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商业市场权益Your commercial marketplace benefits

你已将产品/服务发布到 Microsoft 商业市场,现在希望看到它们获得成功。You've published to Microsoft commercial marketplace, now you want to see your offer be successful. 我们提供销售、技术和营销权益,帮助你加快产品/服务的增加。We provide you the sales, technical, and marketing benefits you need to accelerate your offer's growth.

在 Microsoft AppSource 或 Azure 市场上发布产品/服务后,请转到合作伙伴中心,访问并激活你有资格享受的营销、销售和技术权益。Once your offer is live on Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace, go to Partner Center to access and activate your eligible marketing, sales, and technical benefits. 查看 Marketplace Rewards 演示视频,概要了解如何注册 Marketplace Rewards 并在合作伙伴中心激活权益。View the Marketplace Rewards demo video for an overview on how to enroll in Marketplace Rewards and activate benefits in Partner Center. Marketplace Rewards 权益根据商业市场参与度和销售情况而逐渐增多。Marketplace Rewards benefits accrue based on your commercial marketplace engagement and sales. 参与得越多,回馈就越多。The more you engage, the more you get back.

Marketplace RewardsMarketplace Rewards

Marketplace Rewards 旨在在特定的发展阶段为你提供支持,从知名度活动入手,帮助你获得第一批客户。Marketplace Rewards is designed to support you at your specific stage of growth, starting with awareness activities to help you get your first customers. 在通过商业市场发展时,可解锁新的权益,这些权益旨在帮助你转化客户和达成交易。As you grow through the commercial marketplace, you unlock new benefits designed to help you convert customers and close deals.

该计划创建了一个积极的反馈循环:每个发展阶段的优势旨在为进入下一阶段提供推动力,使你能够利用商业市场作为平台,从而在 Microsoft 领域通过 Microsoft 渠道将业务拓展到 Microsoft 客户。The program creates a positive feedback loop: the benefits at each stage of growth are designed to progress you to the next stage, allowing you to grow your business to Microsoft customers, with Microsoft's field, and through Microsoft's channel by leveraging the commercial marketplace as your platform.

权益根据产品/服务属于以下哪种类型来区分:列出、试用、事务处理Your benefits are differentiated based on whether your offer is List, Trial, or Transact.

Rewards 团队成员将在产品/服务上线时联系你,具体取决于你的资格。You will be contacted by a member of the Rewards team when your offer goes live, based on your eligibility.

对于交易合作伙伴,通过商业市场平台实现已结销售额增长时,可在每一层解锁更大权益。For Transact partners, as you grow your billed sales through the commercial marketplace platform, you unlock greater benefits per tier.

要在网上商店中发布,至少必须拥有 MPNID,因此无论 MPN 能力状态或合作伙伴类型如何,这些权益均会提供给所有合作伙伴。The minimum requirement to publish in the online stores is an MPNID, so these benefits are available to all partners regardless of MPN competency status or partner type. 每位合作伙伴都有权通过将商业市场作为平台来拓展业务。Each partner is empowered to grow their business through the commercial marketplace as a platform.

你将在了解可供你使用的资源及如何实现最佳做法方面获得支持,你还可自行查看这些内容。You will get support in understanding the resources available to you and in implementing the best practices, which you can also review on your own.

有关所有计划权益的详细说明,可查看 Marketplace Rewards 计划内容Detailed descriptions of all program benefits can be found in this Marketplace Rewards program presentation.

入门很轻松:Getting started is easy:

