Rights Management SDK 4.2 概述Overview of Rights Management SDK 4.2


弃用2020年3月之前发布的 Microsoft Rights Management Service SDK 版本;必须将使用早期版本的应用程序更新为使用三月2020版。Versions of the Microsoft Rights Management Service SDK released prior to March 2020 are deprecated; applications using earlier versions must be updated to use the March 2020 release. 有关完整详细信息,请参阅弃用通知For full details, see the deprecation notice.

不会为 Microsoft Rights Management 服务 SDK 规划进一步的增强功能。No further enhancements are planned for the Microsoft Rights Management Service SDK. 我们强烈建议采用Microsoft Information PROTECTION SDK进行分类、标记和保护服务。We strongly recommend adoption of the Microsoft Information Protection SDK for classification, labeling, and protection services.

Microsoft Rights Management SDK 4.2 是一种信息保护技术,可用于多个平台。Microsoft Rights Management SDK 4.2 is an information protection technology and is available for several platforms. 它提供软件开发工具包 (SDK) 或框架,专为客户端计算机和设备设计,以帮助保护对流经“启用权限”的应用程序的信息的访问和使用。It provides a software developer kit (SDK) or framework, which is designed for client computers and devices to help protect access to and usage of information flowing through applications that are “rights-enabled”. 这些平台的 SDK 提供了简单 API,便于应用程序开发人员保护或使用数字内容、检索模板、从服务器获取策略以及执行其他相关的权限管理任务。The SDKs for these platforms provide a simple API for an application developer to protect or consume digital content, retrieve templates and acquire policies from a server, and other related rights management tasks.

有关当前受支持的平台的详细信息,请参阅有关 Microsoft Rights Management SDK 的开发人员文档门户。For more information on the currently supported platforms, see our developer documentation portal for Microsoft Rights Management SDK.

以下只是其中一些可能出现的方案:The following are just a few of the scenarios possible:

  • 某律师事务所希望阻止在移动设备上打印或转发敏感电子邮件消息。A law firm wants to prevent sensitive email messages from being printed or forwarded on a mobile device.
  • 计算机辅助设计和制造软件的开发人员希望限制只有研发部门的一小组用户无需使用密码即可访问图纸。The developers of computer-aided design and manufacturing software want to limit drawing access to a small group of users within the research division without requiring the use of passwords.
  • 图形设计移动应用程序的所有者希望使用单个许可证,以允许免费查看其图像的低分辨率副本,但需要付费才能访问高分辨率版本。The owners of a graphic design mobile app want to use a single license that allows free viewing of low-resolution copies of their images but requires payment for access to the high-resolution versions.
  • 联机文档库的所有者希望在文档下载到移动设备时,基于用户身份启用查看、打印或编辑文档的权限。The owners of an online document library want to enable rights to view, print, or edit documents based on the identity of the user, when documents are downloaded to a mobile device.
  • 公司希望将敏感员工信息发布到将查看和编辑权限限制到特定用户的内部网站。A corporation wants to publish sensitive employee information to an internal website that restricts viewing and editing privileges to certain users.

可以下载 MS RMS SDK 4.2,在确认和接受其许可证协议的情况下,可以通过第三方软件将其自由分发,从而支持客户端访问通过在你的环境或 Azure RMS 服务中使用和部署 AD RMS 服务器来保护权限的内容。MS RMS SDK 4.2 can be downloaded, with acknowledgment and acceptance of its license agreement, freely distributed with your third-party software to enable client access to content that has been rights-protected by use and deployment of AD RMS servers in your environment or Azure RMS services. 有关详细信息,请参阅入门For more information, see Get started.

SDK 亮点SDK Highlights

MS RMS SDK 4.2 提供了一些很棒的新功能,包括以下功能:MS RMS SDK 4.2 offers some new cool features that include the following:

  • 重新设计的 API - MS RMS SDK 4.2 API 经过重新设计,实现了最大程度的简单易用性,使开发人员能够使用简单、透明的加密和解密 API,从而以最少的工作量实现统一的 RMS 行为。Re-designed API – MS RMS SDK 4.2 API was re-designed for maximum simplicity, so developers can enjoy a simple and transparent encryption and decryption API, which provides consistent RMS behaviors with minimum efforts.
  • 对 AD RMS 和 Azure RMS 的混合支持 – 通过单个启用 RMS 的应用程序即可使用和保护来自 AD RMS 服务器(使用 AD RMS 的移动设备扩展)和 Azure RMS 服务的内容。Hybrid support for AD RMS and Azure RMS – a single RMS enabled app can consume and protect content from both AD RMS server (using AD RMS’s mobile device extension) and Azure RMS service. MS RMS SDK 4.2 以透明方式发现 IT 管理员可以配置的相关终点。MS RMS SDK 4.2 transparently discovers the relevant end-point that IT administrators can configure.
  • 自带身份验证库 - 作为应用程序开发人员,你可以选择对 MS RMS SDK 4.2 使用何种身份验证库。Bring your own authentication library – as an app developer you can choose which authentication library is used with MS RMS SDK 4.2. 无论是 Azure AD 身份验证库还是组织的自定义库,MS RMS SDK 4.2 都可以分离身份验证堆栈,以便你选择最能满足需求的库。Whether it is Azure AD Authentication Library or your organization’s custom library, MS RMS SDK 4.2 segregates the auth stack so you can choose the library that most fits your needs.
  • 自带用户界面 - 现在可以使用 MS RMS SDK 4.2 实现自定义用户界面。Bring your own user interface - MS RMS SDK 4.2 now allows you to implement your customize user interface. 从保护内容和选择模板到显示和更改权限,在使用受保护的内容的同时,MS RMS SDK 4.2 不会在你的应用上强制执行任何内置 UI。From protecting content and choosing templates to showing and changing permissions while consuming protected content, MS RMS SDK 4.2 does not enforce any built-in UI on your apps. 不过,如果你愿意,也可以通过我们的 GitHub 帐户对所有平台都使用 Microsoft RMS UI 库。If you would like, however, you can use Microsoft RMS UI libraries for all platforms via our GitHub account.
  • 脱机访问受保护内容 - 即使没有 Internet 连接,你的应用用户也可以使用 MS RMS SDK 4.2 访问受保护的内容。Access protected content offline – MS RMS SDK 4.2 allows your app users to access protected content even when there is no internet connectivity. MS RMS SDK 4.2 以安全方式缓存受保护内容的使用策略,以便你的用户可以脱机访问受 RMS 保护的数据。MS RMS SDK 4.2 securely caches the consumption policies of the protected content so your users can access RMS protected data offline.

使用入门指南开始你的受保护信息设备应用程序项目。Use the Get started guide to begin your protected information device app project.