内部 CRT 函数。Internal CRT function. 检索线程的当前区域设置名称。Retrieves the current locale name of the thread.


wchar_t** ___lc_locale_name_func(void);  

返回值Return Value

指向包含线程的当前区域设置名称的字符串的指针。A pointer to a string that contains the current locale name of the thread.


___lc_locale_name_func 是一个内部 CRT 函数,其他 CRT 函数可将其用于从 CRT 数据的线程本地存储中获取当前区域设置名称。___lc_locale_name_func is an internal CRT function that is used by other CRT functions to get the current locale name from the thread local storage for CRT data. 也可通过使用 _get_current_locale 函数或 setlocale、_wsetlocale 函数提供此信息。This information is also available by using the _get_current_locale function or the setlocale, _wsetlocale functions.

内部 CRT 函数特定于实现且会根据每个发行版本发生更改。Internal CRT functions are implementation-specific and subject to change with each release. 不建议在代码中使用它们。We don't recommend their use in your code.


例程Routine 必需的标头Required header
___lc_locale_name_func crt\src\setlocal.hcrt\src\setlocal.h

另请参阅See Also

_get_current_locale _get_current_locale
setlocale、_wsetlocale setlocale, _wsetlocale
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