C 杂注C Pragmas

Microsoft 专用Microsoft Specific

“杂注”指示编译器在编译时执行特定操作。A pragma instructs the compiler to perform a particular action at compile time. 杂注随编译器的不同而不同。Pragmas vary from compiler to compiler. 例如,可以使用 optimize 杂注来设置要在程序中执行的优化。For example, you can use the optimize pragma to set the optimizations to perform on your program. Microsoft C 杂注为:The Microsoft C pragmas are:

alloc_textalloc_text data_segdata_seg inline_recursioninline_recursion setlocalesetlocale
auto_inlineauto_inline 函数function intrinsicintrinsic warningwarning
check_stackcheck_stack hdrstophdrstop messagemessage
code_segcode_seg include_aliasinclude_alias optimizeoptimize
commentcomment inline_depthinline_depth packpack

有关 Microsoft C 编译器杂注的说明,请参阅 Pragma 指令和 __Pragma 关键字See Pragma Directives and the __Pragma Keyword for a description of the Microsoft C compiler pragmas.

结束 Microsoft 专用END Microsoft Specific

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