Riak 时序 Riak Time Series

Riak时序是企业级 NoSQL 时序数据库,专为 IoT 和时序数据而优化。Riak Time Series is an enterprise-grade NoSQL time series database optimized specifically for IoT and Time Series data.


无法从运行 Databricks Runtime 7.0 或更高版本的群集访问此数据源,因为支持 Apache Spark 3.0 的 Riak 时序连接器不可用。You cannot access this data source from a cluster running Databricks Runtime 7.0 or above because a Riak Time Series connector that supports Apache Spark 3.0 is not available.

以下笔记本显示了如何开始 Riak 时序数据库。The following notebook shows how to get started with the Riak Time Series database.

Riak 时序数据库笔记本Riak time series database notebook

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