C 语言参考C Language Reference

《C 语言参考》介绍了在 Microsoft C 中实现的 C 编程语言。本书的组织基于 ANSI C 标准(有时称为 C89)以及关于 ANSI C 标准的 Microsoft 扩展的其他材料。The C Language Reference describes the C programming language as implemented in Microsoft C. The book's organization is based on the ANSI C standard (sometimes referred to as C89) with additional material on the Microsoft extensions to the ANSI C standard.

有关 C++ 和预处理器的其他参考资料,请参阅:For additional reference material on C++ and the preprocessor, see:

C/C++ 生成参考中记录了编译器和链接器选项。Compiler and linker options are documented in the C/C++ Building Reference.

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