char 类型Type char

char 类型用于存储可表示的字符集的成员的整数值。The char type is used to store the integer value of a member of the representable character set. 该整数值是与指定字符对应的 ASCII 代码。That integer value is the ASCII code corresponding to the specified character.

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类型 unsigned char 的字符值的范围介于 0 和 0xFF(十六进制)之间。Character values of type unsigned char have a range from 0 to 0xFF hexadecimal. signed char 的范围介于 0x80 和 0x7F 之间。A signed char has range 0x80 to 0x7F. 这些范围分别转换为 0 到 255(十进制)以及 -128 到 +127(十进制)。These ranges translate to 0 to 255 decimal, and -128 to +127 decimal, respectively. /J 编译器选项将默认值从 signed 更改为 unsignedThe /J compiler option changes the default from signed to unsigned.

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