C 语言语法摘要C Language Syntax Summary

本节提供 C 语言和 Microsoft 特定的 C 语言功能的完整说明。This section gives the full description of the C language and the Microsoft-specific C language features. 可以使用本节中的语法表示法,确定任意语言组件的确切语法。You can use the syntax notation in this section to determine the exact syntax for any language component. 该语法的说明将显示在本手册讨论主题的节中。The explanation for the syntax appears in the section of this manual where a topic is discussed.


此语法摘要不是 ANSI C 标准的一部分,但包括在此仅用作信息参考。This syntax summary is not part of the ANSI C standard, but is included for information only. Microsoft 特定的语法在该语法后面的注释中进行了注明。Microsoft-specific syntax is noted in comments following the syntax.

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