_stat 结构 st_mode 字段常量_stat Structure st_mode Field Constants


#include <sys/stat.h>  


这些常量用于指示 _stat 结构st_mode 字段中的文件类型。These constants are used to indicate file type in the st_mode field of the _stat structure.

下面描述了位掩码常量:The bit mask constants are described below:

返回的常量Constant 含义Meaning
_S_IFMT 文件类型掩码File type mask
_S_IFDIR 目录Directory
_S_IFCHR 特殊字符(指示设备,如果已设置)Character special (indicates a device if set)
_S_IFREG 规则Regular
_S_IREAD 读取权限,所有者Read permission, owner
_S_IWRITE 写入权限,所有者Write permission, owner
_S_IEXEC 执行/搜索权限,所有者Execute/search permission, owner

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