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有关从经典部署模型迁移到 Azure 资源管理器部署模型的常见问题Frequently asked questions about classic to Azure Resource Manager migration

此迁移计划是否影响 Azure 虚拟机上运行的任何现有服务或应用程序?Does this migration plan affect any of my existing services or applications that run on Azure virtual machines?

不会。No. VM(经典)是公开上市的完全受支持的服务。The VMs (classic) are fully supported services in general availability. 可以继续使用这些资源拓展你在 Microsoft Azure 上的足迹。You can continue to use these resources to expand your footprint on Microsoft Azure.

如果我近期不打算迁移,我的 VM 会发生什么情况?What happens to my VMs if I don’t plan on migrating in the near future?

我们近期不会淘汰现有的经典 API 和资源模型。We are not deprecating the existing classic APIs and resource model. 我们想要通过 Resource Manager 部署模型中提供的高级功能,让迁移变得简单。We want to make migration easy, considering the advanced features that are available in the Resource Manager deployment model. 强烈建议查看 Resource Manager 下 IaaS 包含的一些改进We highly recommend that you review some of the advancements that are part of IaaS under Resource Manager.

对于我现有的工具而言,此迁移计划有何意义?What does this migration plan mean for my existing tooling?

将工具更新为 Resource Manager 部署模型,是必须在迁移计划中考虑的最重要的更改之一。Updating your tooling to the Resource Manager deployment model is one of the most important changes that you have to account for in your migration plans.

管理平面的停机时间持续多久?How long will the management-plane downtime be?

这取决于迁移的资源数量。It depends on the number of resources that are being migrated. 对于较小型部署(几十个 VM),整个迁移过程应该不超过一小时。For smaller deployments (a few tens of VMs), the whole migration should take less than an hour. 如果是大规模部署(数百个 VM),迁移过程可能需要花费几个小时。For large-scale deployments (hundreds of VMs), the migration can take a few hours.

在 Resource Manager 中提交迁移的资源之后,是否还可以回滚?Can I roll back after my migrating resources are committed in Resource Manager?

只要资源处于准备就绪状态,就可以中止迁移。You can abort your migration as long as the resources are in the prepared state. 但是,在通过提交操作成功迁移资源之后,就不支持回滚。Rollback is not supported after the resources have been successfully migrated through the commit operation.

提交操作失败时,是否可以回滚迁移?Can I roll back my migration if the commit operation fails?

如果提交操作失败,就无法中止迁移。You cannot abort migration if the commit operation fails. 包括提交操作在内的所有迁移操作都是幂等的。All migration operations, including the commit operation, are idempotent. 因此,建议在片刻之后重试操作。So we recommend that you retry the operation after a short time. 如果仍遇到错误,请创建支持票证,或在 VM 论坛上创建标记为 ClassicIaaSMigration 的论坛帖子。If you still face an error, create a support ticket or create a forum post with the ClassicIaaSMigration tag on our VM forum.

如果我必须使用 Resource Manager 下的 IaaS,是否必须购买其他 ExpressRoute 线路?Do I have to buy another express route circuit if I have to use IaaS under Resource Manager?

不会。No. 我们近期实现了将 ExpressRoute 线路从经典部署模型转移到 Resource Manager 部署模型We recently enabled moving ExpressRoute circuits from the classic to the Resource Manager deployment model. 如果已有 ExpressRoute 线路,则不需要购买新的线路。You don’t have to buy a new ExpressRoute circuit if you already have one.

如果我已经为经典 IaaS 资源配置基于角色的访问控制策略,该怎么办?What if I had configured Role-Based Access Control policies for my classic IaaS resources?

在迁移期间,资源从经典资源转换为 Resource Manager 资源。During migration, the resources transform from classic to Resource Manager. 因此,建议计划需要在迁移之后进行的 RBAC 策略更新。So we recommend that you plan the RBAC policy updates that need to happen after migration.

我已在备份保管库中备份了经典 VM。I backed up my classic VMs in a Backup vault. 是否可以将 VM 从经典模式迁移到 Resource Manager 模式并在恢复服务保管库中保护它们?Can I migrate my VMs from classic mode to Resource Manager mode and protect them in a Recovery Services vault?

