/DYNAMICBASE(使用地址空间布局随机化功能)/DYNAMICBASE (Use address space layout randomization)

指定是否生成可执行映像可以是随机重新设定基址在加载时使用了第一次 Windows Vista 中提供的 Windows 的地址空间布局随机化 (ASLR) 功能。Specifies whether to generate an executable image that can be randomly rebased at load time by using the address space layout randomization (ASLR) feature of Windows that was first available in Windows Vista.




/DYNAMICBASE选项修改的标头可执行映像,.dll 或.exe 文件,以指示是否应为随机重新设定基址在加载时,应用程序,并启用虚拟地址分配随机化,这会影响的虚拟内存位置的堆,堆栈和其他操作系统分配。The /DYNAMICBASE option modifies the header of an executable image, a .dll or .exe file, to indicate whether the application should be randomly rebased at load time, and enables virtual address allocation randomization, which affects the virtual memory location of heaps, stacks, and other operating system allocations. /DYNAMICBASE选项适用于 32 位和 64 位映像。The /DYNAMICBASE option applies to both 32-bit and 64-bit images. 在 Windows Vista 和更高版本操作系统上支持 ASLR。ASLR is supported on Windows Vista and later operating systems. 早期版本的操作系统忽略该选项。The option is ignored by earlier operating systems.

默认情况下 /DYNAMICBASE已启用。By default, /DYNAMICBASE is enabled. 若要禁用此选项,请使用 /dynamicbase: noTo disable this option, use /DYNAMICBASE:NO. /DYNAMICBASE是所必需的选项/HIGHENTROPYVA选项产生任何影响。The /DYNAMICBASE option is required for the /HIGHENTROPYVA option to have an effect.

在 Visual Studio 中设置此链接器选项To set this linker option in Visual Studio

  1. 打开项目“属性页” 对话框。Open the project Property Pages dialog box. 有关详细信息,请参阅设置C++Visual Studio 中的编译器和生成属性For more information, see Set C++ compiler and build properties in Visual Studio.

  2. 选择配置属性 > 链接器 > 高级属性页。Select the Configuration Properties > Linker > Advanced property page.

  3. 修改随机化基址属性。Modify the Randomized Base Address property.

以编程方式设置此链接器选项To set this linker option programmatically

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