension of the Azure portal that lets you manage a Data Box device from a web interface that you can access from different geographical locations. 使用 Data Box 服务执行的 Data Box 设备的日常管理。Use the Data Box service to perform daily administration of your Data Box device. 服务任务包括如何创建和管理订单、查看和管理警报以及管理共享。The service tasks include how to create and manage orders, view and manage alerts, and manage shares.

    Azure 门户中的 Data Box 服务

    有关详细信息,请转到使用 Data Box 服务管理 Data Box 设备For more information, go to Use the Data Box service to administer your Data Box device.

  • 本地 Web 用户界面 - 基于 Web 的UI,用于配置设备,以便它可以连接到本地网络,并向 Data Box 服务注册该设备。Local web user interface – a web-based UI that is used to configure the device so that it can connect to the local network, and then register the device with the Data Box service. 此外还可以使用本地 Web UI 关闭和重启 Data Box 设备、查看复制日志,并联系 Microsoft 支持部门以提交服务请求。Use the local web UI also to shut down and restart the Data Box device, view copy logs, and contact Microsoft Support to file a service request.

    Data Box 本地 Web UI

    有关使用基于 Web 的 UI 的详细信息,请转到使用基于 Web 的 UI 管理 Data BoxFor information about using the web-based UI, go to Use the web-based UI to administer your Data Box.

工作流The workflow

典型的流包括以下步骤:A typical flow includes the following steps:

  1. 订购 - 在 Azure 门户中创建订单,提供发货信息和数据的目标 Azure 存储帐户。Order - Create an order in the Azure portal, provide shipping information, and the destination Azure storage account for your data. 如果设备可用,则 Azure 会准备,然后寄送设备并随附发货跟踪 ID。If the device is available, Azure prepares and ships the device with a shipment tracking ID.

  2. 接收 - 交付设备后,使用指定的电缆为设备连接网络和电源。Receive - Once the device is delivered, cable the device for network and power using the specified cables. 打开并连接到设备。Turn on and connect to the device. 在要从中复制数据的主机上配置设备网络并装载共享。Configure the device network and mount shares on the host computer from where you want to copy the data.

  3. 数据复制 - 将数据复制到 Data Box 共享。Copy data - Copy data to Data Box shares.

  4. 返回 - 准备、关闭并将设备发回 Azure 数据中心。Return - Prepare, turn off, and ship the device back to the Azure datacenter.

  5. 上传 - 将设备中的数据自动复制到 Azure。Upload - Data is automatically copied from the device to Azure. 根据美国国家标准和技术协会 (NIST) 的准则安全擦除设备磁盘数据。The device disks are securely erased as per the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines.

在整个过程中,你会收到有关所有状态更改的电子邮件通知。Throughout this process, you are notified via email on all status changes. 有关详细流的详细信息,请转到在 Azure 门户中部署 Data BoxFor more information about the detailed flow, go to Deploy Data Box in Azure portal.

上市区域Region availability

Data Box 可以根据部署服务的区域、设备的发货国家/地区以及传输数据的目标 Azure 存储帐户传输数据。Data Box can transfer data based on the region in which service is deployed, country/region to which the device is shipped, and the target Azure storage account where you transfer the data.

  • 服务可用性 - 有关区域可用性的信息,请转到 Azure 可用产品(按区域)Service availability - For information on region availability, go to Azure products available by region. Data Box 也可以部署在 Azure 政府云中。Data Box can also be deployed in the Azure Government Cloud. 有关详细信息,请参阅什么是 Azure 政府?For more information, see What is Azure Government?.

  • 目标存储帐户 - 存储数据的存储帐户可在服务可用的所有 Azure 区域中获得。Destination Storage accounts - The storage accounts that store the data are available in all Azure regions where the service is available.

后续步骤Next steps