RMS SDK 4.2 弃用通知RMS SDK 4.2 Deprecation Notice

适用于4.2 年 3 2020 月之前的所有 RMS SDK 版本Applicable to all RMS SDK 4.2 versions release before March 2020

2020年3月3日,通过 Microsoft 下载中心发布了对适用于 Android、iOS 和 OSX 的 RMS SDK 4.2 的更新。On March 3, 2020, an update to the RMS SDK 4.2 for Android, iOS, and OSX was released via Microsoft Download Center. 此更新对于目前使用这些 RMS SDK 平台的所有应用程序是必需的。This update is mandatory for all applications that use these RMS SDK platforms today.

2020年 2020 3 月15日星期二,版本的 RMS SDK 将无法连接到 Azure Rights Management 服务终结点。On Tuesday, September 15, 2020 versions of the RMS SDK released prior to March of 2020 will fail to connect to the Azure Rights Management Service endpoint. 使用 RMS SDK 4.2 的应用程序必须在此日期之前更新。Applications consuming RMS SDK 4.2 must update prior to this date.

更改原因Reason for Change

以前版本的 RMS SDK 使用证书固定来确保启用 RMS 的客户端与 RMS 服务进行通信,接收链接到特定的、预期的根 CA 的证书。Previous versions of the RMS SDK use certificate pinning to ensure that the RMS-enabled client is communicating with the RMS service, receiving a certificate chained to a specific, expected root CA.

新式浏览器使用证书透明度日志来验证是否已将证书颁发给合法的域所有者,以及这些证书是否由受信任的根证书颁发机构颁发。Modern browsers use certificate transparency logs to verify that certificates have been issued to legitimate domain owners and that those certificates are issued by trusted root certification authorities.

为了更好地支持新式浏览器,2020年9月15日,Microsoft 会将证书更新为 https://api.aadrm.com 由全局信任的根 CA 颁发的新证书,该证书将颁发的证书报告给新式浏览器信任的证书透明度日志。To better support modern browsers, on September 15, 2020, the Microsoft will update the certificate for https://api.aadrm.com to a new certificate issued by a globally trusted root CA that reports issued certificates to certificate transparency logs trusted by modern browsers. 完成此更改后,尝试对所需根证书执行证书固定的旧版本 RMS SDK 将无法找到该证书,因此将无法连接。Once this change is complete, legacy versions of RMS SDK attempting to perform certificate pinning to the expected root certificate will fail to find that certificate and will fail to connect.

客户端影响Client Impact

以下 Microsoft 应用程序目前使用 RMS Sdk。The following Microsoft applications use the RMS SDKs today. 将对这些平台提供更新,并且应在9月截止时间之前更新设备。Updates will be made available for these platforms and devices should be updated prior to the September deadline.

  • Office 2019 for MacOffice 2019 for Mac
  • Office 2016 for MacOffice 2016 for Mac
  • 适用于 iOS 的 Word、Excel 和 PowerPointWord, Excel, and PowerPoint for iOS
  • 适用于 Android 的 Word、Excel 和 PowerPointWord, Excel, and PowerPoint for Android