ANSI 一致性ANSI Conformance

Microsoft C 遵循在 ANSI C 标准的 9899:1990 版本中规定的 C 语言的标准。Microsoft C conforms to the standard for the C language as set forth in the 9899:1990 edition of the ANSI C standard.

本书的文本和语法中以及联机引用中介绍了 Microsoft ANSI C 标准扩展。Microsoft extensions to the ANSI C standard are noted in the text and syntax of this book as well as in the online reference. 由于此扩展不是 ANSI C 标准的一部分,因此对它们的使用可能会限制系统间程序的可移植性。Because the extensions are not a part of the ANSI C standard, their use may restrict portability of programs between systems. 默认情况下,将启用 Microsoft 扩展。By default, the Microsoft extensions are enabled. 若要禁用此扩展,请指定 /Za 编译器选项。To disable the extensions, specify the /Za compiler option. 使用 /Za,所有非 ANSI 代码将生成错误或警告。With /Za, all non-ANSI code generates errors or warnings.

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