_crtDbgFlag 标志由五个位域组成,这些字段可控制如何在堆的调试版本上跟踪、验证、报告和转储内存分配。The _crtDbgFlag flag consists of five bit fields that control how memory allocations on the debug version of the heap are tracked, verified, reported, and dumped. 使用 _CrtSetDbgFlag 函数设置该标志的位域。The bit fields of the flag are set using the _CrtSetDbgFlag function. 将在 Crtdbg.h 中声明此标志及其位域。This flag and its bit fields are declared in Crtdbg.h. 此标志仅当已在应用程序中定义 _DEBUG 标志时才可用。This flag is only available when the _DEBUG flag has been defined in the application.

有关将此标志与其他调试函数结合使用的详细信息,请参阅堆状态报告函数For more information about using this flag in conjunction with other debug functions, see Heap State Reporting Functions.

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