setvbuf 常量setvbuf Constants


#include <stdio.h>  


这些常量表示 setvbuf 的缓冲区类型。These constants represent the type of buffer for setvbuf.

可能的值由下列清单常量提供:The possible values are given by the following manifest constants:

返回的常量Constant 含义Meaning
_IOFBF 完全缓冲:将使用调用 setvbuf 时指定的缓冲区,其大小如 setvbuf 调用中所指定。Full buffering: Buffer specified in call to setvbuf is used and its size is as specified in setvbuf call. 如果缓冲区指针为 NULL,则将使用自动分配的指定大小的缓冲区。If buffer pointer is NULL, automatically allocated buffer of specified size is used.
_IOLBF _IOFBF 相同。Same as _IOFBF.
_IONBF 将不会使用缓冲区,无论调用 setvbuf 的参数如何。No buffer is used, regardless of arguments in call to setvbuf.

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