  1. 在 Microsoft AppSource 或 Azure 市场中发布产品/服务。Publish an offer in either Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace.
  2. 请转到合作伙伴中心的 Marketplace Rewards,然后选择“注册 Marketplace Rewards 计划”。Go to Marketplace Rewards in Partner Center and select Enroll in Marketplace Rewards Program.
  3. 若要激活销售和营销权益,请分配一名公司营销联系人。To activate sales and marketing benefits, assign a company marketing contact. 此联系人将收到有关 Marketplace Rewards 的跟进信息。This contact will receive follow-up communications about your Marketplace Rewards.
  4. 若要添加或更新营销联系人信息,请转到“Marketplace Rewards”页顶部的“销售和营销权益”选项卡,然后选择“添加”、“更新”或“更改”。To add or update your marketing contact information, go to the top of the Sales and Marketing benefits tab on Marketplace Rewards page, then select Add, update, or change. 接下来,请执行以下操作:Next, do the following:
    1. 从列表中选择用户。Select a user from the list. 如果要分配的用户不在列表中,则可以在“帐户设置”中添加新用户。If the user you want to assign is not in the list, you can add new users in Account settings.
    2. 为用户提供一个电子邮件地址,该电子邮件地址不同于与公司合作伙伴中心帐户关联的电子邮件地址。Provide an email address for the user that's different from the email address associated with your company's Partner Center account. 我们会将使用 Marketplace Rewards 权益的说明通过电子邮件发送到指定的营销联系人的电子邮件地址。We will email instructions for using your Marketplace Rewards benefit to your designated marketing contact's email address.
    3. 请提供此营销联系人的联系电话和首选语言。Provide the contact phone and preferred language for this marketing contact. 输入这些信息后,选择“分配用户”。After you finish entering this information, select Assign user.
    4. 更新营销联系人后,选择“激活”以激活要开始使用的权益。After you've updated the marketing contact, select Activate for the benefit you want to start using. 激活权益后,Rewards 团队的成员将在一周内与你的营销联系人联系。Once you activate a benefit, your marketing contact will be contacted by a member of the Rewards team within a week.


如果产品/服务已上线了四周以上,但没有收到消息,请查看合作伙伴中心,了解组织中相关产品/服务的所有者。If your offer has been live for more than four weeks and you have not received a message, please check within your organization who is the owner of the offer in question, by looking in Partner Center. 他们应该有跟进信息和后续步骤。They should have the communication and next steps.

如果无法确定所有者,或者所有者已离开公司,则可以在帮助和支持上提出支持票证。If you cannot determine the owner, or if the owner has left your company, you can raise a support ticket at Help and Support.

随着你在商业市场中产品/服务的不断增加,你可操作的活动范围也会不断扩大。The scope of the activities available to you expands as you grow your offerings in the commercial marketplace. 所有列表都会收到基本级别的优化建议和促销,这属于资源和最佳做法自助服务电子邮件的一部分。All listings receive a base level of optimization recommendations and promotion as part of a self-serve email of resources and best practices.

列出、试用和咨询权益List, trial, and consulting benefits

每次在 Microsoft AppSource 或 Azure 市场上进行发布时,都可获取一组新的权益。Each time you publish on Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace, you will have access to a new set of benefits. 在你的产品/服务上线后,请转到合作伙伴中心来激活你有资格享受的营销、销售和技术权益。Once your offer goes live, go to Partner Center to activate your eligible marketing, sales, and technical benefits.


所有试用和咨询权益都将在 3 个月后到期。All Trial and Consulting benefits expire after 3 months.

下表总结了列出、试用和咨询产品/服务的资格要求:The table below summarizes the eligibility requirements for list, trial, and consulting offers:


有关所有这些权益的详细说明,可查看 Marketplace Rewards 计划系列Detailed descriptions for all these benefits can be found in the Marketplace Rewards program deck.

面向事务处理合作伙伴的 Marketplace RewardsMarketplace Rewards for transact partners

在 Microsoft AppSource 或 Azure 市场中通过可交易的产品/服务上线时,随着你通过商业市场实现的已结销售额交易或已售席位数增加,你能够获取额外的权益。When you go live with your transactable offer in either Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace, you are able to access additional benefits as you grow your billed sales transactions or seats sold through the commercial marketplace.


已售席位阈值仅适用于 Microsoft 365 应用(与 Microsoft Teams、Office、Outlook 或 SharePoint 集成的 SaaS 应用程序),这些权益必须在 2021 年 6 月 30 日前完成。Seats sold threshold only applies to Microsoft 365 apps (SaaS applications that have integrations with Microsoft Teams, Office, Outlook, or SharePoint) and benefits must have been completed by June 30, 2021.

这些权益旨在为你提供营销、销售和技术方面的支持,从而帮助你获得更多的访客、获得更多潜在客户和转变更多业务。These benefits are designed to support you in marketing, sales, and technical activities, and thereby helping you to get more visitors, receive more leads, and convert more business.

