Azure 信息保护 - 也称为...Azure Information Protection - also known as ...

适用范围:Azure 信息保护Office 365Applies to: Azure Information Protection, Office 365

Azure 信息保护(有时缩写为 AIP)由著名 Microsoft 技术长期发展而形成,实现权限管理保护。Azure Information Protection (sometimes abbreviated to AIP) has evolved from a long history of established technologies from Microsoft that implement rights management protection. 这是个长时演变过程,你可能通过其先前名称了解到此解决方案。Because of this evolution, you might know this solution by one of its previous names. 或者,可能在文档、UI 和日志文件中看到对这些名称的引用。Or you might see references to these names in documentation, the UI, and log files.

以下部分列出了其中一些名称。The following sections list some of these names.


你会在 Azure 信息保护术语中发现许多这类产品和服务名称及其相关术语。You'll find many of these product and service names, and their related terms in Terminology for Azure Information Protection.

基于云的解决方案Cloud-based solutions

  • Azure 权限管理Azure 权限管理服务 - 常缩写为 Azure RMS**Azure Rights Management or Azure Rights Management service—frequently abbreviated to Azure RMS

  • Azure Active Directory Rights Management - 常缩写为 AADRM**Azure Active Directory Rights Management—occasionally abbreviated to AADRM

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Rights Management - 常缩写为 Microsoft Azure AD Rights Management**Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management—often abbreviated to Windows Azure AD Rights Management

本地解决方案On-premises solutions

  • Active Directory Rights Management Services - 常缩写为 AD RMS**Active Directory Rights Management Services—frequently abbreviated to AD RMS

  • Windows Rights Management Services - 常缩写为 Windows RMS**Windows Rights Management Services—often abbreviated to Windows RMS

其他名称Other names

  • Microsoft Rights ManagementMicrosoft Rights Management 服务Microsoft Rights Management or Microsoft Rights Management services

    集合名称,包含当前的本地版本 (AD RMS) 和基于云的版本 (Azure RMS)。The collective name that includes the current on-premises version (AD RMS) and the cloud-based version (Azure RMS).

  • 新 Microsoft RMS"The NEW Microsoft RMS"

    常用标签,有时会在基于云的版本正式发布时使用,以便在与其本地早期版本比较时强调部署的全新易用性。A popular label that was sometimes used when the cloud-based version was officially released, to emphasize the new ease of deployment in comparison to its on-premises predecessors.

  • 信息权限管理 - 常缩写为 IRM**Information Rights Management—often abbreviated to IRM

    技术的 Office 实现,支持当前的本地版本 (AD RMS) 和基于云的版本 (Azure RMS)。The Office implementation of the technology that supports the current on-premises version (AD RMS) and the cloud-based version (Azure RMS).

  • Rights Management OnlineRMS OnlineRights Management Online or RMS Online

    这是早期针对基于云的 AD RMS 版本的建议名称,此处介绍此名称是因为你可能会在日志文件和错误消息中看到它。This was a proposed early name for the cloud-based version of AD RMS, and included here because you might see this name in log files and error messages.

请注意,可能会看到或听到将此技术引用为 DRM,即著名的数字版权管理的缩写。Note that you might see or hear references to this technology as DRM, which is a well-known abbreviation for digital rights management. DRM 解决方案通常可防止非法分配数字软件,这与此企业信息保护解决方案十分不同。DRM solutions typically protect against illegal distribution of digital software, which is very different from this enterprise information protection solution.

“Azure 信息保护”现在是否替换所有这些名称?Does "Azure Information Protection" now replace all these names?

针对你所购买的基于云的解决方案是这样。As the cloud-based solution that you purchase, yes. Azure 信息保护为组织的文档和电子邮件提供新的分类和标签功能,而这些功能又可应用权限管理保护。Azure Information Protection offers the new capabilities of classification and labeling for an organization's documents and emails, which in turn can apply Rights Management protection.

但是,针对 Azure 信息保护以及使用此基于云的权限管理保护的 Microsoft 365 服务,Azure 权限管理仍被用作保护技术。However, Azure Rights Management is still used as the protection technology for Azure Information Protection, and for Microsoft 365 services that use this cloud-based Rights Management protection. 因此,在 Azure 信息保护所使用的保护技术的情形中,“Azure 权限管理”(Azure RMS) 保留当前名称。So in the context of the protection technology that is used by Azure Information Protection, "Azure Rights Management" (Azure RMS) remains a current name.

同样,针对 Windows Server 服务器角色(提供本地权限管理保护),“Active Directory Rights Management Services”(AD RMS) 保留当前名称。Similarly, "Active Directory Rights Management Services" (AD RMS) remains a current name for the Windows Server server role, which provides on-premises Rights Management protection. 此保护技术可用于 Azure 信息保护,并且可能适合极小部分必须由本地密钥保护的文档和电子邮件。This protection technology can be used with Azure Information Protection and might be suitable for a very small percentage of documents and emails that must be protected by an on-premises key. 这种情况下,AD RMS 通常被视为“自留密钥”或 HYOK 解决方案。In this scenario, AD RMS is often referred to as the "hold your own key" or HYOK solution.

如何评估或购买最新版本How to evaluate or purchase the latest version

有关如何购买或评估 Azure 信息保护以及可用于订阅计划的不同功能的详细信息,请参阅 Azure 信息保护站点。For more information about how you can purchase or evaluate Azure Information Protection, and the different features that are available for the subscription plans, see the Azure Information Protection site.