OLE 通用对话框类OLE Common Dialog Classes

以下类处理通过实现很多标准 OLE 对话框来处理常见 OLE 任务。These classes handle common OLE tasks by implementing a number of standard OLE dialog boxes. 它们还为 OLE 功能提供了一致的用户界面。They also provide a consistent user interface for OLE functionality.

由框架使用,旨在包含所有 OLE 对话框的常见实现。Used by the framework to contain common implementations for all OLE dialog boxes. 用户界面类别中的所有对话框类都派生自此基类。All dialog box classes in the user-interface category are derived from this base class. COleDialog 无法直接使用。COleDialog cannot be used directly.

显示“插入对象”对话框,即用于插入新的 OLE 链接项或嵌入项的标准用户界面。Displays the Insert Object dialog box, the standard user interface for inserting new OLE linked or embedded items.

显示“选择性粘贴”对话框,即用于实现“编辑选择性粘贴”命令的标准用户界面。Displays the Paste Special dialog box, the standard user interface for implementing the Edit Paste Special command.

显示“编辑链接”对话框,即用于修改有关链接项的信息的标准用户界面。Displays the Edit Links dialog box, the standard user interface for modifying information about linked items.

显示“更改图标”对话框,即用于更改与 OLE 嵌入项或链接项关联的图标的标准用户界面。Displays the Change Icon dialog box, the standard user interface for changing the icon associated with an OLE embedded or linked item.

显示“转换”对话框,即用于将 OLE 项从一种类型转换为另一种类型的标准用户界面。Displays the Convert dialog box, the standard user interface for converting OLE items from one type to another.

封装“Windows 公共 OLE 属性”对话框。Encapsulates the Windows common OLE Properties dialog box. “公共 OLE 属性”对话框提供了一个简单方法,使您能够采用与 Windows 标准一致的方式来显示和修改 OLE 文档项的属性。Common OLE Properties dialog boxes provide an easy way to display and modify the properties of an OLE document item in a manner consistent with Windows standards.

显示“更新”对话框,即用于更新文档中的所有链接的标准用户界面。Displays the Update dialog box, the standard user interface for updating all links in a document. 对话框包含一个进度指示器,用来指示更新过程还有多久完成。The dialog box contains a progress indicator to indicate how close the update procedure is to completion.

显示“更改源”对话框,即用于更改链接的目标或源的标准用户界面。Displays the Change Source dialog box, the standard user interface for changing the destination or source of a link.

显示“服务器忙”和“服务器不响应”对话框,即用于处理对繁忙的应用程序的调用的标准用户界面。Displays the Server Busy and Server Not Responding dialog boxes, the standard user interface for handling calls to busy applications. 通常由 COleMessageFilter 实现自动显示。Usually displayed automatically by the COleMessageFilter implementation.

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