Windows c + + 项目属性页引用Windows C++ project property page reference

在 Visual Studio 中,通过项目的属性页指定编译器和链接器选项、文件路径和其他生成设置。In Visual Studio, you specify compiler and linker options, file paths, and other build settings through the property pages for the project. 可用的属性页和属性页取决于项目类型。The properties and property pages that are available depend on the project type. 例如,生成文件项目具有一个不在 MFC 或 Win32 控制台项目中的 NMake 属性页。For example, a makefile project has an NMake property page, which is not present in an MFC or Win32 console project. 若要打开 属性页,请从主菜单中选择 "项目 > 属性",或右键单击 "解决方案资源管理器 中的项目节点,然后选择"属性"。To open the Property Pages, choose Project > Properties from the main menu, or right-click on the project node in Solution Explorer and choose Properties. 单个文件还具有属性页,使您可以为该文件设置编译和生成选项。Individual files also have property pages that enable you to set compile and build options for just that file. 下图显示了 MFC 项目的属性页。The following image shows the property pages for an MFC project.

C + + 项目的属性页

本部分提供属性页本身的快速参考。This section provides a quick reference for the property pages themselves. 在属性页中公开的选项和设置已更完整地记录在各自的主题中,并从属性页主题链接。The options and settings exposed in the property pages are documented more completely in their own topics and are linked from the property page topics. 有关项目属性的详细信息,请参阅 在 Visual Studio 中设置 c + + 编译器和生成属性For more information about project properties, see Set C++ compiler and build properties in Visual Studio.

有关 Linux 项目中的属性页,请参阅 Linux c + + 属性页引用For property pages in Linux projects, see Linux C++ Property Page Reference.

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