将 VM 从经典模式迁移到资源管理器模式时,备份保管库中的经典 VM 恢复点不会自动迁移到恢复服务保管库。Classic VM recovery points in a backup vault don't automatically migrate to a Recovery Services vault when you move the VM from classic to Resource Manager mode. 可以按照以下步骤传输 VM 备份:Follow these steps to transfer your VM backups:

  1. 在备份保管库中,转到“受保护的项”选项卡并选择 VM。In the Backup vault, go to the Protected Items tab and select the VM. 单击停止保护Click Stop Protection. 将“ 删除关联的备份数据 ”选项保留为 取消选中状态。Leave Delete associated backup data option unchecked.
  2. 从 VM 中删除备份/快照扩展。Delete the backup/snapshot extension from the VM.
  3. 将虚拟机从经典模式迁移到 Resource Manager 模式。Migrate the virtual machine from classic mode to Resource Manager mode. 确保与虚拟机对应的存储和网络信息也已迁移到 Resource Manager 模式。Make sure the storage and network information corresponding to the virtual machine is also migrated to Resource Manager mode.
  4. 创建一个恢复服务保管库,并使用保管库仪表板顶部的“备份”操作在迁移的虚拟机上配置备份。Create a Recovery Services vault and configure backup on the migrated virtual machine using Backup action on top of vault dashboard. 有关将 VM 备份到恢复服务保管库的详细信息,请参阅文章使用恢复服务保管库保护 Azure VMFor detailed information on backing up a VM to a Recovery Services vault, see the article, Protect Azure VMs with a Recovery Services vault.

我是否可以验证订阅或资源,以查看其是否能够迁移?Can I validate my subscription or resources to see if they're capable of migration?

是的。Yes. 在平台支持的迁移选项中,准备迁移的第一个步骤,就是验证资源是否能够进行迁移。In the platform-supported migration option, the first step in preparing for migration is to validate that the resources are capable of migration. 如果验证操作失败,用户会收到包含无法完成迁移的所有原因的消息。In case the validate operation fails, you receive messages for all the reasons the migration cannot be completed.

如果我在准备要迁移的 IaaS 资源时遇到配额错误,会发生什么情况?What happens if I run into a quota error while preparing the IaaS resources for migration?

建议中止迁移,然后记录支持请求,以在要迁移 VM 的区域中增加配额。We recommend that you abort your migration and then log a support request to increase the quotas in the region where you are migrating the VMs. 配额请求经过批准后,可以重新开始执行迁移步骤。After the quota request is approved, you can start executing the migration steps again.

如何报告问题?How do I report an issue?

请在 VM 论坛上使用关键字 ClassicIaaSMigration 发布有关迁移的问题和疑惑。Post your issues and questions about migration to our VM forum, with the keyword ClassicIaaSMigration. 建议将所有问题都发布在此论坛上。We recommend posting all your questions on this forum. 如果有支持协定,也欢迎你记录支持票证。If you have a support contract, you're welcome to log a support ticket as well.

如果我不喜欢平台在迁移期间选择的资源名称,该怎么做?What if I don't like the names of the resources that the platform chose during migration?

在经典部署模型中为其显式提供名称的所有资源都会在迁移期间得到保留。All the resources that you explicitly provide names for in the classic deployment model are retained during migration. 在某些情况下,会创建新资源。In some cases, new resources are created. 例如:为每个 VM 创建网络接口。For example: a network interface is created for every VM. 目前无法控制迁移期间所创建的这些新资源的名称。We currently don't support the ability to control the names of these new resources created during migration. 请在 Azure 反馈论坛上针对此功能进行投票。Log your votes for this feature on the Azure feedback forum.

不停机无法自动迁移使用跨订阅授权链接的 ExpressRoute 线路。ExpressRoute circuits which use cross-subscription authorization links cannot be migrated automatically without downtime. 我们提供了有关如何使用手动步骤迁移这些线路的指南。We have guidance on how these can be migrated using manual steps. 有关步骤和详细信息,请参阅将 ExpressRoute 线路和关联的虚拟网络从经典部署模型迁移到 Resource Manager 部署模型See Migrate ExpressRoute circuits and associated virtual networks from the classic to the Resource Manager deployment model for steps and more information.

我收到消息,指出“VM 报告总体代理状态为‘未就绪’。因此,此 VM 无法迁移。请确保 VM 代理报告总体代理状态为‘就绪’”“VM 包含未报告其状态的扩展。因此,此 VM 无法迁移。”I got the message "VM is reporting the overall agent status as Not Ready. Hence, the VM cannot be migrated. Ensure that the VM Agent is reporting overall agent status as Ready" or "VM contains Extension whose Status is not being reported from the VM. Hence, this VM cannot be migrated."

当 VM 未建立到 Internet 的出站连接时,将收到此消息。This message is received when the VM does not have outbound connectivity to the internet. VM 代理使用出站连接访问 Azure 存储帐户,每隔五分钟更新一次代理状态。The VM agent uses outbound connectivity to reach the Azure storage account for updating the agent status every five minutes.

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