ATL/MFC 共享类ATL/MFC Shared Classes

这些实用工具类可用于任何本机 c + + 项目中,无需任何 MFC DLL。These utility classes can be used in any native C++ project without requiring any MFC DLL.

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MFC 与 ATL 之间共享的类Classes Shared Between MFC and ATL
提供指向 MFC 与 ATL 之间共享的类的链接。Provides links to the classes shared between MFC and ATL.

活动模板库 (ATL) 参考Active Template Library (ATL) Reference
提供 ATL 库的参考资料,这是一组基于模板的 C++ 类,用于简化 COM 对象的编程。Provides reference material for the ATL Library, a set of template-based C++ classes that simplify the programming of COM objects.

(MFC) 引用 Microsoft 基础类库Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) Reference
提供 MFC 库的参考材料,中一组构成应用程序框架的类,它是为 Windows API 编写的应用程序的框架。Provides reference material for the MFC Library, a set of classes in that constitute an application framework, which is the framework of an application written for the Windows API.

提供一些链接,所涉及内容为使用 Visual Studio 调试器纠正应用程序或存储过程中的逻辑错误。Provides links to using the Visual Studio debugger to correct logic errors in your application or stored procedures.