Windows 运行时不支持的 CRT 函数Windows Runtime Unsupported CRT Functions

许多 C 运行时 (CRT) API 都不能用于在 Windows 运行时中执行的通用 Windows 平台应用。Many C run-time (CRT) APIs can’t be used in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that execute in the Windows Runtime. 这些应用是使用 /ZW 编译器标志生成的。These apps are built by using the /ZW compiler flag. 有关不支持的 CRT 函数的列表,请参阅通用 Windows 平台应用不支持的 CRT 函数For a list of unsupported CRT functions, see CRT functions not supported in Universal Windows Platform apps.

文档的按字母顺序的函数参考部分介绍了所有 CRT API。All CRT APIs are described in the Alphabetical Function Reference section of the documentation.

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