所有提供实时产品/服务的合作伙伴都可与专属项目经理合作,为你的商业市场产品/服务组合选择最有价值的活动。All partners who have a live offer get to work with a dedicated engagement manager to choose the highest-value activities for your portfolio of commercial marketplace offers. 此参与活动对每个产品/服务长期有效,这意味着你可以选择活动和这些活动的时间,以符合公司提出更广泛的营销和销售战略的时机。This engagement is evergreen per offer, meaning you can choose your activities and the timing of these activities to align to the timing of your company's broader marketing and sales strategies.




*已售席位阈值仅适用于 Microsoft 365 应用(与 Microsoft Teams、Office、Outlook 或 SharePoint 集成的 SaaS 应用程序),这些权益必须在 2021 年 6 月 30 日前完成。* Seats sold threshold applies to Microsoft 365 apps only (SaaS applications that have integrations with Microsoft Teams, Office, Outlook, or SharePoint) and benefits must be completed by June 30, 2021.

有关所有这些权益的详细说明,可查看 Marketplace Rewards 计划系列Detailed descriptions for all these benefits can be found in the Marketplace Rewards program deck.

除 Rewards 权益外,还会向 Microsoft AppSource 发布的 Dynamics 产品/服务的商务应用程序合作伙伴提供额外编程支持,可通过 ISV Connect 获得。In addition to the rewards benefits, business applications partners with Dynamics offers published to Microsoft AppSource have supplementary programming available to them through ISV Connect. 这包括专门满足商务应用程序合作伙伴需求的技术、营销和销售支持。This includes technical, marketing, and sales support that is specialized for the needs of business applications partners.

Marketplace Rewards 要求和限制Marketplace Rewards requirements and restrictions

发布者协议Publisher Agreement

本页上描述的所有活动均涵盖在 Microsoft 发布商协议中,并受到商业权益计划附录的约束。All the activities described on this page are covered by the Microsoft publisher agreement and are pursuant to the Commercial Benefits Program Addendum.

取消策略Cancellation policy

列出和试用发布者可选择加入或选择退出每个产品/服务发布的活动。List and Trial publishers can opt in or opt out to activities per offer publication. 合作伙伴可随时选择退出任何参与活动。Partners may opt out of any engagement at any time.

对于发布者的以下行为,Microsoft 保留撤销和终止 Marketplace Rewards 权益的权利:Microsoft reserves the right to revoke and terminate Marketplace Rewards benefits to publishers who:

  • 利用其市场列表从事非法活动。Engage in illegal activity using their marketplace listing.
  • 收到已知或认为是欺诈的购买。Receive a purchase that is known or believed to be fraudulent.
  • 从商业市场退市。Are de-listed from the commercial marketplace.
  • 使用其产品/服务展示违反版权或商标法的营销或其他内容。Use their offer to show marketing or other content that violates copyright or trademark laws.
  • 违反 Azure 赞助计划的策略,包括但不限于使用 Azure 赞助资金进行自己的内部运营或比特币挖掘。Violate the policies of the Azure sponsorship program, including, but not limited to, using the Azure sponsorship funding for their own internal operations or Bitcoin mining.

Microsoft 保留在以下情况时撤销和终止 Marketplace Rewards 的权利:Microsoft reserves the right to revoke and terminate Marketplace Rewards when:

  • 进行购买的客户意外购买并希望取消购买。The customer making the purchase did so accidentally and wishes to cancel the purchase.
  • 客户在使用合作伙伴的产品之前取消。The customer cancels before using the partner’s product.

产品/服务可用性Offer availability

对于在 Azure 市场或 Microsoft AppSource 中拥有实时产品/服务的所有合作伙伴,此产品/服务以英文版提供。This offer is conducted in English for all partners with a live offer in Azure Marketplace or Microsoft AppSource.

经证实具有欺诈性的交易不会计入发布者的结算销售额计划层,如列表、试用、咨询部分和事务处理合作伙伴权益部分所述。Transactions that are proven to be fraudulent will not count towards a publisher's billed sales program tier, as noted in the list, trial, consulting section and the transact partner benefits section. 删除欺诈内容后,Microsoft 将根据合作伙伴的实际结算销售额将合作伙伴分配到资格层。Microsoft will allocate partners to eligibility tiers based on their actual billed sales, after the fraud has been removed.

后续步骤Next steps