MFC 自定义Customization for MFC

本主题提供了有关自定义 MFC 应用程序的提示。This topic provides tips for customizing an MFC application.

常规自定义General Customizations

您可以将应用程序状态保存并加载到注册表。You can save and load the state of your application to the registry. 如果启用此选项,则应用程序将从注册表加载其初始状态。When you enable this option, your application will load its initial state from the registry. 如果更改应用程序的初始停靠布局,则必须清除应用程序的注册表数据。If you change the initial docking layout for your application, you will have to clear the registry data for your application. 否则,注册表中的数据将覆盖您对初始布局的所有更改。Otherwise, the data in the registry will override any changes that you made to the initial layout.

特定于类的自定义Class-Specific Customizations

可以在下列主题中找到其他自定义提示:Additional customization tips can be found in the following topics:

其他自定义提示Additional Customization Tips

键盘和鼠标自定义Keyboard and Mouse Customization

用户定义的工具User-defined Tools

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