内部 CRT 函数。Internal CRT function. setjmp 函数的新实现。A new implementation of the setjmp function.


int _setjmp3(  
   OUT jmp_buf env,  
   int count,  
   (optional parameters)  


[out] env[out] env
用于存储状态信息的缓冲区地址。Address of the buffer for storing state information.

[in] count[in] count
存储在 DWORD 中的信息的附加 optional parameters 数。The number of additional DWORDs of information that are stored in the optional parameters.

[in] optional parameters[in] optional parameters
setjmp 内部函数向下推送的其他数据。Additional data pushed down by the setjmp intrinsic. 第一个 DWORD 是一个用于展开多余数据并返回到永久性注册状态的函数指针。The first DWORD is a function pointer that is used to unwind extra data and return to a nonvolatile register state. 第二个 DWORD 是要还原的尝试级别。The second DWORD is the try level to be restored. 之后的所有数据都将保存在 jmp_buf 的通用数据数组中。Any further data is saved in the generic data array in the jmp_buf.

返回值Return Value

始终返回 0。Always returns 0.


请不要在 C++ 程序中使用此函数。Do not use this function in a C++ program. 它是一个不支持 C++ 的内部函数。It is an intrinsic function that does not support C++. 有关如何使用 setjmp 的详细信息,请参阅使用 setjmp/longjmpFor more information about how to use setjmp, see Using setjmp/longjmp.


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