register 存储类说明符register Storage-Class Specifier

Microsoft 专用Microsoft Specific

Microsoft C/C++ 编译器不会按照用户请求来使用寄存器变量。The Microsoft C/C++ compiler does not honor user requests for register variables. 但是,出于可移植性考虑,编译器将遵循所有与 register 关键字关联的其他语义。However, for portability all other semantics associated with the register keyword are honored by the compiler. 例如,无法将一元 address-of 运算符 (&) 应用于寄存器对象,也无法在数组上使用 register 关键字。For example, you cannot apply the unary address-of operator (&) to a register object nor can the register keyword be used on arrays.

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