Office 365 专业增强版的名称更改Name change for Office 365 ProPlus

Office 365 专业增强版现在重新命名为 Microsoft 365 企业版应用Office 365 ProPlus is being renamed to Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. 若要了解有关此名称更改的详细信息,请阅读此博客文章To learn more about this name change, read this blog post. 我们的文档通常将它简称为“Microsoft 365 应用版”。In our documentation, we'll usually just refer to it as Microsoft 365 Apps.

Office 365 专业增强版是多个企业版、政府版和教育版套餐随附的 Office 版本。Office 365 ProPlus is the version of Office that comes with several enterprise, government, and education subscription plans. 例如,Office 365 E5 和 Office 365 A3。For example, Office 365 E5 and Office 365 A3. 即使这些计划不会重命名,也会重命名这些计划附带的 Office 365 专业增强版。Even though those plans aren't being renamed, Office 365 ProPlus that comes with those plans will be renamed.

新名称何时生效?When does the new name take effect?

新名称将在2004年4月21日(从2020开始)开始。The new name will appear in Version 2004 onwards, starting on April 21, 2020. 例如,以下屏幕截图是当你转到 Office 应用(如 Word)中的文件帐户时,将在 "产品信息" 部分中看到的示例 > AccountFor example, the following screenshot is an example of what you'll see under the Product Information section when you go to File > Account in an Office app, such as Word.

显示 "Microsoft 365 for 企业版" 的 Office 应用程序中的 "产品信息" 部分

从版本2005开始,当你转到 "控制面板" 的 "程序 > Programs > 和功能" 时,你将看到类似于以下内容的条目:Starting with Version 2005, when you go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, you will see an entry similar to the following:

  Microsoft 365 for enterprise-en-us    Microsoft 365 for enterprise – en-us

较早版本的 Office 365 专业增强版不会更新为新名称。Older versions of Office 365 ProPlus won't be updated with the new name. 例如,如果您使用的是半年度企业频道版本1908,您仍然可以在 "产品信息" 部分和 "控制面板" 中看到 "Office 365 专业增强版"。For example, if you're using Version 1908 of Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel, you'll still see Office 365 ProPlus under the Product Information section and in Control Panel.

对企业的 Microsoft 365 应用的引用将在其他位置的4月21日开始显示。References to Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise will begin to appear on April 21 in other places as well. 例如,在产品网站、文档和部署工具(如 Office 自定义工具)的用户界面(UI)中的引用。For example, references on product websites, in documentation, and in the user interface (UI) of deployment tools, such as the Office Customization Tool. 在4月21日之后,对新名称的引用可能不会出现。Some references to the new name might not occur until after April 21.

管理员需要执行哪些操作?What do admins need to do?

由于此名称更改,你可能需要调整某些现有工作流并更新你的内部文档。Because of this name change, you might need to adjust some of your existing workflows and update your internal documentation.

Office 部署工具Office Deployment Tool

如果你使用 Office 部署工具部署 Office 365 专业增强版,则产品 ID将保留为 o365proplusretail 用作。If you use the Office Deployment Tool to deploy Office 365 ProPlus, the product ID will remain as O365ProPlusRetail. 因此,你无需对现有的配置 .xml 文件进行任何更改。Therefore, you don't have to make any changes to your existing configuration.xml files.

更新 Configuration Manager 使用的程序包Update packages used by Configuration Manager

如果你使用自动部署规则(ADR)通过配置管理器部署更新,则你将需要对你的 ADRs 进行更改,前提是这些更新依赖于 "Title" 属性。If you use an automatic deployment rule (ADR) to deploy updates by using Configuration Manager, you'll need to make changes to your ADRs if they rely on the "Title" property. 这是因为 Microsoft 更新目录中更新程序包的名称正在更改。That's because the name of update packages in the Microsoft Update Catalog is changing.

目前,Office 365 专业增强版更新程序包的标题以 "Office 365 客户端更新" 开头,如下例中所示:Currently, the title of an update package for Office 365 ProPlus begins with "Office 365 Client Update" as seen in the following example:

  Office 365 客户端更新-基于 x64 版本的半年度频道版本1908(内部版本11929.20648)    Office 365 Client Update - Semi-annual Channel Version 1908 for x64 based Edition (Build 11929.20648)

对于在6月9日和之后发布的更新程序包,标题将以 "Microsoft 365 应用更新" 开头,如以下示例中所示:For update packages released on and after June 9, the title will begin with "Microsoft 365 Apps Update" as seen in the following example:

  Microsoft 365 应用更新-基于 x64 的版本的半年度企业通道版本1908(内部版本11929.50000)    Microsoft 365 Apps Update - Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel Version 1908 for x64 based Edition (Build 11929.50000)

注册表项值Registry key values

某些注册表项值可能会更改,以反映新的命名。Some registry key values might change to reflect the new naming. 如果您在工作流或脚本中依赖这些值,则当名称更改在4月21日开始推出时,您需要测试工作流或脚本。If you rely on these values in your workflows or scripts, you'll want to test your workflows or scripts when the name change begins rolling out on April 21. 通常,由于注册表项值可能会在将来的 Office 内部版本中更改,因此我们通常不建议在工作流或脚本中依赖它们。In general, because registry key values can possibly change in future builds of Office, we don't usually recommend relying on them in your workflows or scripts.

PowerShell 脚本PowerShell scripts

许可证的 PowerShell 脚本不需要任何更改。There shouldn't be any changes needed to PowerShell scripts for licensing. 用于 PowerShell cmdlet 中的 Office 365 专业增强版的字符串 ID 和 GUID 是当前用于企业版的 Microsoft 365 应用的字符串 ID 和 GUID。The string ID and GUID that were used for Office 365 ProPlus in PowerShell cmdlets are the same string ID and GUID that are now used for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. 但是,在组织中广泛应用脚本之前,最好先对脚本进行测试。But it's always a good idea to test your scripts before applying them broadly in your organization.

有关用于 PowerShell cmdlet 的授权标识符的详细信息,请参阅产品名称和服务计划标识符以获取许可证For more information about licensing identifiers used with PowerShell cmdlets, see Product names and service plan identifiers for licensing.