排查 Office 365 专业增强版的共享计算机激活问题Troubleshoot issues with shared computer activation for Office 365 ProPlus

摘要: 介绍如何对配置为使用共享计算机激活的 Office 365 专业增强版部署的问题进行故障排除。Summary: Explains how to troubleshoot issues with deployments of Office 365 ProPlus that are configured to use shared computer activation.

如果你在将 Office 365 专业增强版部署到组织中的共享计算机时遇到了共享计算机激活的问题, 请尝试以下操作来解决该问题。If you're having problems getting shared computer activation to work when you deploy Office 365 ProPlus to shared computers in your organization, try the following to fix the problem.

检查你的 Office 365 计划是否支持共享计算机激活Check that your Office 365 plan supports shared computer activation

若要使用共享计算机激活, 您必须拥有包括 Office 365 专业增强版的 Office 365 计划。To use shared computer activation, you must have an Office 365 plan that includes Office 365 ProPlus.


你还可以将共享计算机激活与 Visio Online 计划 2 (以前称为 Visio Pro for Office 365) 或 Project Online 桌面客户端配合使用。You also can use shared computer activation with Visio Online Plan 2 (previously named Visio Pro for Office 365) or Project Online Desktop Client. 您只需要包括这些产品的套餐。You just need a subscription plan that includes those products.

验证是否已为 Office 365 专业增强版启用共享计算机激活Verify that shared computer activation is enabled for Office 365 ProPlus

可通过两种方法检查是否在安装了 Office 365 专业增强版的计算机上启用了共享计算机激活。Here are two ways that you can check whether shared computer activation is enabled on the computer that has Office 365 ProPlus installed.

  • 打开任何 Office 365 专业增强版程序, 如 Word。Open any Office 365 ProPlus program, such as Word. 转到文件 > 帐户 > 关于 Word (或应用的任何名称)。Go to File > Account > About Word (or whatever the name of the app is). 在位于 MSO.DLL 版本号下方的第二行中, 你应该看到共享计算机激活, 而不是产品 ID, 如下面的屏幕截图中所示。On the second line from the top, underneath the MSO version number, you should see Shared Computer Activation, instead of a Product ID, like in the following screenshot.

    "关于 Word" 对话框的屏幕截图, 显示 MSO.DLL 版本号下方的 "共享计算机激活"。

  • 使用注册表编辑器, 然后转到 "\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\软件\Microsoft\Office\ClickToRun 配置"。Use Registry Editor, and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\ClickToRun\Configuration. 对于设置为1的 SharedComputerLicensing, 应该有一个值。There should be a value for SharedComputerLicensing with a setting of 1.

验证 Office 365 专业增强版的激活是否已成功Verify that activation for Office 365 ProPlus succeeded

在共享计算机上, 打开任何 Office 365 专业增强版程序后, 转到以下文件夹:On the shared computer, after you open any Office 365 ProPlus program, go to the following folder:


如果激活成功, 则文件夹中有一些文本文件, 如以下屏幕截图中所示。If activation succeeded, there are some text files in the folder, like in the following screenshot. 不要对这些文件进行任何更改。Don't make any changes to these files.

"授权" 文件夹的屏幕截图, 显示用于共享计算机激活的授权令牌文件。

如果您已将授权令牌配置为 "漫游", 则这些文本文件将显示在您指定的文件夹中。If you've configured the licensing token to roam, these text files will appear in the folder that you've specified.

查看共享计算机激活的错误消息Review error messages for shared computer activation

如果您在使用共享计算机激活时遇到问题, 您可能会收到以下错误消息之一。If you're having problems using shared computer activation, you might get one of the following error messages.

在您的帐户中找到的产品不能用于激活共享计算机方案中的 Office。The products we found in your account cannot be used to activate Office in shared computer scenarios.

此错误表示你没有包含 Office 365 专业增强版的 Office 365 计划。This error means that you don't have an Office 365 plan that includes Office 365 ProPlus. 因此, 您不能使用共享计算机激活。Therefore, you can't use shared computer activation.


未授权产品由于共享计算机许可证不可用, 大多数功能已关闭。UNLICENSED PRODUCT Most features are turned off because a shared computer license isn't available.

此错误表示未从 Internet 上的 Office 授权服务获取授权令牌。This error means that a licensing token wasn't obtained from the Office Licensing Service on the Internet. Office 365 专业增强版现在处于缩减功能模式。Office 365 ProPlus is now in reduced functionality mode. 用户可以查看和打印 Office 365 专业增强版文档, 但不能创建或编辑文档。The user can view and print Office 365 ProPlus documents, but can't create or edit documents.

您可以尝试以下步骤来解决此问题:You can try these steps to fix this problem:

  • 检查是否为用户分配了Office 365 专业增强版的许可证。Check that the user is assigned a license for Office 365 ProPlus.

  • 如果用户打开 Office 365 专业增强版程序时显示 "激活 office " 对话框, 请检查用户是否要使用她的 office 365 的用户帐户登录。Check that the user signs in with her user account for Office 365 if the Activate Office dialog box appears when the user opens an Office 365 ProPlus program.

  • 检查共享计算机和 Internet 之间是否存在连接。Check that there is connectivity between the shared computer and the Internet.


很抱歉, 我们无法验证当前为此产品安装的许可证。Sorry, we cannot verify the license currently installed for this product.

此错误表示 Office 365 专业增强版在共享计算机上的用户许可令牌中存在问题。This error means that Office 365 ProPlus has a problem with the user's licensing token on the shared computer. 用户应确保使用 Office 365 的用户帐户登录到 Office 365 专业增强版, 以便 Office 365 专业增强版可以从 Internet 上的 Office 授权服务获取新的许可令牌。The user should make sure to sign in to Office 365 ProPlus with his user account for Office 365 so that Office 365 ProPlus can obtain a new licensing token from the Office Licensing Service on the Internet.


产品通知您的共享计算机许可证已过期, 我们在续订时遇到问题。PRODUCT NOTICE Your shared computer license expires on and we're having trouble renewing it.

此错误表示 Office 365 专业增强版尝试自动续订授权令牌, 但出现了问题。This error means that Office 365 ProPlus tried to renew the licensing token automatically, but there was a problem. 导致此问题的一个可能原因是, 当 Office 365 专业增强版尝试续订授权令牌和 Office 授权服务时, 共享计算机未连接到 Internet。One possible cause for this is that the shared computer wasn't connected to the Internet when Office 365 ProPlus tried to renew the licensing token with the Office Licensing Service.

在错误消息中列出的日期之前, 许可令牌有效。The licensing token is valid until the date listed in the error message. 用户可以继续使用 Office 365 专业增强版创建、编辑和打印文档。The user can continue to use Office 365 ProPlus to create, edit, and print documents. 用户可以选择 "续订" 以尝试在许可证令牌到期之前续订许可证。The user can choose Renew to try to renew the license before the license token expires.


很抱歉, 此 Office 365 帐户最近已用于激活太多计算机。Sorry, this Office 365 account has recently been used to activate too many computers.

Microsoft 对在给定时间段内用户可以激活 Office 365 专业增强版的共享计算机的数量施加限制。Microsoft places a limit on the number of shared computers that a user can activate Office 365 ProPlus on in a given time period. 此错误表示用户超出该限制。This error means that the user exceeded that limit.


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