C 运行时库参考C Run-Time Library Reference

Microsoft 运行库为 Microsoft Windows 操作系统的编程提供了例程。The Microsoft run-time library provides routines for programming for the Microsoft Windows operating system. 这些例程可自动处理许多 C 和 C++ 语言没有提供的常见编程任务。These routines automate many common programming tasks that are not provided by the C and C++ languages.

库中大部分例程的示例程序包含在独立参考主题中。Sample programs are included in the individual reference topics for most routines in the library.

本节内容In This Section

C 运行时库C Run-Time Libraries
讨论比较 C 运行库的 .lib 文件。Discusses the .lib files that comprise the C run-time libraries.

按类别分的运行时例程Run-Time Routines by Category
按类别提供指向运行库的链接。Provides links to the run-time library by category.

全局变量和标准类型Global Variables and Standard Types
提供指向运行库提供的全局变量和标准类型的链接。Provides links to the global variables and standard types provided by the run-time library.

全局常量Global Constants
提供指向运行库定义的全局常量的链接。Provides links to the global constants defined by the run-time library.

按字母顺序的函数参考Alphabetical Function Reference
提供进入所有 C 运行库函数的按字母顺序的列表的目录入口点。Provides a table of contents entry point into an alphabetical listing of all C run-time library functions.

一般文本映射Generic-Text Mappings
提供指向在 Tchar.h 中定义的通用文本映射的链接。Provides links to the generic-text mappings defined in Tchar.h.

语言和国家/地区字符串Language and Country/Region Strings
介绍如何使用 setlocale 函数设置语言和国家/地区字符串。Describes how to use the setlocale function to set the language and Country/Region strings.

调试例程Debug Routines
提供指向运行库例程的调试版本的链接。Provides links to the debug versions of the run-time library routines.

运行时错误检查Run-Time Error Checking
提供指向支持运行时错误检查的函数的链接。Provides links to functions that support run-time error checks.

DLL 和 Visual C++ 运行时库行为DLLs and Visual C++ run-time library behavior
讨论用于 DLL 的入口点和启动代码。Discusses the entry point and startup code used for a DLL.

提供一些链接,所涉及内容为使用 Visual Studio 调试器纠正应用程序或存储过程中的逻辑错误。Provides links to using the Visual Studio debugger to correct logic errors in your application or stored procedures.